Student Apartments in San Antonio, TX

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Heading to college in San Antonio? Lucky you! Get ready to have the time of your life. Enjoy the best of Texan culture here. It is one of the most fast-growing cities in Texas. Take a walk around the San Antonio river and let the fresh air sink in. Go on a safari at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch to spend a day with some beautiful animals. Visit The Alamo Mission to know all about the missio...

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About San Antonio-TX

At its core, the city is dynamic. San Antonio’s roots run deep, the heritage is rich and a confluence of cultures is celebrated. The population and cultural influences are diverse, Mexican, Tejano, German, Irish, Czechoslovakian and more. The appreciation of diversity makes San Antonio shine. The locals viva for Fiesta, wear silver and black for the Spurs and beam with pride in their distinction of Military City USA. Any occasion can be turned into a celebration in this city. San Anto...

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If contemporary art (and its creation) fascinates you, then ArtPace is the place to go. The museum is fairly unusual, in that nine artists per year are invited to live and work here throughout the year in three four-month cycles; three of the artists are from Texas, three are from elsewhere in the United States, and three are from around the world. ArtPace is free and open to students, and also offers artist lectures! 

Adventure lovers can spend the day kayaking at Confluence P...

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