The Octagon

Grove Street, Liverpool L7 7AD, United Kingdom   View Map

The Octagon is a contemporary student accommodation located on Myrtle Street placing you right next to the University of Liverpool. John Moores is also within 10mins walking distance. Liverpool’s city centre is also within a short walk from the property. Choose from a range of shared flats or studio apartments and enjoy great facilities. The property has outdoor areas, TV room and plenty more for all residents.

Each room comes fully furnished with a double bed, study desk, ample storage for all your belongings and also your own bathroom. If you are an undergraduate student looking to socialise and lie with other university students then the shared apartment option is great. You will have a fully fitted kitchen in your apartment where you can prepare your daily meals and also enjoy the hosting your friends in the cosily furnished living room. Now if you think that being a masters student you would need more time for yourself and would want a little more privacy then the studio flats are just the one for you. Each of these flats come fully furnished with your very own bed, study space, storage for all your belongings, your own bathroom and also a fully fitted kitchen. A studio gives you the privacy you need to work on your research or when you want to kick back and relax. There are plenty of social spaces at the property as well that you can enjoy when you are not studying. These are great not only to unwind but also meet other residents and socialise. Enjoy the occasional sun in the outdoor area or you can also watch a movie with your friends in the TV room. The other good news about booking a room at The Octagon Liverpool is Perkbox. Perkbox gives you access to exclusive discounts and rewards on few of your favourite high street stores. Since all your utilities are rolled in your rent you wouldn’t even be needed to worry about your end of month bills or budgeting. 

Living at The Octagon student accommodation, you will be close to the best of what Liverpool has to offer. The bars, clubs, shopping, student union, you name it and it is there. Had too much of books? A cold beer with friends and good music is what you crave then The Caledonian right across the street is your place. It is the perfect place to unwind with your friends. Not in the mood to cook? No problem. Campus Real Chinese Restaurant is right across the corner, so you and your friends can anytime drop by to enjoy a good meal. 

Liverpool has so much more to do than just brilliant nightlife and good delis, cultural capital, The Beatles birthplace, UNESCO world heritage site the list really is endless. Also, did you know Liverpool happens to the home to the oldest Chinese community in the whole of Europe? A must visit is Beatles Story Experience, spread across two sites this museum offers insights into the lives of the popular British band. You will find here exhibitions, memorabilia and plenty more! If in the mood you can take the ferry across Liverpool’s river or explore the museums.  



On-site management

On-site laundry facilities

Furnished Available

Full-sized kitchen

Free Content Insurance


Secure Door Entry

Onsite security

Onsite maintenance


24-hour security

Price Also Include


Water Bill

Heating Bill

Furnished Available

Free Content Insurance

Electricity Bill

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Classic Studio

Classic Studio is a beautiful design built holding good storage and living space. It includes a comfortable sized bed, wardrobe, study desk chair, private kitchen, private bathroom.
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £165
Total £ 8415.00

Premier Studio

Premier Studio is another enhanced design, built holding good storage and living space. It includes a comfortable sized bed, wardrobe, study desk chair, private kitchen, private bathroom.
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £183
Total £ 9333.00

Superior Studio

Superior Studio rooms have a built, that speaks for itself, comes with plenty of good storage and living space. It includes a comfortable sized bed, wardrobe, study desk chair, private kitchen, private bathroom. 
Weeks 51
Move-in 08/Sep/19
Move-out 30/Aug/20
Per week £203
Total £ 10353.00
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Sep/20
Per week £205
Total £ 10455.00
Weeks 32
Move-in 19/Jan/19
Move-out 31/Aug/19
Per week £203
Total £ 6496.00

1-Bed Apartment

1 Bed Apartment has been designed to ensure privacy and independent lifestyle and comes with equally good storage and living space. It includes private bedroom having a comfortable sized bed, wardrobe, study desk chair, and an open plan shared kitchen. 
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £225
Total £ 11475.00

Classic Studio

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (07/Sep/19 - 29/Aug/20)
£165 per Week (£ 8415.00 total )

Premier Studio

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (07/Sep/19 - 29/Aug/20)
£183 per Week (£ 9333.00 total )

Superior Studio

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (08/Sep/19 - 30/Aug/20)
£203 per Week (£ 10353.00 total )
51 Week (07/Sep/19 - 29/Sep/20)
£205 per Week (£ 10455.00 total )
32 Week (19/Jan/19 - 31/Aug/19)
£203 per Week (£ 6496.00 total )

1-Bed Apartment

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (07/Sep/19 - 29/Aug/20)
£225 per Week (£ 11475.00 total )


Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

Pay in three instalments, due prior to moving in, January and April (with UK Guarantor)

First payment will need to be made 10 days prior to move in date.

Mode of Payment:

Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer

Cheques or Cash payments are not accepted


If you do not sign the tenancy agreement within the 14-days cool off period, the landlord will cancel your booking automatically and retain your booking fee.

If you cancel your booking after the 14-days cool off period, your booking fee is not refunded and you will be required to meet the obligations set out within the Tenancy Agreement until you are able to find a replacement tenancy to take over your tenancy.
If for any reason you decide to leave during your contracted term after moving in, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract however you are required to provide a replacement tenant to take over your room for the remaining period of your contract.

If you are a first year prospective undergraduate student and your offer at your preferred University is withdrawn, property might be able to release your from the tenancy agreement if you provide a written rejection letter from your chosen higher education institute, a copy of the acceptance letter from your new higher education institute and find a suitable replacement tenant.


Q. What are the types of community spaces?

Buildings are more than the sum of their rooms, you’ll find places to meet, play, and work with other students like - gym, cinema rooms, games rooms, study rooms and so on.

Q. How do I pay?

You can pay via a recurring card, direct debit or bank transfer. No cash or cheques

Q. Who is a guarantor?

If you’re paying your rent in instalments, you’ll need a guarantor. That gives us – and you – the security that your rent will be paid in full. This person should be a permanent resident of the UK, who has lived in the UK for more than three years, and is recognised as a taxpayer by HMRC. They’ll need to provide us with proof of address (less than three months old) and photo ID. They’ll also need to provide proof of available funds (for example, three months of payslips and/or a recent bank statement).

Q. What's the process of moving in?

You’ll find your check-in date on the front page of your tenancy document. It’s ‘start date’. You can arrive on your check in date or any day after that.

Q. What should I bring along?

Your passport, passport-sized photos, ID and visa. You’ll need these to enroll with your university, join societies, and get a part-time job (if you want one), bedding and kitchen utensils, decorations and personal things that make your room feel like home, first aid kit – plasters, sterile dressings, that kind of thing. 

Q. What about moving out?

You’ll have to move out by end of your tenancy – you can see when that is on your tenancy document. If you want to move out earlier, you can arrange that with your accommodation manager. At the end of the academic year, we’ll let you know when you’ll be expected to move out and exactly what you’ll need to do. Before you go, your accommodation manager will make an appointment to inspect your room – making sure it hasn’t been damaged or dirtied.

Q. How is the on-site security?

Every building has a secure entry system and 24-hour CCTV. We also give students a 24-hour contact number to call if they have any concerns about safety or security.

Q. How will I receive my mail and parcels?

You may receive it anytime from the reception.

Q. Can I smoke inside my accommodation?

You’re not allowed to smoke indoors, but there’ll be smoking areas outside your building.

Q. What’s included in my rent?

Electricity, gas, and 24-hour hot water. You’ll also get a stand-alone heater – your room, your preferred temperature, you’re in control.

Throughout the building and bedrooms, with an ethernet cable connection in your room. A flat-screen, 32-inch TV, to be precise. With 40 channels.

Q. Can I bring guests over?

Your friends and family are more than welcome to stay. But while they’re here, they’ll be your responsibility. So careful! If they cause damage to the property or disruption for people living with you, then that’s on you. Extensive stays (that’s longer than a week) aren’t allowed though.

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