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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Safe stays and flexible bookings + cancellations with Unilodgers Pandemic Shield. Read more
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

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Student Accommodation Nottingham

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About Nottingham Student Accommodation

Book student accommodation in Nottingham with the world’s largest student housing provider. You can choose from over 20000+ student rooms options which include ensuites, studios, shared rooms, student halls and student flats. No booking fee. Best deal guaranteed! Explore student housing options that meets your budget from accommodations ranging from - £121 per Week and get offers up to £500.

Type of accommodation for students in Nottingham available:

  • Shared rooms: Students share a bathroom, kitchen, and common space
  • Private rooms: Offer a personal study space and shared common kitchen and living room
  • Studio flats: Offer complete privacy with a sleeping area, study space, bathroom, and kitchen
  • Entire housing: Offers a bedroom, study space, ensuite bathroom, and wardrobe

The exuberant Wollaton Hall, the exquisite Nottingham Castle, the bustling Old Market Square and top universities of the country like the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University make this city an absolute delight for students to live in.

Living in Nottingham as a Student

Cost of living per week 

  • Rent for Student accommodation: £121 with offers up to £500 with Unilodgers.
  • Weekly groceries: £ 27.50
  • Public transport: Starting from Easy £16.07 (for students over 19)
  • Gym: £5.2 a week at the University of Nottingham (£ 229 for an Academic year ) or 4.99 a week for Students at Active Nottingham - flexible fitness

A single person estimated monthly costs are 671.97£ without rent. Check Numbeo for current detailed expenses.

Student Life in Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city located in central England. It’s famous for its rich culture, iconic history, lively sports, and electrifying nightlife scene.

  • Culture and Heritage: Enjoy a day in the sun and explore Nottingham Castle and Wollaton Hall, Gardens, and Deer Park. It’s known as the ‘Wayne Manor’ in the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”

  • Shopping: Go shopping in the city center, which has all kinds of stores to choose from. And if you’re shopping in Broadmarsh, then make your way to the Nottingham caves to explore some city history. 

  • Restaurants, Cafes and Bars: Show off your ice-skating skills at the National Ice Arena or sit back and watch a movie at the IMAX theatre after a session of indoor golf at the Cornerhouse! You can enjoy an amazing night out in Hockley, just don’t miss out on ‘Boilermaker’– a great place for a lively atmosphere and great cocktails. And did we mention it? There are a number of nightclubs to visit like Ocean, Forum, NG1, and Rock City!

Student Travel in Nottingham

The best way to get around Nottingham is by buses and trams. Getting around the city on buses and trams is also a great way of saving money for students.

  • Train: Nottingham Station is the city's largest and busiest station, as well as the city's tram system's nodal point. Visit National Rail to see the schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Bus: Nottingham City Transport is in charge of most commercial bus services in the city and serves almost the entire city area.
  • Cycle: This city has a network of bike lanes that are free of traffic. If you don't own a bicycle, don't worry; you can always rent one from one of the city's many bicycle rental shops. Also, university students get rental bikes at really low prices such as U-Cycle and NTU online store

You can always get in contact with one of our student advisors. They can help you choose a student accommodation of your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average rent for student accommodation in Nottingham?

On average, student homes in Nottingham rent for about £144 a week. With Unilodgers, you can find student accommodations in Nottingham starting at just £110 a week. 

How can I find affordable student accommodation in Nottingham?

Unilodgers has your back with tons of options for houses to rent in Nottingham that will fit your budget. You can use the search filters on top of the page to choose the type of apartment, the location and the maximum rent. 

What are some of the most popular neighbourhoods for students in Nottingham?

Nottingham is full of hip and student-friendly neighbourhoods that are near major universities in the city. Some of these are Radford, Lenton and the Park. You will also be able to find some very affordable and chic houses for rent in Nottingham in these neighbourhoods.  

Does Unilodgers have any offers on accommodation in Nottingham?

Yes, Unilodgers has tons of value deals and bonus add-ons available on student housing in Nottingham. To view these offers in detail, you can visit the property pages. 

What’s the best mode of transportation in Nottingham?

The best way to get around Nottingham is by buses and trams. You can use these modes of transport to access all corners of the city. Getting around the city on buses and trams is also a great way of saving money for students.

What anti-COVID measures are in place at student accommodations in Nottingham?

Most of our rooms for rent in Nottingham are covered under the Pandemic Shield which enables you to stay protected from the COVID uncertainties. The Pandemic Shield also ensures your maximum safety with deep cleaning, social distancing markers, temperature checks, staff PPE kits, etc at the student accommodation. You can visit the property pages to see more details of the Pandemic Shield or use the filter on top of the pages to choose the properties that have the Pandemic Shield. 

Do these accommodations provide WiFi to all residents?

Most of our Nottingham rent apartment options include the WiFi in rent or provide the same at no extra cost. You can check the property pages for more details. 

Are these accommodations secure?

All our properties ensure maximum safety of students with features like CCTV and secure door entry. Many of these apartments for rent in Nottingham also have on-site staff to keep you safe. For more details about the security features, you check the property pages.

What all is included in the rent?

Electricity, water, and gas are included in the rent at most of the student lettings in Nottingham at Unilodgers. Some also offer WiFi and insurance in rent. To check the specifics, you can visit the property pages. 

How can I book my off-campus student accommodation in Nottingham?

Visit unilodgers.com, Select Nottingham as your city of choice. Browse the available off-campus student accommodations options, You can filter the results based on your preferences, such as location, price, room type, etc. Review the details of the accommodation, such as the room type, the rent, the facilities, etc. Press Book Now after you've selected  Fill in your personal and contact details, Choose your preferred payment method, Review and confirm the booking details and click on Book Now to complete the booking process. That’s it! You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your booking.

Which are the most affordable student halls in Nottingham?

The affordability of student accommodation in Nottingham can vary and mostly depends on the location, type of room, and amenities offered. The ideal way to select affordable accommodation in your budget is to filter accommodation results by price and choose the one in your budget. However, here are some affordable student halls in Nottingham: Nottingham Square, The Glasshouse, Madison Gardens, dWell Castle Gate Haus etc.

How much is the Cost of Living in Nottingham as a Student?

Average cost of living as a student in Nottingham is £900 to £1300 per month including accommodation, clothes and toiletries, utilities, food, transportation, and other expenses. Moreover, this cost can vary widely depends on your lifestyle and how much you spend on entertainment, social activities and other non-essential items. To help keep your costs low, most of the students choose to live in shared accommodation, cook their meals at home, and prefer to use public transportation.

How to find a flat in Nottingham?

To find the best student flats in Nottingham that have everything you want and fits your budget, you can use Unilodgers’ search filters. You can choose the type of apartment, the location, as well as the maximum rent. 

Where do international students live when studying in Nottingham?

Majority of international students in Nottingham typically live in off-campus student accommodations, residence halls, private accommodations, flats, student lets, and apartments. It is important to plan in advance and research with Unilodgers.com the different student living options available to ensure a smooth transition to life in Nottingham. 

When should I book a student room in Nottingham for the tenancy starting in September?

It's advisable to start looking for student accommodations in Nottingham 6 months before your desired move-in date in September. The demand for student rooms in Nottingham is always high during September, so the ideal time to book a room of your choice is between January and February.

How can I get private student accommodation in Nottingham?

Visit the unilodgers.com website and create an account. Search for private student accommodation in Nottingham by entering the city. Browse through the available options and read the description and amenities of each property. Choose a property that meets your requirements and budget and click on the Book Now button. Fill in the required details and make a payment. That's it. In case of any concerns, you can contact the Unilodgers customer support team for assistance.

How can I pay for my student housing in Nottingham?

Unilodgers accept credit and debit cards. If we need to pay directly to the property then we accept various payment methods, including credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and others as per their respective payment policy. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the payment options before making a payment.

Am I allowed to pay my Nottingham student accommodation rent in installments?

Yes! With Unilodgers, you may pay your Nottingham student housing rent in installments. The number of installments varies according to accommodation. Before making a payment, it is best to read the terms and conditions of the payment methods.

Is it mandatory to have a guarantor to book my overseas student accommodation in Nottingham?

It is not mandatory for all UK accommodation to have a UK based guarantor to book your overseas student accommodation. Some properties require a guarantor while others do not. It is advisable to check terms and conditions of individual properties. 

What are the different types of student rooms available?

Unilodgers.com offers various types of student rooms to accommodate the needs and preferences of students such as private rooms, shared rooms, en-suite rooms, studio apartments, deluxe rooms, luxury apartments, cluster flats etc. It's advisable to check the website accommodation page or contact the customer support team for detailed info. 

Am I allowed to see the property before moving in?

Yes! You can see the property via virtual tours or in-person viewings before moving in with UniLodgers.com. But it varies and depends on the property and location. Advisable to check with the UniLodgers team for the options available or not for the specific property.

What is the exact meaning of dual occupancy student accommodation?

Dual Occupancy is where a studio is shared between 2 students, where they will have either 2 single or one double bed with a designated study area, shared common spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room with their roommate. Dual occupancy student accommodations are designed for students looking for a cost-effective and sociable housing option while studying.

Is it good to live in a dorm to achieve better academic outcomes?

Based on research and studies, it has been proved that living in a dorm can lead to better academic outcomes. Because dormitories offer students an organized living environment, which promotes time management and study habits. Students also get opportunities to interact with other students from diverse backgrounds, fostering the development of critical thinking skills and chances to build new relationships. However, it is important to note that living in a dorm is not the only way to achieve better academic outcomes, some other individual factors such as study habits, motivation, and support from family and friends also play a vital role.

Can my parents or guardian stay with me in my student room in Nottingham at the beginning?

Some Nottingham student accommodations allow parents or guardians to stay for a limited number of days, while others do not. So it differs per accommodation. Each student housing in Nottingham has its own set of rules and restrictions for international students who come to stay there. Unilodgers recommends that you verify with the provider or contact our customer service team for further information.

What if I don’t like my off-campus student accommodation after moving in?    

Unilodgers always do their best to meet students' requirements, comfort, and preferences. Still, if the student has any specific concerns related to his/her off-campus accommodation, They can reach out to the provider and ask them to resolve the issues. Or They can opt-in for cancellation as per the policies. Cancellation policies depend on the provider and vary from accommodation to accommodation.