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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Safe stays and flexible bookings + cancellations with Unilodgers Pandemic Shield. Read more
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

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Chapter Highbury II

Private Room/ Studio Flat

295 Holloway Road, , London, N7 8HS Distance From University

About Chapter Highbury II

Book student rooms at Chapter Highbury II starting at £264 per week. Private Room, Studio Flat. Located a few minutes away from UCL, KCL on 295 Holloway Road. No booking fee. Free cancellation.


Chapter Highbury II is a brand new luxurious student accommodation nestled in Zone 2 in North London. Well connect to a lot of London universities with a few within walking distance as well. The property boasts of a Private Cinema, Gym, Gaming Area, Social Spaces, Study Spaces, Post Room and Resident Events giving you the perfect opportunity to socialise. Residents at all Chapter properties have access to other sister properties as well, so you can use their amenities as well. Choose from a range of luxurious Studio Apartments here.

At Chapter Highbury II student accommodation London you will be able to enjoy your university life in London rather luxuriously. There is a wide range of splendidly done studio apartments that you can choose from. Each of these are furnished well with a comfortable bed, a study station, ample storage space for all your belongings, a private shower and a fully fitted kitchen. Renting a studio allows you to enjoy your own space and come home to unwinding by watching your favourite shows or Skyping home with your parents. You will find here plenty to do when not studying. Watch the latest movies in the cinema room in your pyjamas if you like. You could also sit down and catch up with your friends in the social spaces. Like playing pool or well everyone loves table football, get away from your books for a while and enjoy a game or two in the games room. There are study spaces at the property as well so that you do not have to stay locked in your room working on your research. Sit down with your study group and work together or independently in the study room at the property. Its lot easier staying focused when you are not studying alone in your room, feet away from the temptation of jumping in your bed for that 2mins nap! The management at Chapter Highbury II London ensures that everyone has the opportunity to socialise and have a great time, which why you will have regular social events. These events are not only fun but a great way to meet other residents and students as well. There is a fully equipped gym in the building as well, so if you have been looking to workout but either do not have the time or not want to pay the membership bills then this will be perfect for you.

It is no secret that London has always been on top international student’s list and with good reason. There is so much to do that the list will always seem endless. Start with exploring Highbury fields Take a sip of royalty and pay a visit to the Buckingham Palace if you time your visit right you might see the famous changing of guards as well. There are plenty of art galleries and museums too in the city that you will love. Tate Modern is one such. This modern art gallery has forever been a favourite, once done looking at the exhibitions sit down in its café and enjoy a good cup of coffee witnessing the spectacle that the city is through the large windows.  Just a minute's walk and you will be at Holloway road underground station to take you around the city!

When at home and stuck with assignments the Costa Coffee within a 2mins radius is ideal for all those all-nighters you will need to pull during submissions. There is a McDonald’s too where you can always get a takeaway when in a hurry or not in the mood to cook. Tesco Express is also just around the corner for you to always stock up essential groceries and snacks! 

Excited to have a great time at Chapter Highbury II


Cinema Room

Games Room


On-Site Laundry Facilities


24 Hour Security


Onsite maintenance

Onsite security

Price also includes

Electricity Bill

Gas Bill

Heating Bill

Water Bill

Book Your Room in Chapter Highbury II

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Payment Info

Security Deposit :

  1. A holding fee payment of £185.00 within 3 working days of receiving booking confirmation. This will be adjusted/deducted from the total payment due
  2. Copy of the Tenancy Agreement signed by the tenant and the Guarantor within the period.

Payments Plan :

Students can choose between 3 different instalment options available as follows:

1 full payment (with this option you will receive a discount of 2% on the advertised price)

2 instalments (this option is equivalent to the price listed)

4 instalments (this option comes at a 2% increase on the advertised price) 

1 instalment plan

Full payment due on 31/07/2020

2 instalment plan

1st payment due on 31/07/2020 50% of advertised price

2nd payment due on 11/01/2021 50% of advertised price

4 instalment plan

1st payment due on 31/07/2020 10% of advertised price

2nd payment due on 12/10/2020 35% of advertised price

3rd payment due on 11/01/2021 35% of advertised price

4th payment due on 05/04/2021 20% of advertised price

Booking Info

To secure your Room prior to 31st July, you must do the following within 3 days of receipt of the Tenancy Agreement (these three days being known as the Decision Making Period):
- Pay your Holding Fee (which will be deducted off your first instalment of Rent if your booking is not cancelled)
- Both the Tenant and the Guarantor must sign the Tenancy Agreement.

If you have not paid the first instalment of Rent on the date of booking, this must be paid on or before 31 July otherwise your booking will be canceled.

To secure your Room on or after 1st August, you must do the following within the Decision Making Period:
- Pay your first instalment of rent.
- Both the Tenant and the Guarantor must sign the Tenancy Agreement.

A Holding Fee will not be required for bookings made on or after August 1st.

Failure to secure your Room within the required timescale may result in the cancellation of your booking.

Cancelling within the Decision Making Period
The Holding Fee is refundable if you provide a notice of your intention to cancel within the Decision Making Period. If you cancel your booking after the Decision Making Period, your Holding Fee will not be refunded, however no Rent will be due by you. No Tenancy Agreement will then come into effect.

Taking no action throughout the Decision Making Period
If at the end of the Decision Making Period if you have taken no action, i.e. not signed and accepted your Tenancy Agreement and/or not paid your Holding Fee and/or your first instalment of Rent then your offer will be cancelled on the system and your Room will be made available for someone else to book.

Cancelling after the Decision Making Period but before 31st July
You can, but your Holding Fee will not be refundable. You will not be liable for the Rent due under the Tenancy Agreement  If you have paid your first instalment of Rent prior to cancellation of your Tenancy Agreement, this will be refunded to you within 14 days of you advising in writing of your intention to cancel.

Cancelling on or after 1 August after accepting your Tenancy Agreement and having paid your first instalment of Rent
If you need to cancel your booking on or after 31st July after accepting your Tenancy Agreement and having paid your first instalment of Rent you must meet the following criteria:
- Your visa has been declined
- You have failed to obtain your grades to study at university and as such do not have student status
- Extenuating circumstances subject to our sole discretion e.g. serious ill-health, family emergency.

If you meet the above Cancellation Policy, your request for Cancellation will be granted, your Holding Fee and the first instalment of Rent (pro-rated) will be retained by Chapter but you will not be liable for the payment of Rent for the balance of the term of the Tenancy Agreement.

If you need to cancel your booking on or after 31st July after accepting your Tenancy Agreement and having paid your first instalment of Rent but cannot meet the above Cancellation Policy you will remain liable in full for the Rent for the full term of the Tenancy Agreement.

 If you need to cancel your booking after 31st July after accepting your Tenancy Agreement and having paid your first instalment of Rent but cannot meet the above Cancellation Policy, Chapter will accept a replacement tenant for your room at their sole discretion. It will be your responsibility to find a replacement tenant and they will have sole discretion on whether the new tenant passes all administrative checks. 

If Chapter does agree to accept a replacement tenant you will be required to pay an administration fee of £300 to them as administration costs in carrying out the relevant checks on the replacement tenant.  Once the replacement tenant has entered into a Tenancy Agreement and paid their first instalment of Rent, you will not have to pay any further Rent for the Room.  Please note that no replacement tenants will be accepted for any tenancy which is terminated after 1 June and that you will be responsible for the costs of cleaning of the room once you have left.

Any decision made to release you from your Tenancy Agreement for any reason that does not fall within these criteria is made by Chapter, at their sole discretion on a case by case basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to have a UK based guarantor for booking a student room at Chapter Highbury?

A guarantor can be anyone who is not a full-time student, and they do not need to be a UK resident. Your guarantor will take responsibility for any unpaid arrears during your tenancy period.

Q. Is there an age limit for booking accommodation?

There are no such upper age limits in booking accommodation; however, students need to be above 18 of age for England and Scotland, and in full-time education. This is due to the legally binding tenancy agreement that each tenant is required to sign before living in Chapter Highbury.

Q. How secure is the accommodation?

A CCTV is installed in and around the property, an electronic key fob entry system for the main entrance, common areas, each flat and bedroom. There are also spy holes in each flat and bedroom door, intercom in the flat, 24/7 on-site staff and a 24/7 mobile number.

Q. Do I have to pay council tax?

Students don’t have to pay council tax in the UK, however, payment exemption doesn’t happen automatically so you will need to inform the council that you’re a student. As a student, you must apply for council tax exemption yourself, as nobody else can apply for the same on student’s behalf.

Q. Do I need a TV Licence?

All TV's provided have licences. If you bring your own TV or if you want to watch or record programmes as they are being shown on any other device, such as your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you will need a TV Licence.

Q. What if something in my flat breaks or isn’t working?

Let us know as soon as you can, either by email or by visiting reception. Our onsite team are here to help 24/7.

Q. Can I have pets at Chapter Highbury student accommodation?

No, pets are not allowed under the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Q. What happens if I don’t get on with my new flatmates?

We want your university experience to be a good one so if you are having any issues with flatmates please let us know. We will do our best to help resolve any problems you might be having.

Q. Can I receive post and parcels?

Yes, your flat has its own lockable mailbox in the property’s mailroom. You will receive your mailbox key when you arrive. If a parcel arrives for you, the reception team would inform you by leaving a ‘parcel collection’ note in your mailbox. You can then collect your parcel from reception. For security, you will need to provide photo ID and give a signature to confirm collection. The post will not be given out to other residents on your behalf without written authorisation.

Q. Can I live with my friends at Chapter Highbury London?

We are more than happy to accommodate groups as well as individuals, simply let us know who you’re planning to live with and providing we have the availability it shouldn’t be a problem. We understand that your flatmates will be a big part of your university experience, so if you are booking as an individual we’ll ask you a few questions to help us match you with the perfect flatmates.

Q. Am I allowed to live with a partner? How much will it cost?

Two people can share the bigger studios, there is an additional rent of £50 per week for dual occupancy. Please let us know the same to organise this. Please note, both inhabitants need to be full-time students, studying at least 20 hours per week.

Q.What appliances and furniture are included in my room?

All rooms of the property come with a bed, desk and chair. Extras such as kettles, toasters and lamps vary from room to room. Please check the room details on the website to find out what will be included in the room you are interested in.

Q. I’m not a student. Am I allowed to stay in a Chapter Highbury property?

Unfortunately, the property only offers accommodation to people in full-time education, studying a minimum of 20 hours per week. Students on internships and sandwich courses are also provided accommodation, on the provision that the placement is directly related to your course of study, and you will be returning to full-time study when it finishes. If you are not sure whether you qualify, please contact the booking team.

Q. How can I make a payment?

You can make a payment using a credit or debit card on the internet or over the phone. Please note that American Express cards are not accepted and there is a 2.5% charge on credit card payment and some international payment platforms. You can also make a payment through a bank transfer, via a company called Pay to Study.

Q. What’s included in the price?

All your bills – Water, Electric, Gas, Internet, Gym and use of all the social spaces – are included in the price. There are no hidden charges, what you see on your contract is what you pay!

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