Nido Heritage Court

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Heritage Court is a contemporary student accommodation located on Smithdown Lane in Liverpool. It is only a 3-minute walk from Liverpool Hope University and the University of Liverpool. It is a short walk from Liverpool John Moores University. It offers great amenities like car parking and bike storage on-site, dining area or shared lounge with a flatscreen TV, housekeeping and Wi-Fi. They provide shared apartments with en-suite rooms.

Heritage Court Liverpool provides you with a fully furnished en-suite room which features a private bedroom, bathroom and study area. However, you will have to share the lounge and kitchen area with other flat mates. Heritage Court Liverpool student accommodation provides an exclusive breakfast bar where you can enjoy your first meal of the day with your flat mates while being seated on the bar stools. One can also sit back and relax on the comfortable leather sofa’s while watching ‘Twin Peaks’ with your flat mates on the flatscreen TV in the lounge area. Others who are not fond of the ‘Idiot Box’ can make use of the on-site Wi-Fi to connect with their family members and friends or be in touch with their long-distance partner. Car and bike owners can breathe a sigh of relief as Heritage Court Liverpool student accommodation provides an on-site car parking and bike storage facility. Heritage Court Liverpool cares for your well-being so they provide CCTV and secure door entry system.

International students in Liverpool can visit the Beatles Story which is a short walk from Albert Dock where you can revisit the lives of the Fab Four from the early beginning to the peak of their careers. Liverpool is also UNESCO’s World Heritage Site so those of you who are History buffs will have lots of Galleries and Museums to visit in the city. Football Fans must visit The Liverpool Football Club. Others can head to the famous Liverpool City Center.

For those who love to go clubbing, you can go to The 23 Club which is at a walking distance from Heritage Court Liverpool student accommodation. Others who want to have a good meal with their friends can go to Yo’s Restaurant.

Heritage Court in Liverpool promises to give you one of the best student life experiences.



Common Room

On-site laundry facilities

On-site management

Outdoor Courtyards


24-hour security


Onsite maintenance

Onsite security

Price Also Include

Electricity Bill

Gas Bill

Heating Bill

Water Bill


Book your room

Standard Room

Standard Room is for those who need additional level of privacy and personal space alongside a shared living. Each apartments offers access to a shared bathroom, kitchen and living area; sized up at 9 square metres. The apartment features a shared lounge, private bathroom and a dining hall.
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £89
Total £ 4539.00
Weeks 46
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 25/Jul/20
Per week £99
Total £ 4554.00

Classic Room

Classic Room is nicely built, approximate 9 sqm in size, featuring good storage and living space. The room includes comfortable sized bed, wardrobe, study desk chair, shared bathroom and a fully equipped shared kitchen. The room is well equipped with all modern amenities required for an easy and comfortable living.
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £99
Total £ 5049.00
Weeks 46
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 25/Jul/20
Per week £109
Total £ 5014.00

Premium Plus 2 Bed Apartment

Premium Plus Apartments suit 2 people and include a shared kitchen and living area. Each bedroom ranges from 14 to 16 square metres in size and includes an ensuite bathroom. Select from Premium Plus Apartments on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors.
Weeks 51
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 29/Aug/20
Per week £110
Total £ 5610.00
Weeks 46
Move-in 07/Sep/19
Move-out 25/Jul/20
Per week £115
Total £ 5290.00

Standard Room

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:

Classic Room

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (07/Sep/19 - 29/Aug/20)
£99 per Week (£ 5049.00 total )
46 Week (07/Sep/19 - 25/Jul/20)
£109 per Week (£ 5014.00 total )

Premium Plus 2 Bed Apartment

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:


Booking Fee:

Booking Deposit of £300 required to confirm your booking (Deposit is refunded at the end of the tenancy)

Rent Payments:

Pay in Full

Pay in 2 installments, first due 8 weeks prior to tenancy start or 4 weeks prior if booked after 14th July and second due in January

Pay in 4 installments, divided as 10% due in July, 40% due in September, 40% due in January and the final 10% in April.


Mode of Payment:

Payment through Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card and American Express

You get 14-days cool off period (Free cancellation period) from the time you book your room to cancel your booking. If you cancel within the 14-days period, you will get a full refund of your deposit.

If you are outside the 14-days cool off period, you may cancel, but are required to find a replacement tenant. Until a suitable replacement is found, you may not be released from the tenancy agreement and are liable to pay the rent.

If you are making a late application and your Check-in Date occurs before the 14-day period expires, your rights end on your check-in date

The Landlord may cancel, if you do not provide the required documents before the check-in, or pay the rent. Deposit will not be refunded and you will still be liable to pay any rent due.

Q. Who can live at Nido?
We accommodate all students that are 16 years of age or over, from any university and any country in the world. Please note that you should be:

  • a student who is taking a full-time course at University
  • a student on an organized study-abroad programme
  • a student enrolled full-time in a language school
  • or a student conducting a work placement course as part of a degree-granting programme
  • you must be 18 or over at the time of check-in.

*You are able to book from the age of 16 at time of check-in however you will need to supply us with an indemnity form and comply with our under 18-year-old policy.

Q. What is the contract length?
We offer 43 and 51-week contracts. Please enquire for short term stays.

Q. What documents do I need to check in?
You will need to show proof of studies from your university by way of your acceptance letter. We would also need you to send us a digital passport photo for your key card ID and a photocopy of your passport (and Visa if required) for identification. We need to receive all these documents prior to check-in and you can send them to us electronically as well. Please note that we will also need your signed contract with us prior to check-in.

Q. What do I need to pay before I arrive?
You only need to pay a £300 refundable deposit to secure the room with us. The remaining fees for your stay are then divided into two installments, the first of which is payable prior to arrival.

Q. Will I have Internet in my room?
Of course! Nido offers 100MB WIFI throughout the residence. Our new broadband even allows you to upgrade up to 200MB/s. You can bring an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet in your room as well.

Q. What are the guest policies?
We offer residents unlimited day and night guests. For your own safety and security, we have a few guest policies in place. You can have unlimited guests visiting during the day between 8 am and midnight. For overnight stays, one guest can stay for a maximum of 8 consecutive nights throughout the month. All guests must be 18 years of age or over. You will have to sign in your guests and they must bring a photo ID to gain entry in the building.

Q. Will my room be cleaned?
If you wish you can clean your room yourself. But if you’re not a fan of cleaning, we can offer you a range of room cleaning packages starting from £20 by a member of our housekeeping staff. You can choose from Standard, Premium and Check Out cleans. Please check with a member of staff at reception when you check-in.

If you’re in an Ensuite Apartment, we provide weekly kitchen cleans free of charge however additional cleaning is available as per the above pricing and packages.

Q. What is not included?
Almost everything is included in the rate, there are just a few bits and bobs in addition. You can use the fitness center for free, 24-hours-a-day. All you need to do is to sign a disclaimer to learn how to safely use the equipment. Fitness classes are frequently organized but you will need to pay the instructor a small fee for the class. We have a set of vending machines with loads of snacks and drinks but these are at your own cost. You can pay for your laundry on a pay-per-use basis and you can book room cleans at reception for a set fee. We also have a dry cleaning service onsite who offer laundry and dry cleaning services at great student prices.?

Q. Will I have a TV in my room?
TVs are not provided in the rooms however you are welcome to bring in your own. You’ll be able to connect the TV to a centralized cable system however you will need to purchase a TV license during your stay.?

Q. Will I have a phone in my room?
If you wish, you can set up a phone in-room to make and receive external calls for £10 per month plus the cost of VOIP calls. You can set up a phone in your room through our internet service provider. All you need to do is purchase a VOIP phone through them and pay for your calls. Or you can simply choose to use an internet-based service like Skype and set up an account with them.

Q. Do You have laundry facilities and how much does it cost? 
We have a laundry room onsite with several washers, dryers and ironing boards which you can use 24/7. You can find the laundry room just off the main communal space on the ground floor.

Fees are: £2.80 per wash and £1.80 per use of the dryer.?

Q. Can I change my room after I move in if I don't like it? 
Yes you can, but we can only offer this if there is still space available and you have a valid reason. Please bear in mind that different rooms are offered at different prices and it may be that you have to pay a different rate to occupy a different room. The rates are based on a number of things, e.g. size of the room, location in the building and availability.

Q. Locked out of my room?
You will receive 2 keys (room and post-box) and 1 access FOB as a resident. You will need to pay £30 for a new room key to cover the costs, £15 for a new post-box key and £10 for a new access FOB.

Q. Are there monthly Events or activities Planned for residents? 
We organise a full monthly calendar of social parties, career events and learning workshops for all residents.

Q. Is there extra storage space onsite? 
Yes, we have storage cells on site. The cost for this is £30 a month.

Q. Can I share a room with my friend who is also a full-time student? 
Yes, two full time students who are friends can share a studio on a dual occupancy basis by paying 15% extra per week and splitting the rent.

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