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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

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Villas on Apache Apartments Tempe

1111 E. Apache Blvd Tempe, Arizona 85281, United States Distance From University

About Villas on Apache

Book Villas on Apache Apartments Tempe, & get offers up to US$50 including cashback and Amazon vouchers with Unilodgers. Starting at US$0 per month. No booking fee. Free cancellation. When you book Villas on Apache Apartments Tempe with Unilodgers, the world’s largest student housing provider, you get more than just a room. For starters, you get some incredible exclusive offers - Amazon vouchers and cashback worth up to US$300 each, and an additional Amazon voucher worth $50 if you refer a friend. As a student, you want to live in a young city where the vibe is fresh and the feel is new.  With a centralised location, Villas on Apache Apartments Tempe is just a doorstep away from the city's favourite spots and houses students from all across the world. Book this place for the best university experience- you can choose from ensuites, studios, shared rooms, and apartments. Plus, with Unilodgers you’re guaranteed 24x7 support, the lowest prices, and health and safety measures under Pandemic Shield.

Villas on Apache: The walkthrough

If you are looking for action, adventure, and loads of fun, Villas on Apache Tempe Arizona is where you want to pitch your tent; while we may not mean it literally, there is a lot of camping that you can actually do around here. Villas on Apache is a unique opportunity that offers convenience, comfort, company, and a mind-blowing experience. A mix of local and international students offer a mix of mindsets, lifestyles, and exposure that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Villas on Apache has everything you can look for in a perfect residence, whether it’s privacy, indulgence, infrastructure, or adventure. Be your own company in our comfortable one bedroom home, or make several friends and roll out those party invites in our spacious two and three bedroom apartments.

We love a Lil’ extra

Let’s cut to the chase. Most students who come here expecting a mix of fun and education get more than they signed up for. Your home contains all that you need for comfort and everything that it takes to have your friends over to host a mind-blowing party. Most importantly, the weather and ambience make everything that’s available at Villas on Apache apartments seem that much better.

· Clubhouse

· Lounge area

· Common room

· Games room

· Fitness centre

· Volleyball court

· BBQ area

· Coffee bar

· Tanning beds

· Swimming pool

· Wi-fi (what would we do without!)

Know thy neighbourhood

When you choose a place to stay, it’s really important to know what’s available around you. At Villas on Apache, you can expect to be in the thick of everything that you need. While college is close by, you have great places to hang out with friends and entertainment galore. You’ve totally lucked out! Well, that’s just what we thought when we put Villas on Apache rooms out to students.

· Arizona State University’s Tempe campus: 20 minute walk

· Taco Bell: 7 minute walk

· Sonic Drive-In: 20 minute walk

· ASU Gammage: 20 minute walk

· Sun Devil Football Stadium: 25 minute walk

Wheeling your way around Tempe

Being mobile is everything when you are at college. It’s how you make it to class, to movies, to parties, and dates! At the Villas on Apache, you’ve got all bases covered. To start with, there’s a special docking station for you to rest your bikes when not in use. Check out the routes and stations on the Valley Metro Rail System. You will be most interested in the free shuttles called Orbit that can take you to Uni every day of the week. The FLASH (local shuttle) in Northern Tempe is another schedule you want to get familiar with.

  • Interstate: 10 - 9 minute drive

  • Loop 202: 19 minute drive

Living it up at Villas on Apache

Life at the Villas on Apache is not just comfortable, it’s jaw-droppingly sensational! When you combine that with life at Tempe, you are guaranteed to have made these the best years of your life!

· Temple Town Lake: 5 minute drive

· South Mountain Park: 25 minute drive

· Tempe Marketplace: 9 minute drive

· Arizona Mills: 10 minute drive

· Mill Avenue: 5 minute drive

Make Villas on Apache your home, and leave it to Unilodgers to make your dreams come true.

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Booking Info

Updates to Policy

In response to recent events, the property wants you to have confidence in your leasing decision. This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement that will be modified in the event the following specific conditions take place prior to the start of the Lease Term:

  • Cancellation due to Travel Restriction:  If Resident does not receive an I-20 form or visa to study/work abroad in the city, or if Resident is unable to travel to the United States due to a government-imposed travel ban, then Landlord will release the Resident from the Lease Agreement as long as Resident provides written proof from a government authority that Resident did not receive an I-20 form or visa to study/work abroad in respective city or was impacted by a government-imposed travel ban before lease_start_date.  Any request for cancellation after Lease start date will be denied by the Landlord and the Resident will still be fully responsible for the Lease Agreement.

  • Postponement due to Illness:  If any Resident contracts COVID-19 and is unable to take possession of the Unit (or bedroom within the Unit if the Lease Agreement is by the bed) on the Starting Date of the Lease, then Resident may postpone the Starting Date until it is safe to return to the public as stated in a written note from a medical professional. Rent will be prorated accordingly from the Starting Date to the date identified for safe return from the medical professional; provided, however, under no circumstances will rent be prorated for any period beyond December 31, 2020. 

  • Delay of Classes:  In the event Resident is a full-time student of a university or college with a physical presence  in respective city and the university or college chooses to delay the start of fall classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, upon written request, Landlord will prorate rent from the date university or college classes were originally scheduled to begin, to the date university or college classes actually begin; provided, however, Resident must provide proof that the delayed or cancelled classes impact coursework related to Resident’s declared major. Further, Rent will be prorated only for days in which Resident DOES NOT occupy the Premises.  No proration will be offered past the fall 2020 term, and in no event will rent be prorated for any period beyond December 31, 2020. This proration will NOT be available if the university or college moves to virtual or on-line learning in lieu of live classes. No proration or lease termination will be provided if the university or college starts classes and cancels or postpones classes once the fall term has begun.

Regular Policy

Contact a Unilodgers booking specialist for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the Apartments furnished?

Yes, all the apartments are fully furnished.

Q. What is included in the rent?

Rent includes utilities (water, sewer, and trash pickup), extended cable, Internet, washer & dryer.

Q. How can I get directions to the property?

The easiest way to get directions would be to search the postcode on Google maps and find the directions on there.

Q. How can I get from the train station/airport to the property?

There may be many different transportation options but you can pre-book a cab-link to the property before your arrival.

Q. Do I need a Visa before I move-in?

No, the visa is not required before you move-in. For further information please feel free to contact us.

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