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Over 5 million students use us each year, and well, people talk. Here’s what students say about Unilodgers

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Giovanna Novis - Brazil

Queen Mary University of London

Really helpful! I could not be more grateful for the service they prov... Read more

Shreya Yadav - India

Kings College London

Stupendous counselor! Going to a different country is already a cumber... Read more

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Asami Morita - Japan

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Unilodgers has been of a great help. They know their properties well a... Read more

Got questions?

Here are some of the answers you may be looking for:

What kind of student housing does Unilodgers offer?

Like students themselves, our student residences are of many sorts. Student accommodation is broadly divided into four categories:

Shared room: Share your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and common spaces with a roommate.

Private room: Occupy your own bedroom and study space, along with a shared kitchen and living room.

Studio flats: Enjoy a private student home, with a single bedroom, a living area, a private bathroom, and your own kitchen.

Entire Place: Rent an entire place with friends and get private bedrooms and study spaces, along with a shared kitchen and living room.

Is there a booking fee with Unilodgers?

We do not charge students a booking fee. Property owners pay Unilodgers a success fee only once a booking stands confirmed and the student has paid them a deposit/advance rent. This helps us ensure fair prices, great deals, and a hassle-free payment system.

Do students have to pay anything while booking?

No. Students need only pay once the property owner has approved the application, and you are both ready to sign the tenancy agreement. However, we do ask students to provide payment details at the time of booking, to help secure the booking as soon as the application is accepted. In case the application is not accepted, you will not be charged. We promise!

Who are the Personal Student Advisors?

Your Personal Student Advisor (PSA) is your new best friend. Each student enquiring on Unilodgers.com is paired with a dedicated PSA who will help answer any questions and solve any problems related to their booking. Reach out to your PSA at any time - before booking, during your application, and even after you move in - for questions regarding the property, payment, facilities, and more.

Can we book student accommodation as a group?

Yes! If you want to live with your friends, you can choose any of the shared apartments listed under the “Entire place” category, which are suitable for multiple students keen on sharing common areas, with the advantage of their own bedrooms and study space. You can book and pay for the entire group in one application. Should you and your friends prefer to book individually, just mention the details on your applications, and we will try our best to house you together. What's more, group bookings come with great offers. Check our property pages for more details.

What does Unilodgers do?

We help students find accommodation that ticks all their boxes and book it in a quick, easy, no-mess-no-stress way. We partner with property owners in university towns and list a wide variety of student residences that offer many essential facilities, at affordable prices. Most of all, we take the trouble out of finding and booking great student residences so that students can focus on the important things.

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Planning to move in with friends?

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Want your own space in a shared home?

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Staying with a roomie?

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Are you a property owner?

Partner with us to find student lodgers, hassle-free.

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