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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

The world's largest student housing provider

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Harry Lord House

Studio Flat

120 Humphrey Road, Manchester, M16 9DF, UK Distance From University

About Harry Lord House

Welcome to Harry Lord House, a purpose-built student property offering the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and community in the vibrant city of Manchester.

The surrounding neighbourhood offers a wealth of entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences. From trendy cafes to lively pubs, you’ll find everything you need within walking distance. Explore the city's rich history, vibrant art  scene, and diverse culinary offerings—all within easy reach.


Fully Furnished

Common Room


24/7 CCTV

Price also includes

Electricity Bill

Gas Bill

Water Bill

Rooms from
£0 Per week

Studio Flat(1 types to choose from)

Payment Info

You have two payment options: 

1. Pay in full 

2. Instalments (choice of 9 or 4 instalments) Direct Debit For all our properties, we request you set up a Direct Debit from a UK bank account. A Direct Debit mandate will be sent with your AST and rent payment schedule. There is no charge for this service.

UK GBP Payments via Debit Card

To meet PSD2 regulations our payment system charges a flat fee of £1.50 to all tenants when the tenant pays booking fees, deposits or non-automated rent instalments via our online portal provider (StuRents) from UK, EU EEA via debit card. Non-GBP Payments via Debit Card Our payment system charges a flat fee of £1.50 and card fee (up to 2%) to all tenants when the tenant pays booking fees, deposits or non-automated rent instalments via our online portal provider (StuRents) outside of the EEA. 

If you book accommodation 14 calendar days prior to your check-in date, you will be required to pay using a debit card via our online process.

Cloud Student Homes does not accept cash payments, credit cards or cheques. Debit card payments cannot be taken over the phone, or at the accommodation reception. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure funds are available to cover rental amount(s) in line with published payment terms. we strongly recommend that you apply for Student Finance well in advance if you are relying on this to cover rental amount(s). Non-payment will be treated in line with the Cloud Student Homes debt collection procedure (details of which are available on request).

Payment in Full

This will be taken on 9 August, or if booked in or after August, prior to the AST start date. 

Payment in Instalments (requires a UK Guarantor) 

In order to reserve a room with us and pay in instalments, you are required to provide a qualified UK Guarantor. A Guarantor is a responsible person who agrees to pay any outstanding rent and associated rent recovery costs for the tenant for whom they are acting as Guarantor. The agreement is a legal document and should not be signed lightly. Providing a Guarantor is common practice in the UK and provides Cloud Student Homes with the security and knowledge that the rent will be paid in full. Cloud Student Homes reserves the right to reject nominated Guarantor applications if the requested information is not provided and the nominated Guarantor does not meet the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements for a Guarantor are: UK resident Homeowner In full-time employment (earning a minimum of 30 [thirty] times the tenant’s monthly rent) Housing Hand (a third-party company) can act as your guarantor if you do not have a qualified UK Guarantor. The Housing Hand guarantor service can be selected during your tenancy application.

9 Instalment Option: 

-August: 10% of total rent 

-September: 10% of total rent (or 20% if booked after 14 August) 

-October: 10% of total rent 

-November: 10% of total rent 

-December: 10% of total rent

-January: 10% of total rent 

-February: 10% of total rent

-March: 10% of total rent

-April: 20% of total rent 

-4 Instalment Option: 

-August: 10% of total rent (or before AST start date) 

-September: 34% of total rent

-January: 34% of total rent

-April: 22% of total rent 

The payment dates outlined in your contract are fixed and cannot be changed, so you will need to ensure you will have the necessary funds in your account on the date rent is due for payment. If you fail to make your first instalment/full payment on time, Cloud Student Homes reserves the right to cancel your booking 10 working days after the date on which the payment was due. Your booking fee and deposit will not be returned. Please note that access to the room is not granted until the first instalment/full rental payment is made (as per individual tenancy) 

For more information, please contact a Unilodgers specialist.

Booking Info

Cancellation cooling off period(s)

If you choose to cancel your booking with Cloud Student Homes, you have 7 calendar days after signing your AST to do so. If you made your booking fewer than 7 calendar days before your AST start date you may cancel your booking up until the day prior to your tenancy start date, without incurring penalty. You may request to cancel your booking by sending us an email or contacting your property management team. Cloud Student Homes will refund your deposit within 10 working days of accepting your cancellation. International bank transfers can take longer to process funds and incur a transfer fee.

Cancellations after the cooling off period(s)
Any requests outside the above period will require you to find a student to replace you, who in turn will need to complete the AST and paid their deposit via StuRents. Once they have passed the 7 day cool off period you will be released from the tenancy

Cancellations after you have moved into the accommodation
You must speak to your local Property Manager if you are thinking about leaving your accommodation. If you do decide to leave your accommodation during your contracted term, the landlord may agree to release you from your contract, providing the conditions set out below are met: • You find a suitable replacement (who must be enrolled as a full-time student at a local university or college) to take a new tenancy agreement for your room for the remaining period of your contract. • The incoming tenant must sign an AST with Cloud Student Homes, providing the relevant requested documents, and where relevant also providing a suitable UK Guarantor. • Refunds due will not be processed until the incoming tenant taking over the contract has signed the AST, paid and moved into the accommodation Please note that you will be charged for the length of stay you occupied the room, and for any different in rental amount between yourself and the replacing student (if applicable). If you fail to find someone to take over your tenancy, you and your guarantor (if applicable) will be responsible for paying the full rent until the end of your contracted time at the accommodation

Cancellations by Cloud Student Homes or the Landlord 

If you and your Guarantor (if applicable) fail to sign your AST within this timescale, your AST will be automatically cancelled. If for any reason Cloud Student Homes is not able to offer you accommodation once your AST is fully signed, we will contact you as soon as possible detailing the reasons why, or offering an alternative solution. If the property cannot offer an alternative, or the alternative is not suitable, we will refund all monies paid to Cloud Student Homes. 

First-year students who do not get a place at university: “No Place, No Stay”

This offer is applicable to undergraduate first-year students only. If you are a prospective first-year undergraduate student, and your offer of a place at your preferred university/higher education institution is withdrawn as a result of not achieving the required entry grades, you will be eligible to receive a refund of your deposit You may also be eligible to cancel under “No Place, No Stay” if you choose to go to a different university in a city that does not have availability in a Cloud Student Homes property because you have exceeded your expected grades. To cancel under “No Place, No Stay”, you must supply either; (a) a copy of a written rejection letter from your chosen university/college or UCAS, which confirms that the results you required for acceptance were not achieved; or (b) a copy of the proof of acceptance to a new university by UCAS adjustment. This must be received by us, Cloud Student Homes or directly to your property management team) within 5 calendar days of the date on which your results are published. On receipt of the required documentation, the agreement will be cancelled with a refund of your deposit. 

If your Visa has been refused then you will need to contact your accommodation team within 5 days of the refusal with the evidence of the refusal in order for your cancellation to be processed and deposit refunded

For more information, please contact a Unilodgers specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When am I due to checkout ? 

  After your time with us at Cloud Student Homes I am sure it will be difficult to leave behind!Your latest check out date is the end date of your tenancy.  You are able to leave prior to your tenancy end date, you will just need to sign at Reception to inform the onsite property team that you have left and do not intend on returning.

Q.  Do I qualify to stay in your accommodation?

If you are registered with a University/College or School and over 18 years old then this will not be a problem, we will just require proof of student status to be able to offer you a tenancy with us

Q. When are the room inspections?

As a part of your tenancy you will have inspections 3 / 4 times a year, these are organized by the onsite team who will give you prior notice.

Q.  Will my room be cleaned?

It is your responsibility to keep your private room clean and tidy, and the onsite teams will conduct termly inspections of your rooms.  We advise that on your departure that you clean your room and ensure that it is tidy and free from waste, as any additional cleans required will be deducted from your deposit.

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