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Welcome to the city that boasts a rich history, Lincoln! The Lincoln county of Lincolnshire is the place that houses one out of the four existing original copies of one of the most historic documents, the Magna Carta, which established that no man is above the law! The city offers international students some of United Kingdom's finest higher education institutions, including the University of L...

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About Lincoln

Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire and is located in the East Midlands, 227 Km north of London. It is home to Lincoln Castle, which houses one of the four surviving, original copies’ of the Magna Carta - one of the most crucial documents in history; signed in 1215 to establish the principal - no one is greater than law, including the King and it guaranteed the Right to justice and free trial to all individuals. Lincoln is also famous for having invented the first Tanks in 1916 and ...

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Holmes Road

Ruston Way

St Mark’s Street

Lincoln City Center


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You can tour the city on foot and marvel at the Gothic architecture of the Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln castle – an 11th century castle which has a Victorian prison; or visit the museums and galleries like the Museum of Lincolnshire, The Collection and Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory at the Lawn to dig deeper into the city’ history. If you fancy a picnic with friends, or prefer the company of books, then you can head to Lincoln Arboretum, Boultham Park and Whisby Nature Park, which...

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