UniLodge on Raleigh

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Unilodge on Raleigh is a brilliant student accommodation located on Raleigh Street, Melbourne. Find yourself only a short walk away from most university campuses. You can choose from a range of studio or 1 bedroom apartment. The team also puts together a lot of events for the residents such as day trips, movie nights, karaoke, charity work and more. There are bike racks, study room, lounge, TV room, balcony, car parking too!

All rooms at Unilodge on Raleigh student accommodation are a well furnished and offers you the perfect place to enjoy your university year. You can choose from all self-contained studios, these offer you a place of your own with no distractions but you will still be able to enjoy the student community experience. Each flat comes with a comfortable bed, ample storage space, personal bathroom, study station and a fully fitted modern kitchen. You will find everything here that you need for a comfortable stay. You can choose a one bedroom apartment as well, if you are looking for a bigger space. The property has great facilities too so when you are not studying you can always head to the social spaces and catch up with your friends. There are study rooms at the property as well, where you can sit down with your friends and work on your assignment together. The team also puts together plenty of events that are the perfect way of meeting new people and make friends. They organise plenty of events ranging from karaoke nights, excursion trips, movie nights & much more that it is impossible not to find something of your liking. There is plenty of charity work that they organise as well where you can give back to the society and add to your resume under voluntary services.

If you are looking to go out then there is plenty around the Unilodge on Raleigh Melbourne to explore. Walk down to Cafe Rofrano for a good cup of coffee or St Kilda Beach is close by as well. You could always head down to watch the sun set or on a weekend head down here for a picnic with your friends. With great transport system around the property, you can get to the CBD in minutes, so if shopping is on your mind you know where to go.

Melbourne too has plenty to explore for international students as well. If you are a coffee aficionado then you will find yourself in coffee heaven. Termed as the city of the world’s best coffee there isn’t a cafe small or big that dishes out coffee that is anything less of perfection. For art lovers there is a tiny piece of heaven too. There are government sanctioned streets where you will find beautiful graffiti and they keep changing, so you will always have something new to look forward too. There are curated tours as well that you can go in for, artists will take you around explaining the murals to you and also tell you about the artists behind them.   



A security deposit equivalent to four (4) weeks rent is required. The security deposit is held in a trust account on behalf of the resident for the term of the tenancy and/or for any further period in which the resident may occupy the unit. The cost of repair or excessive cleaning may be deducted from the security deposit

Rent must always be paid in advance. 

Payments can be made in the following way: 
a) Bank Transfer into the Bank Account. 
b) Direct Deposit at the bank into the nominated Bank Account. 
c) Credit card at the reception desk during business hours

Where a Resident believes that they cannot stay in the unit or continue to pay the rent, they must notify the management in writing as soon as possible - two weeks’ notice is the minimum time. When considering prematurely terminating your Tenancy Agreement, it is your responsibility to either continue to pay rent as per the agreement until the unit is re-let or find another suitable person to take over your unit so there is a continuation of payments to the unit owner.

Q. Who pays for the water and internet connection?

The water connection is included in rent – no need to pay bills at the end of each month, enjoy the high-speed 100GB Wi-Fi internet (monthly allowance), as part of the room rent.

Q. What electricity cost am I responsible for?

Each tenant pays for their energy as it is separately metered.

Q. Will there be car park spaces available?

There will be a limited number of car park spaces available at an additional charge.

Q. Are pets allowed at this property?

Unfortunately pets are not accepted at this property.

Q. What kind of contracts are offered?

Full Year and Half Year leases are being offered. For requirements are outside of these terms, leave a query.

Q. What fees are payable to reserve my booking?

To secure your booking an advance deposit, which is an amount equal to two (2) weeks’ rent (inclusive of GST).

Q. When will the advanced booking amount be charged?

The advanced booking deposit will be requested for payment once the booking inquiry has been approved.

Q. What kind of contracts does this property offer?

Currently accepting the following leases are available:

  • 4 – 12 Weeks
  • 13 – 24 Weeks
  • 25 – 36 Weeks
  • 37 – 44 Weeks
  • 45 – 52 Weeks

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100% Free Service

100% Free Service

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Personalised Service

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Instant Booking

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Best Offer Guaranteed

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Verified Properties

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Secure Booking

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