Liberty Fields Cardiff

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Liberty Fields is a contemporary student accommodation located on Blackweir Terrace in Cardiff. It was previously known as Victoria Hall and Union State Cardiff. It takes only 10 minutes by bus to reach Cardiff Metropolitan University and 20 minutes by bus to reach Cardiff University. It offers good amenities like post service, housekeeping, communal spaces and Wi-Fi. It provides en-suite apartments.

Students will live in an En-Suite apartment where they will share their kitchen and living area with other flatmates. It also has a Study area, En-suite bathrooms and fully furnished En-Suite rooms which have ample storage space where you can keep your belongings safe and secure. If you are an online-shopper and are worried about who will collect your parcel? Don’t worry anymore as there is a post-service available on-site where they will pick up your beloved packages, important deliveries so there is no need to abstain from online shopping anymore. Liberty Fields student accommodation provides you with Housekeeping where they will clean up your room and large communal spaces where you can become friends with fellow residents and socialize with others or just sit back and relax with your friends. Liberty Fields student accommodation provides you with High-speed Wi-Fi so you can easily watch the latest episode of House of Cards without any annoying slow buffering. Captain America might be busy fighting off evil so Liberty Fields student accommodation doesn’t take a risk with your life. It provides a 24/7 Security and Maintenance team to ensure your safety and comfort. In case, you happen to break anything, just make a quick call to the maintenance team and they will sort it out in no time.

Liberty Fields student accommodation is next to quite a few interesting places. One can visit the National Museum Cardiff to get to know about the city’s culture and art offerings. Others can head to the Cardiff Castle where you can learn about the cultural history of the city and also go on a clock tour.

Explore some of the favourite student hangouts next to Liberty Fields student accommodation. If you are too tired to cook, you can go to Saray restaurant with your flatmates to relish a good meal. For those who love coffee, you can head to Stag Coffee which is a popular student joint where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee and meet up with friends.

Liberty Fields student accommodation will give you a lively student-life experience.


Onsite maintenance

Free Content Insurance


On-site management

On-site laundry facilities

Flat Screen TV


Common Room

Onsite security


24-hour security


Price Also Include

Electricity Bill

Water Bill

Gas Bill

Book your room

Classic En-suite

Classic En-suite is nicely built featuring good storage and living space. It includes private bedroom having comfortable 4ft double bed, wardrobe, study desk-chair, private bathroom and a fully equipped shared kitchen. It features all modern amenities required for an easy and comfortable living.
Weeks 51
Move-in 13/Sep/18
Move-out 05/Sep/19
Per week £119
Total £ 6069.00
Weeks 43
Move-in 13/Sep/18
Move-out 11/Jul/19
Per week £124
Total £ 5332.00

Premium En-suite

Premium En-suite is nicely built featuring good storage and living space. It includes private bedroom having comfortable 4ft double bed, wardrobe, study desk-chair, private bathroom and a fully equipped shared kitchen. It features all modern amenities required for an easy and comfortable living.
Weeks 51
Move-in 13/Sep/18
Move-out 05/Sep/19
Per week £125
Total £ 6375.00
Weeks 43
Move-in 13/Sep/18
Move-out 11/Jul/19
Per week £130
Total £ 5590.00

Classic En-suite

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (13/Sep/18 - 05/Sep/19)
£119 per Week (£ 6069.00 total )
43 Week (13/Sep/18 - 11/Jul/19)
£124 per Week (£ 5332.00 total )

Premium En-suite

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (13/Sep/18 - 05/Sep/19)
£125 per Week (£ 6375.00 total )
43 Week (13/Sep/18 - 11/Jul/19)
£130 per Week (£ 5590.00 total )


Booking Deposit:

£200 required to confirm your room.

Rent payment:

Pay in full

Pay in 3 instalments (UK guarantor needed)

Mode of payment:

Debit card, credit card or bank transfer


If you’re in your first year, you’re able to change your mind right up until end July.

If you are not a first year student and you wish to cancel your agreement, you will be required to find a replacement tenant. Until a suitable replacement is found, you may not be released from the tenancy agreement and are liable to pay the rent.



How do I book?

It's easy to book a room with us. Search for a suitable property by City, University or Property Name, and use our multiple Filters and Sort facility to get your best match. View the property details and select a suitable room and submit your booking online by filling out the quick form and providing your details. It is Quick and Easy!

To book, you’ll need a few things first: a payment card for your £200 booking fee (or advance rent) and to set up your payment schedule, as well as details of a Guarantor who will agree to pay your rent if you have any issues.


Is there a Booking fee?

Yes, there’s a £200 booking fee (or advance rent) needed for every room at the point of booking.


Can I specify any preferences for my flatmates?

We’re happy for you to state your preferred gender to share with, as well as their year of study. We’ll do our very best to sort this out. 


Can I book with friends?

We’re more than happy for you to bring your whole crew. To book with friends, you just need to let us know their names, and we’ll do our best to allocate you a flat together.


Can I change my contract after I have signed it?

If you want to change things like your room size, increase your contract length, physically move rooms or anything else, you will be able to do so – subject to availability.

Please note that this may incur a charge at the manager’s discretion.


Can I transfer my booking to another residence?

There’s every chance you’ll be able to change your residence to a different location – it just depends on the availability.

You might get a different type of room if you change, but we’ll let you know in advance.

Your £200 booking fee would move with you.


What happens if I change my mind completely?

If you’re in your first year, you’re able to change your mind right up until August – the actual date changes every year.

If you’re not a first year, or you have a change of heart after this date, we’ll do our very best to help you sell the room on to another student. Unfortunately, until this is sold, you’re still contracted to the payments.


Do I need to be 18 years old to apply for the accommodation?

Yes, however, we know some students might not yet have hit that magic number so please get in touch if that’s you and we can make sure we know to expect you and help with your booking.


Can I pay my rent in instalments?

We know that not everyone can pay an entire year’s rent in one go – and that’s absolutely fine! You’re able to pay the rent in three different instalments, spaced out throughout the year.

We time these payments to match the typical student loan payment dates, just to make life easier.


How do I pay my rent?

All rent is collected by debit or credit card or a bank transfer on an agreed date. Unfortunately, these are the only methods that are accepted – so no cash, foreign currency or travellers cheques.

When you book your room, we’ll need your bank card details so that we can set up a payment plan to take payments from you directly.


Can I use my student loan to cover my rent?

Yes, you can.


What is a Guarantor & why do I need one?

As part of your Tenancy Agreement, you have a duty to pay your rent on time.

We understand that sometimes that’s just not possible, which is why we ask students to back themselves up with a responsible adult that they can trust (and one who trusts them!).

We hope you don’t need this person, but in case of any late or missed payments, we need their details before you can book a room with us so that we can claim any outstanding balances or monies from them.


How much are bills – are there any others to pay?

All your bills are included in your rent – seriously! That’s your gas, electricity, water, heating and yes, even Wi-Fi. 


Do I need to pay council tax?

Nope! One of the many benefits of being a student is that you don’t have to pay any council tax – you’re completely and utterly exempt. You will need to obtain a form from your University once you enrol just to stop yourself from being chased for it!


What happens if I leave my room early?

If you leave your course early, you’ll need to find somebody to take over your Tenancy Agreement, as agreed at the time of signing the agreement.

You’re responsible for paying the rent for your room until it’s been legally transferred to a new and acceptable tenant.


When do I get my deposit back?

Providing everything’s alright, you’ll get your deposit back within 28 days of your contract ending. The deposit is refundable providing it is not used towards damages. The deposit is actually protected and insured under something called the Deposit Protection Service, which is a national initiative designed to be completely impartial.


How do I set up my bank account?

If you’ve not got a UK bank account, it’s important that you get one when you arrive. It’s essential for making sure that your payment is made for your room, and it’ll make your life in the country much easier, too.

It will save you time to look into it before you get to the UK, but there’s no need to worry if you’ve left it a little late. Each bank will have different requirements about what is needed from non-UK nationals to open a bank account.


Can I pay my rent in instalments?

Yes. All students are expected to pay their rent in one single payment. However, once you arrive in the UK, if you’re able to obtain a UK based Guarantor we will be able to give you the option to pay in three instalments instead.

Please note, a Guarantor has to be and must be a UK resident.


What’s included in my room?

Firstly, the cost of your room includes all your bills for the year.

You’ll get a bed (either a 4ft double or a single), a huge desk (perfect for all that studying) and of course, your very own chair to go along with it.


What do I need to bring?

As an overview, it’s an idea to bring; bedding, towels, shoes, clothes, hangers, toiletries, books and a laptop.


Is there a phone included in my room?

Some rooms have phones for you to use, for those days when your mobile runs out of battery and you just can’t find the charger for the life of you! To make external calls, you’ll need to purchase a phone card from a local store.


How can I watch TV?

All of the rooms come complete with IPTV, which means you can connect up so you’ll never miss your favourite shows. There are also TVs in many of the communal living areas, and you’re more than welcome to check yours before you arrive.


Do I have to move out over the Christmas or Easter holidays?

No, absolutely not. Your room is yours until the end of your contracted time listed in your Tenancy Agreement. That’s sure to save you a lot of hassle!


Can I personalise my room?

Remember, you will need to give your bedroom back at the end of your Tenancy Agreement in good condition for the next resident, so you can’t redecorate as such.

That means unfortunately you are not allowed to stick things on the walls with blue/white tac or pins, because we would have to charge you for any lasting damages! 


What if I want to change my room?

This depends on a few things, including availability and the reasons why you want to change. If you’re having any problems at all – big or small – the residence team will be happy to help.

Changing rooms is usually a last resort, but we will do our absolute best to help you settle in. 


What happens If I damage something?

Accidents happen, but anything that is damaged will need to be paid for, and there is a list of costs here. Charges will be added immediately, and you can either pay at the time or the charges will be added to your account and taken at the end of your stay – this may need to come out of your security deposit.

You also have to bear in mind that your guests are your responsibility – so if they damage something, you’re the one who has to pay.

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