Student Accommodation in Sheffield

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Over 60,000 students live in Sheffield, making it a true student city. From independent shops to student bars, there’s something for everyone here. Sheffield is made up of green spaces like parks, public gardens, and the countryside. So if you’re looking for a quiet, sunny place to study in peace, you’re never far from somewhere pretty to relax in. This city is a great choice ...

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About Sheffield

Sheffield is located in the South of Yorkshire and is the 5th largest city in UK, in terms of population. Almost a third of the city falls under the Peak District, which is known to be one of the most naturally beautiful areas of the country. Sheffield is an industrial town famous around the world for its Steel Cutlery and is popularly known as the ‘Steel City’. Contrary to the name, it is a very friendly and a welcoming city, bustling with cultural diversity. The city is also known ...

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Sheffield City Center

Edward Street

Solly Street

Hoyle Street

Scotland Street

Silver Street

Pitt Street

West Bar

Newcastle Street

Charter Row

Edward Street

Kenyon Street

Portobello Street

Broad Street





There is something to do for everyone to explore in Sheffield. If you love nature, you are in the very lap of it, as 60% of Sheffield lies in the Peak District National Park where you can enjoy the most amazing natural views whilst walking or cycling and; soak up some sun at a park of your choice, as there are plenty of them. Sheffield hosts annual festivals and you must not miss out on these festivals: Tramlines, Cliffhanger and Sensoria.  The city is also known for its creative sc...

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