Discover Philadelphia: A Guide for Your Instagram

Philadelphia is a great city for students! It combines the history and culture (Declaration of Independence was signed here) of the United States with the fast-paced modern urban life of the East Coast. The official motto says that Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love. This is imbibed by the residents who greet each other in the streets, hold the elevator door open for you if they see you, and are generally warm and friendly.

It’s a great place to spruce up your Instagram feed with those amazing pictures that will give your friends FOMO and make them wish they were studying at your university. There are many beautiful student apartments in Philadelphia, so you don’t have to worry too much about finding the right place to stay. Once you have found the right accommodation for you, begin with discovering these beautiful places around!

Love Sign

The iconic Love sign that has inspired countless posters, t-shirts and other merch originally can be found at the Love Park in Center City. Designed by Robert Indiana, this sign was built during the bicentennial celebrations marking 200 years of the creation of The United States of America. The great thing for your Instagram is that you can pose in front of it, but also climb on top (with caution!) and get a great shot for your feed. The focus of the symbol is love, and we know that the caption opportunities with that are endless! 😉

Magic Garden

This place is an Instagrammer’s dream! The Magic Garden is a folk art movement that uses mixed media to create the most elaborate mosaic you will ever see. Most mosaic art uses broken glass, but artist Isaiah Zagar went beyond that brief. He used anything he could get his hands on – bicycle wheels, handmade tiles, bottles, etc – to create a true place of wonder. Every inch of this space has been converted into a mosaic creating the most magical experience. Our suggestion would be to go just before the sunsets. You can frame some photographs in daylight. After sunset, the garden switches on fairy lights creating the perfect ethereal environment for your selfies.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps

Every tour guide will ask if you want to run up and down the “Rocky” steps. These were made famous in the movie Rocky where he trains by running up and down these steps. Over the years, this has given iconic status to these steps as they have become a metaphor for overcoming your hurdles with determination and perseverance. A Rocky statue has been placed at the bottom of the stairs and is a very popular tourist attraction in Philadelphia. 

Locust Walk

Located in the heart of the University of Pennsylvania, Locust Walk is a source of pride for everyone who belongs to the UPenn community. Situated between 34th and 38th street, these streets were given by the city government to the university and created a small campus area for a university that otherwise resides in the midst of the bustling city. No cars are allowed on this street, but it is ideal for cyclists and pedestrians. During the fall, when college starts, Locust Walk is lined with trees that show off the beautiful autumnal colors – bold reds, bright yellows and oranges. In the winter, it becomes a white wonderland and the summer means sitting in parks by the sides of Locust Walk soaking in the warm rays of the sun. No matter the season, Locust Walk provides ample photo opportunities. At staccato intervals, it also leads to the old-style buildings of the UPenn campus adding a quaint charm to this beautiful street. 

Boathouse Row at Schuylkill River 

Schuylkill River acts as the divide between University City and Center City. On the river, west of the Philadelphia Museum of Art lies the Boathouse Row. Built in the 19th Century it is home to the rowing clubs of the city. The best time to visit this place is at night. All the boathouses are lit up and their reflections on the water cast a romantic spell. It is one of the loveliest sights in the city.

Train Station

The 30th Street Station may seem like an unlikely addition to this list, but we love the glamor of it’s ornate Art Deco style. It is featured in many films and TV shows (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Glass, Unbreakable, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Visit, etc). It has huge ceilings and gorgeous statues. The upper-level station also has a skylight roof. If you travel to Philly by bus, subway or train, chances are that this will be the first place you visit. Pose in front of the Corinthian columns at the entrance and add that old-world charm to your Instagram feed!

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