iQ Grosvenor House

21-33 Newarke Street Leicester LE1 5SP, United Kingdom   View Map

iQ Grosvenor House, modern student accommodation on Newarke Street in Leicester right in the heart of the city. You will be right next to De Montfort University and a 20mins walk from the University of Leicester. You can choose from a range of en-suite room in a shared apartment or all-inclusive studios. The property also has a communal lounge and secure bike storage.

All rooms at iQ Grosvenor House student accommodation are fully furnished to the highest of standards. This modern property has single and dual occupancy as well. So if you are planning on coming with your partner then there is great news for you. Each en-suite room comes with a free TV license and Wi-Fi. You will have a personal bed, study station, personal shower and ample storage for all your belongings. The common kitchen and living room in each flat is perfect for hosting parties and socialising. If you are looking for a place away from distractions then you will love the studios as they come with an all-inclusive shower, kitchen, living space, bed and study station. You can come home to enjoy the great amenities that the property provides. Sit down with your friends in the communal area and unwind. Catch up with each other and enjoy a movie on your laptop. If you are planning on bringing your bike with you, then you will find a dedicated spot to park it too! So no more losing your sleep over stolen bikes when you are away.

Being in the heart of the city when living at iQ Grosvenor House Leicester you will find that everything you need is within walking distance of you. From pubs, restaurants, entertainment, all that you need will be readily available to you. Leicester as a city is unique with its attractions and wonderful places to visit.

International students in Leicester can pay a visit to the National Space Centre, which is also the biggest attraction in the UK dedicated to space exploration. You will find rockets, satellites, amazing artefacts and Martian surfaces.

When you are not busy exploring the city you can relax with your friends at Duffy’s Bar. Good music, chilled beer and good company will sort your right out and if you are looking for a place to eat then right across the road there is Pizza Express which is great for those days when you did not have time to cook.


Booking Fee - 125 GBP, this will be credited to the student’s first rent instalment. 

Payment Plan - One instalment, 2 instalments and 4 instalments.

Damage Costs - Fair & proportionate damage can be charged to tenants if they cause damage and destroy anything in the room or building.

Payment Method - Pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or International Transfer.

Cancellations before the 31st of July
Until the 31st of July, if you have not yet taken up the occupation of your accommodation (which is deemed to occur at the time you collect the keys to the accommodation), you may cancel your booking. In this case, your Booking Fee is non-refundable and it can’t be transferred to another customer or tenancy period. However, you will no longer be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement.

Cancellations on or after the 31st of July
If you wish to cancel your booking on or after the 31st of July, regardless of whether you have collected your keys, you will remain liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement unless you can offer proof you fit any of the following criteria:

  • Your UK Visa application has been denied.
  • You have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your first University of choice.
  • Extenuating circumstances e.g. ill-health, family circumstances.

Where proof is provided within the timescales specified below, the cancellation will be granted and you will no longer be liable for the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement.

Where the reason for cancellation can’t be proved in line with the above, you will remain liable for the full contractual rent, unless and until a replacement tenant is found for your accommodation. You’re responsible for finding an eligible replacement tenant, although we will assist where possible. If a replacement tenant is found, you’ll be released from the contractual obligations laid out in the Tenancy Agreement and any rent money will be refunded to you. Your Booking Fee will be retained however.

Failed to get into your first University of choice
Should you fail to gain the required qualifications and aren’t accepted into your first choice University, then the property will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund your Booking Fee and rent payment, as long as you provide the following information within the timescales mentioned below:

  • Written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel your reservation due to having failed to obtain the required grades for your first choice University.
  • Supporting evidence from the University or UCAS.

This information must be provided to the property within 72 hours of your exam results being published to be eligible for a booking fee refund. Your Booking Fee and rent payment will be returned in full within four weeks.

If you fail to provide the information within 72 hours, your Booking Fee will be forfeited.

Declined a UK Visa
If you fail to obtain a UK Visa, the property will cancel your Tenancy Agreement and refund your rent payment so long as you provide the following information:

  • Written confirmation from you that you wish to cancel your reservation.
  • Supporting official evidence to show that the Visa was declined.

This supporting evidence should be supplied to within 72 hours of you receiving official confirmation. Your rent will be returned to you within 4 weeks but the Booking Fee will be retained as a cancellation fee.

Extenuating circumstances
If you are no longer able to attend University and/or live away from home due to extenuating circumstances, such as ill health or family issues, please speak to a member of our team and we shall discuss the possible options.

Cancellations after you have moved in
After key collection, your Booking Fee will become your deposit and will be registered in a Government approved Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme.
Once you have taken up the occupation of your accommodation, if you wish to be released from your Tenancy Agreement, then you must notify us in writing. You’ll remain liable for the full contractual rent, unless and until a replacement tenant is found for your accommodation. You’re responsible for finding an eligible replacement resident, although we will assist where possible.

If a replacement resident is found, the property will release you from your tenancy agreement with effect from the start date of the new tenancy agreement (please bear in mind that all tenancies commence on a Saturday; the site team will confirm your official release date). You’ll need to pay a £150 administration fee (which will be recovered by retaining all or part of your deposit and/or rent).

Is the site secured?

The site iovered by CCTV and has onsite security staff, with staff present 24 hours a day. There is also a digital entry system at the building. 

Can I book if I'm under 18?

We require that all tenants living at one of our buildings in England and Wales are over the age of 18 at the time of moving in. You may book if you are 17, but only if you will have turned 18 before you move in. Exceptions to this rule are available in selected cases through prior arrangement with a university or institution. 

Can I bring a TV?

If you want to bring a TV, check that your room has a TV point and don’t bring one larger than 21”. You can’t mount your TV on the wall, so make sure it’s free-standing. While all TVs provided by iQ in communal areas accessed by all residents are covered by a TV Licence, you will need to buy your own licence if you bring your own TV or if there is one already in your room or shared kitchen & living area. 

Can I bring pets?


Can I choose where my room is in the building?

Yes, you can specify where you would like your room to be – from those which are still available – at the time you book.

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes. It's your home so you can have guests staying over occasionally, but we would ask you to respect your fellow residents and let your site team know. You are responsible for the behaviour of any guests you bring to your iQ site.

Can I move out early?

You can move out whenever you are ready but the contract you have is a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement and you will still need to pay the full rent until the end of the agreement. In exceptional circumstances, the Property Manager may decide to grant an early release from the tenancy.

Can I smoke in my room?


Can I swap my room?

It may be possible to swap or change your room once you have moved in, subject to availability. A room change fee will apply. 

Do I have to be home by a certain time each night?

No, it’s up to you when you come in. If returning late at night, please respect your fellow residents and keep noise to a minimum.

Do you provide bedding?


Does the building permit the use of drugs at its accommodation?

No, drugs are not permitted and prohibited items will be confiscated. The tenancy agreement gives the right to confiscate substances, including ‘legal highs’ without the consent of the resident.

How do I get my post / mail?

Your post will be delivered to a lockable post box for your flat. Larger items or those that require a signature on delivery will be retained by Reception. You will be notified if Reception receive an item for you, and you should collect it as soon as possible.

In the event of a fire, how can I trust that my accommodation is safe?

The safety and security of our residents is our number one priority. All of our sites are fully compliant with current safety standards. Our accommodation has fire alarm systems in place as well as fire prevention equipment, and we carry out regular testing and evacuation drills. Our building is also regularly audited by external, independent consultants.

Is there internet access on site?

Yes, the site is equipped with WiFi, accessible throughout the building at no extra charge. This service is provided by our internet partners, ASK4. If you have any issues with connecting, you can find their contact details in the resident handbook you will receive on arrival.

Will my flat be cleaned?

You are responsible for keeping your own space clean. It's our responsibility to keep the common areas like the social spaces, reception and laundry clean.

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100% Free Service

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Personalised Service

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