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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Safe stays and flexible bookings + cancellations with Unilodgers Pandemic Shield. Read more
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

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Austen House

Private Room/ Studio Flat/ Shared Room

80 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DF Distance From University

About Austen House


Book Austen House Southampton, starting at £120/week. No booking fee. Free cancellation. When you book Austen House with Unilodgers, the world’s largest student housing provider, you get more than just a room. It's comfy and well placed, kind of perfect for students dashing to the University. Austen House Southampton student accommodation is the top choice for students from around the world, and houses students from Southampton Solent University and the University of Southampton. Book this place for the best Southampton student experience - you can choose from ensuites, studios, shared rooms, and apartments. Plus, with Unilodgers you’re guaranteed 24x7 support, the lowest prices, and health and safety measures under Pandemic Shield.

Austen House Southampton – The Walkthrough

Looking to kickstart your uni life in the chicest way possible? Austen House Southampton, a brand-new student residence in Southampton's city centre, could be what you are looking for. Whether you’re an undergrad or a postgrad, Austen House Southampton rooms have something for everyone.

The Southampton Solent University campus is just a 10-minute walk away while the University of Southampton is a quick bus ride or a 10-minute drive away. How cool is that! Wave at the buses and the cabs that pass by and just walk your way to your uni every day.

We love a lil’ extra

Don't we all need a cosy place to get back to after a hectic day? Yeet we do! The amenities at Austen House student accommodation Southampton are pretty cool and make the place even cooler!

  • Post and parcels services

  • 24-hour staff 

  • On-site laundry

  • On-site maintenance

  • Bike storage

  • Key access and CCTV cameras for safety

  • Social spaces and events

  • Contents insurance

That's not it though. The most exciting part is Austen House's nine specific special zones! It promises a lit experience. You will have the time of your life at the Cinema Room, Gaming Room, Art Room, Reading Room, Photography Room, Common Room, Music Room and a Study Room and a Bar Area it's BYOD - bring your own drinks!) 

Know thy neighbourhood

You gotta see the neighbourhood before choosing a place to stay, buddy. Austen House student accommodation is surrounded by extraordinary places to visit. Some great fun and merriment are right at your doorstep. The enormous West Quay shopping centre is within a walking distance, there are countless great eateries and restaurants dotted around the place, and the city’s parks (Palmerston, Houndwell and Hogland's) are a stone’s throw away. That's why this place sounds pretty tempting, yeah! And these are all just a minute away.

  • The West Quay shopping centre: 10-minute walk

  • The MarlandsShopping Centre: 15-minute walk

  • The LIDL Supermarket: 5-minute walk

  • The Mayflower Park: 15-minute walk

  • Queens Park: 15-minute walk

  • The Seacity museum: 15-minute walk

  • Ferry Rides: 15-minute walk

  • ABP town Quay Marina: 15 minutes by bus

Wheeling your way around London

One of the main reasons you need to check out Austen House Southampton Rooms as a great place to stay at is probably the convenient access to transport stations. 

  • Nearest bus station: Southampton coach station – 1.1 miles

  • Nearest train station: Southampton Central 

  • Nearest airport: Southampton Airport

  • Nearest international airport: Heathrow Airport, Longford

 Living it up at Austen House Southampton

 You gotta consider Austen House Southampton accommodation for the awesome hang out places it offers. Like there are several pubs, bars, restaurants or hangout spots for you to release your stress. There are so many fab options to relax after a tiring day!

  • Dancing Man’s Brewery(Restaurant)- 10-minute walk

  • Mango Thai Tapas Bar and Lounge Ocean Village (Restaurant) - 10 minutes by bus

  • Pitcher and Piano (Bar) - 10 minutes by bus

  • The Standing Order (Bar) - 5-minute walk

  • Docks Coffee (Café) - 10-minute walk

  • Bacaro(Eatery) - 10 minutes by bus

 All the stuff that Austen House Southampton offers, it’s all pretty cool, right? All you gotta do is book a room through Unilodgers today!


Communal kitchen

Dining Area

Iron / Ironing board




Secure Door Entry

Price also includes

Bike Storage


Book Your Room in Austen House

Private Room(4 types to choose from)

Studio Flat(3 types to choose from)

Shared Room(3 types to choose from)

Distance from University
Austen House
Payment Info

Booking Deposit of £250, to confirm your booking.

This is converted into a refundable security deposit at the start of your tenancy.

Rent Payments

Pay in Full, to get 2% discount

Pay in 4 installments

Mode of Payment

Pay online by debit or credit card (2% surcharge), direct debit or bank transfer.

Booking Info

You get 7-days cool off period (Free cancellation period) to cancel your booking after you sign the tenancy agreement. If you cancel within the 7-days period, your deposit is refunded.

If you are outside the 7-days cool off period, but would like to cancel before the 31st of July 2017, you may do so. Your deposit of £250 and £50 booking fees will not be refunded. But you will not be liable to pay any other fees.

If you are outside the cool off period and would like to cancel after the 31st of July 2017, you can do so, but you will need to find a replacement student to take over your tenancy. Until a suitable replacement has been found, you will be liable to pay any accommodation fees or rent that becomes due. The deposit and booking fees are not refunded.

If you cancel after moving in, you will need to find a replacement student to take over your tenancy. Until a suitable replacement has been found, you will be liable to pay any accommodation fees or rent that becomes due. Any paid rent is refunded after a suitable replacement is found, however the £250 deposit and £50 booking fees are forfeited. The landlord can also charge £100 for cleaning and preparing the room for the new tenant.

If you do not meet the grade requirements of the university, you may cancel, provided you provide a proof of this to the landlord by 24th August, 2017. Your deposit of £250 is returned, however £50 application fees if retained.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a room?

Booking a room is simple, all you need to do is provide us with the details & we will be more than happy to do booking for you.

What do you need from me to book a room?

It is a simple four-step process:

Register online

Complete the application form and pay an £50 application fee.

Complete your booking information and pay your deposit of £250.

Sign your tenancy online.

If you’re requesting to pay by instalments, you will need to provide the guarantor's information.

Please have all your personal details handy.

Upon completion of booking your room, you are bound by the contract you have agreed to.

Can I live in the residence?

You must be a full-time student, and 18 years or older at check in. However, please be aware of the cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

It is always worth checking if there is any availability.

Can I sub-let my room for the summer?

Students are not allowed to sublet their rooms during their tenancy period.

Do I need to have a UK-based guarantor?

Yes, if you choose to pay in instalments. If you choose to pay annually then you do not need to have a guarantor.

How can I send you my guarantor information?

You can send the same to us via email.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, if you have a UK based guarantor you can pay in four instalments. Students without a guarantor are required to pay their rent in full at a 2% discount.

What is the payment plan for rent?

£50 Application fee. Payable when you apply.

£300 Booking fee/deposit. Payable when you apply.

There are four installment dates as follows:

21st August 2017

2nd October 2017

2nd January 2018

3rd April  2018

Is the £50 booking fee refundable?

No, the booking fee covers the administration to process your application with us.

What is the damage deposit for?

This amount is a refundable deposit taken to ensure that during your tenancy the fabric of your room is kept to an acceptable standard, taking into consideration wear and tear. A full list of charges on check out is available on your student portal.

What’s included in my rent?

Your fabulous en-suite room, all bills, 100Mb broadband wired and/or WiFi (Free upgrade to 100MB from September 2017) , contents insurance, 24 hour security and on-site maintenance.

What’s not included in my rent?

Pizza on demand or any food, laundry costs, TV license, parking, room-cleans.

How can I pay my rent?

You will be able to pay your rent online through your student portal, by direct debit, credit (2% charge) or debit card, BACS or bank transfer.

Can I change my rent instalment plan?

No. However, if you are struggling to make your payments, please email us regarding the same.

Can I pay my rent with my student loan?

The payment due dates should be in line with student loan payments. However, if this is not the case please let us know about the same.

How can I find out how much I owe?

You can see a full breakdown of payments made and due through your student portal.

What if I don’t pay?

We would request you to update us with the same, we would like to ensure that your payments are made on time.


Can I live with my friends?

Yes; to live with your friends all you need to do is mention their details under group booking section.

How do you decide who I live with?

Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Should you have preferences we would be happy to consider those on application. However, meeting those expectations is based on availability at the time of booking.

Do you allow couples?

Yes. This is only available in the studio rooms.

Can I choose which room I live in within the residence?

No. However, we endeavour to meet your requests depending on the availability at the time of booking.


Can I move in before my contract starts?

It completely depends upon the availaibility of the room.

What do I need to bring with me on arrival?

All your stuff! The room is furnished but you will need to bring items for you kitchen, linen and all your other worldly belongings.

Is there somewhere to park when I am unpacking?

Yes, for limited period of time. Further information on arrivals will be emailed to you two weeks before check-in so that you can plan accordingly.

Will there be someone to collect my keys from?

Yes, the full team will be there to help you on arrival. If you are arriving out of hours, it is advisable to let us know, but you will still be greeted by a member of staff.

Can I change rooms if I am not happy with my allocated room or flatmate?

Yes you can. However, there are no moves until 4 weeks after the contact start date and there is an administration charge of £50. There is some flexibility on this if there are cultural reasons or in exceptional circumstances.


What cooking equipment is supplied?

A microwave, hob and oven.

What kitchen equipment is not supplied?

Crockery, utensils, pots/pans and other small appliances.

Kettles and toasters are not provided. It is recommended before purchasing these that you get together with your flat mates to purchase these items together saving money and space.

Is bedding supplied?

No, you will need to bring your own bedding. All the rooms have a small double bed so you will need to bring double size bedding.

Can I personalise my room?

As long as you are able to return it to its original state on check-out or you will be charged for damages.

Can I keep a fridge in my room?

No, unless it is for storing prescribed medication.

Can I bring my own washing machine/tumble dryer?

No, there are laundry facilities on site.

Can I bring a pet?

Tenants are not allowed to bring pets into the building.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes. A wash costs around (tbc) £2.70 and a dry £1.20 (50 mins).

The laundry services are provided by Circuit. You will need to buy a top up card (£5 of credit) before you are able to use the machines.

Is there a post service?

Yes, you will have a post box in reception for your flat. Parcels can be delivered to reception. However, please be aware of the postal policy in using this service.

Where can I smoke?

Outside, in the smoking shelter. The buildings are non-smoking and incidents of smoking indoors will be dealt with strictly.

Do I have Wifi?

Yes, WiFi comes as standard.

Is a TV provided?

In communal kitchens and studio flats with freeview TV subscription. However, a TV licence is not provided and students are responsible for paying for this annual charge.

Who is responsible for cleaning my flat?

You and your housemates are.

Who is responsible for cleaning the communal areas?

The onsite maintenance team is responsible for the same.

Can we have a party?

Yes, as long as you are mindful of other students living in the building and clean up after yourselves.

Are there spare rooms for visitors to stay in?

No, unfortunately the buildings are filled to the brim with fun-loving students every year.

Can I park on site?

There is no permanent parking on site. If you require disability parking then please contact onsite maintenance team.

How do I report maintenance?

You can report maintenance through your student portal.

What happens once I have reported maintenance?

When things go wrong in buildings the onsite maintenance team would fix the same at the earliest.

How do I report a maintenance issue out of hours?

Online through your student portal or via email and the same would be dealt at the earliest. If it is an emergency please call the emergency number provided to you in your welcome book.


What do I need to do before I move out?

Book your check-out appointment at reception, over the phone or email giving at least 7 days' notice. 

Can I pay extra for my room to be cleaned?

Yes. Your room must be left in the same state as when you arrived to avoid charges to your damage deposit. Please contact the management team to request details for the same.

How do I return my keys?

Hand them in at reception on check-out.

Will I get a deposit returned to me?

Yes, provided your room is left in the same state in which you found it on check-in. A list of charges that may be applicable are available on your student portal.

Can I store stuff in my room and collect it later?

Unfortunately not. Information is available at reception as the  does not have available storage space onsite, even if you have re-booked for next year.

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