Student Accommodation in High Wycombe

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High Wycombe, commonly referred to as just Wycombe is a town in Buchinghamshire, located 47 Km northwest of London. The town was popular in the 19th century for its furniture production with an estimated 4,700 chairs made within a day, making it the furniture capital of England. Interestingly enough, it is also, the only town in the world to weigh its Mayors to ensure they have not eaten up the...

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About High Wycombe

Wycombe is home to the Buckinghamshire New University, commonly known as ‘Bucks’, which draws a large number of both home and international students to the town every year. Student accommodations in Wycombe offer a wide range of luxurious yet affordable studios and shared flats that are fully equipped with modern amenities and are inclusive of private study areas and communal kitchen/ lounge areas to ensure you have a stimulating study environment as well as a sociable one. The st...

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There are sites and attractions marking the town that you could visit such as the Hellfire Caves which are chalk and flint caves and are considered to be a feat in engineering, considering the fact they are man-made; Wycombe Museum – houses a collection of furniture and local art ranging between the 17th and 21st centuries, Hughenden Manor – the country house of the Victorian Statesman Benjamin Disraeli, and the Saint Lawrence Church.

The Chilterns Hills, Rye Park and We...

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