Live On Swanston Street In Melbourne With Scape Swanston

Scape Swanston is brand new and offers first-class student housing experience in Melbourne. Located on Swanston St Melbourne, right in the heart of the city. Imagine living right in the hustle bustle of the city’s finest. Best bars, cafes, high-street stores, boutiques, top restaurants, all are right outside your door. This street is always alive with activities and the night lights bring the party to your doorstep. Enjoy the best of what the city has to offer you. You will find yourself only minutes away from the public transport making it extremely convenient for you to be able to travel in and around the city. Universities in Melbourne are also close by, making your everyday commute to the lectures less tedious.


Scape Swanston has great facilities and amenities that make your time here more memorable. With the plenty of social spaces, you will find great opportunities to meet new people and network. The property boasts of a Communal Kitchen that is perfect for sitting down with your friends and enjoying a meal, you can host your parties here as well or simply just show off your cooking skills. Either way, it is a brilliant place to catch up with your friends after a long day or perfect even if you are looking to make new friends, as this place is always buzzing with activity.

The kitchen has an Outdoor Terrace extension with a projector. If you are looking to enjoy BBQ chicken wings with your friends and the latest match, then this would be the ideal place for it! During the summer days, this area is perfect to enjoy the sunshine. What more it is great for is enjoying wine with a cool breeze in your face and watching the city come alive with the night lights. The view is spectacular and imagines you don’t even have to dress up to enjoy a view this fancy.


This Scape student accommodation also has an in-house Cinema! Now it just got a whole lot fancier we say. Unlike actual cinemas, you don’t have to wait to see your choice of movie. Let the staff know and enjoy the whole theatre experience watching your classic favourites with your friends. Lounge comfortably on the couches, bring along your tub of popcorn and enjoy an experience that is unheard of. Where else now we ask can you take a break from books and walk to the Cinema and yet not leave your home at all! For all the Gym rats and aspiring gym enthusiasts there is a world-class standard Gym and fully fitted and stocked up to ensure that you are able to incorporate a good workout into your everyday schedule.



Having friends over the very last minute and do not have the time to clean your room? You can always sit down in the Lounge. Not only does it have comfortable couches, but there are long tables should you need to work together on something. What if you don’t want to sit in your room but would still like a more private time? Well for this very reason you will find that there are private booths here as well. Have your girls over and talk your heart’s content away from the prying eyes.


Scape Swanston does not want you to stay cooped up in your room all day long when you have your head buried in a book. Why not give yourself a change of space, who knows the ideal that you are looking for your research might just come to you. There is a Study Room in the property for this very reason. Come sit here in peace and work on your research or if you are working in a group then this would be the perfect place to work collectively on an assignment.


But we say that as much as it is important for you to ace the next test it is important that you explore this magnificent city. This student accommodation Melbourne CBD has its own advantages. Melbourne is popular for its hidden lanes and alleyways. The Melbournian flavour in each of the hidden street and lanes is so prominent and adds so much depth to the city that you are bound to have a long-lasting love affair with the city. Lanes heavily laden with graffiti, the pubs giving off a welcoming vibe and happy people around, there is nothing that can go wrong here.


For those who are lovers of food will be delighted with all the available flavours coming from all parts of the globe that you can sample here. You could enjoy a twist here. Instead of travelling to different parts of the world and sampling their food. You could here sample food from across the world and decide where your next holiday is going to be! Would that not be great now.


There is just as much nature around you to explore as well. Take a walk along the Yarra River or spend some time in the Botanical Garden discovering new species of flora and fauna. Now on to the most important question in every student’s mind. What is the city’s nightlife like? Well, this city fails to be dull. There will always be a gig or a band performing somewhere and if that is not on your mind then the student nights will be! Student nights are extremely popular in the city and with a stunning turn out. You will love these night and wouldn’t even burn a hole in your pocket. Living in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD will put you within walking distance of all the best nightlife that the city has to offer. Federation Street is the perfect place to get your shopping list done and is just across the street.


The rooms at Scape Swanston are just as good as the rest of the property. You can choose from a range of self-contained, fully furnished Studio apartments. These come fully furnished with a double bed, private bathroom, study area and a dining area as well. Having a whole apartment to yourself ensures a certain level of privacy that you enjoy. The study, distraction-free or work on your research. When looking for the company you can always head to the social space on the property. The kitchen is fully prepped to ensure that you are able to prepare your meals conveniently. These Studios are a perfect place to enjoy your university year, work on your assignments and yet ensure that you have a lot of fun along the way. Scape Student Living has ensured to offer you the very best of the student experience in Melbourne. There is nothing more than you’d want from your student accommodation, we promise! Prices are starting at AU$ 329 per week.

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