Ben Russell Court

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Ben Russell Court, a modern student accommodation located on the Eastern Boulevard in Leicester. You will be not more than a minutes walk away from De Montfort University, another 12mins from the University of Leicester and the city centre. You can choose from a range of 5, 4 and 3 bedroom flats. Also, enjoy up to 100Mbps and if you decide to bring your car or bikes with your, there is dedicated parking for that too!


All rooms you will find at Ben Russell Court student accommodation are well furnished and tastefully designed so that you have all that you need for a comfortable student life. You will have your personal bed, study station and great storage for all your belongings. Each apartment will have a common kitchen, living area and bathroom. This way you can have your own personal space without losing the sense of community. Shared apartments are great to meet new people, also imagine the numerous parties you can host and the many study session that you will be able to do here peacefully. Come home to relax with your friends and cook together. It is a great stress buster after a long day in lectures. With the blanket Wi-Fi across the building, you will be able to stream a movie or your favourite show on days when you decide to stay in. Or could just go by with the usual Netflix and chill in your room and have some personal time. If you intend on bring your car with you then there is designated parking spots available at the property. There is bike storage available too so you can have complete peace of mind of their safety even when you are away.

Living at Ben Russell Court Leicester you will be the only minute away from the city centre, ergo you will have an array of shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs just a short walk away. Whatever you need is easily accessible here beside of course that you can wake up and be in classes in under a minute. It does not get more convenient than that. Leicester as a city is also unique with its attractions and wonderful places to visit. International students in Leicester can pay a visit to the National Space Centre, which is also the biggest attraction in the UK dedicated to space exploration. You will find rockets, satellites, amazing artefacts and Martian surfaces.


When you are in a more jovial mood why not try The Font. Sporting a shabby-chic hipster vibe this bar offers a great time and with amazing music. All you need to have with you for a good time is your friends. Leicester Steakhouse is across the road as well and you can head here to celebrate with your friends or simply if there is no time to cook. After all, a break is always welcome.


Car Parking


Bike Storage

Free Sky TV

On-site management


Electronic key system

On-site laundry facilities

Study lounge

Common Room

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Skype Viewings


Full-sized bed

Secure Door Entry


Satellite/ Cable Tv


Onsite security



24-hour security

Secure Door Entry

Onsite security

Price Also Include

Bike Storage

Water Bill

Heating Bill

Gas Bill

Electricity Bill


Choose your room

Select Tenancy to book:
44 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 14/Jul/18)
£103 per week (£ 4532 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more

Select Tenancy to book:
44 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 14/Jul/18)
£104 per week (£ 4576 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more

Select Tenancy to book:
44 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 14/Jul/18)
£105 per week (£ 4620 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more

Standard 5 Bed - (Nurses Offer)

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 01/Sep/18)
£83 per week (£ 4233 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more

Classic 5 Bed (Nurses Offer)

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 01/Sep/18)
£86 per week (£ 4386 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more

Select Tenancy to book:
44 Weeks (09/Sep/17 - 14/Jul/18)
£95 per week (£ 4180 total )

Unilodgers Offers on this Room:

Unilodgers Offers on this Room: Book now to receive a £50 Amazon Shopping Voucher.   + 2 more


Deposit Fees £50-£250 (depending on the property), to confirm your booking


Rent Payments

Pay in Full

Pay in 3 instalments, due in September 2017, January 2018 and April 2018

Pay in 10 equal instalments, with a one-time admin fee of £100


Mode of Payment

Pay using a debit card or a credit card (1.5% surcharge) online, over the phone or at the reception

Pay via direct debit or bank transfer

You get 14-days cool off period (Free cancellation period) from the time you book your room to cancel your booking. If you cancel within the 14-days period, you will get a full refund of your deposit. 


If you are outside the 14-days cool off period, you may cancel, but are required to find a replacement tenant. Until a suitable replacement is found, you may not be released from the tenancy agreement and are liable to pay the rent.


If you do not meet the grades of the university you initially applied to OR fail to receive a VISA, you may be released from the contract and receive a refund of your deposit provided you provide the documents as a proof of this. 

Can I live here?

You must be a full-time student, and be 18 years or older to live in the property. You can book with this property whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer. However, please be aware of the cancellation policy prior to booking should your place at university not yet be confirmed.


Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not permitted in the buildings.


Can I choose who I live with?

If you are applying to live with friends, please ensure that you enlist the details of friends that you would like to live with in the booking form with us.


Can I choose my room?

Rooms are allotted on first cum first served basis.


Can I request to move rooms during my tenancy?

You would need to make a formal request to the accommodation team of the property you are residing at. If you request to move rooms during your tenancy please note there is a room move admin fee of £50.00, you would also be issued with new documents confirming the details of the room move.

A room move would be impacted by the availability at the time of the request and if there is a waiting list for the requested room or flat type.

Should your requested room move result in moving to more expensive accommodation then yourself and the Guarantor shall be liable to pay the higher rent from the date the Tenant is given access to the more expensive accommodation.


Do you provide summer accommodation?

Yes, the summer accommodation of the same provider usually opens around March.


Do I have to move out in the holidays?

No, your room is yours for the full contract period! You won’t have to move out in the holidays, so you won’t have to remove your belongings every term.


How do I book a viewing?

You can book a viewing of any selected property by sending us an email.


How do I cancel or re-arrange my viewing?

By dropping us an email for the same.


Can I book a room without a viewing?

Absolutely. However, we would always recommend booking a viewing wherever possible.


How long does a viewing take?

Usually up to 30 minutes. However, the sales team are always happy to spend as much time as is needed assisting you with your booking.


What will I be shown on my viewing?

All communal areas and room types requested (dependent upon availability).


I'm in a different country, how do I view a property?

All the properties of the provider have access to Skype option, so you can view a property from wherever you want. Just drop us an email the date & time that suits you and we would arrange a viewing for you.


What do I do if I’m a first-year student and I’m still waiting for my exam results?

If you’re still waiting for your exam results and you’re not sure whether your place at university is confirmed, don’t worry! You can still apply. You just need to ensure that if you do not get your place at university, you let us know on your chosen property in writing a maximum of 3 days after the A Level results day, to cancel your booking. You must provide a UCAS letter to verify your change in circumstances. In this instance, you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If you don’t let us know within 3 days, your tenancy agreement will remain in place, and you will be liable for the rent on your room for the entire contract period.


What do you need from me to book a room?

Register with us.

Tell us your preferences and then select your chosen room

Complete all of your personal information and pay your deposit

Accept your tenancy agreement

Provide a UK guarantor (Only if you’re requesting to pay by instalments)


Can I book if I’m under 18?

The bookings from students who are under 18 are accepted only if they will turn 18 in the first term of the academic year. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, applications from students who won’t turn 18 in their first term are not accepted.


What is included in my rent?

All utility bills are included in your rent such as gas, electricity and water and unlimited wifi*. However, your TV license is not included and this is the sole responsibility of the resident as this is not classed as a utility. 


Can I  pay my rent from overseas?

You can pay your rent either online, or by bank transfer depending on your chosen property. Please note that if you make your payment using a credit card or an overseas debit card, you will be required to pay a surcharge of 1.5%.


Can I pay my rent weekly?

The largest instalment plan is 10, the total contract value is divided into 10 equal amounts and this is paid across 10 months.


What do I need to provide to be a guarantor?

Please note to be a guarantor you must be in full time employment or a homeowner and lived in the UK (England or Wales) for more than 5 years.

You can provide:

A copy of proof of identity (with photograph) such as:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • ID Badge

A copy of proof of address (less than 3 months old) such as: Utility bill statement (i.e. Electricity, Water, Telephone)

  • Bank statement
  • Council tax bill for current year


Can I move in before I pay my rent?

Students who are up to date with their rental schedule are only allowed to move in early.


What do I do if my student loan hasn’t arrived yet?

A deferred rent payment option is available for students paying their rent instalments with student finance.

Please note the following steps in order to request a deferred rent instalment plan if you are student who has rebooked to live in a Homes for Students property.

In order to defer your 1st, 2nd and 3rd rent payments you will be required to do the following:

  1. Provide evidence of your student loan finance schedule, showing when you will receive your 1st payment, please forward this by email to the property you will be living at in September.
  2. Make a payment of 2 weeks rent, 14 days prior to your contract starting, the date of your tenancy can be found on your tenancy agreement.
  3. The 2 week rent payment will be deducted from the 1st instalment and the remaining balance will need to be paid in line with the date your student finance will be paid.
  4. You will also need to advise if you wish to defer the date of the 2nd and 3rd rent payments in line with your student finance, this request also needs to go to your property team.

There is no additional charge for the deferred payment plan for rebooking student


Do I need a guarantor?

If you wish to pay your rent in three instalments, you will need a guarantor. Your guarantor must be a homeowner or in full-time employment.


What happens to my deposit?

Your deposit is placed into a Deposit Protection Scheme, where it is held safely throughout the academic year.


When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will be returned to you after your tenancy agreement has ended and your room has been inspected. The amount returned to you will depend on any outstanding charges and any damages found in your room or the communal areas in your flat. Please see your tenancy agreement for more information. The deposit can take up to 30 days to get credited.

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