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Over 1.5 million student rooms across the US, UK, Ireland, & Australia
The world's largest student housing provider
Trusted by students in 177+ countries
24x7 personalised support, Lowest price guaranteed, No booking fee, Free cancellation
Student-certified: on Trustpilot

The world's largest student housing provider

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UniLodge on Cobden

2 Cobden Street, North Melbourne 3051, Australia Distance From University

About UniLodge on Cobden

Unilodge on Cobden is a modern student accommodation in Melbourne right across the iconic Queen Victoria Market. University of Melbourne and RMIT are just a short walk away from the property and a short tram ride will get to you to Melbourne’s CBD. Offering spacious self-contained studio apartments along with bike storage, TV lounges, study spaces, outdoor terrace areas & much more!

All rooms at Unilodge on Cobden student housing in Melbourne are well furnished and offer you the best of student living in the city. You will have a comfortable bed, ample storage space, study area, closet space to put away all your clothes and a personal bathroom too! A studio comes with a fully fitted kitchen too. The apartment has heating and cooling so that no matter the weather you are comfortable at home. If you want you can opt for a room with a private balcony for yourself as well. In short complete independent living without having to let go of the student community experience. When not studying you can head to the social spaces at the property, enjoy catching up with friends or maybe watch your favourite movie in the TV room. The lounges are well furnished and perfect for when you have friends over. You can head to the outdoor terrace to enjoy the good weather or maybe a drink with a view. If you plan on getting your bike along then there is bike storage at the property available too. With the laundry rooms open 24/7 you will not have to pile your chores for the weekend! What happens if something in your room is not functioning? The maintenance team will be around in a jiffy and fix it for you!

Thanks to the great location of Unilodge Cobden you will never be hungry, as Queen Victoria Market is right across the road. Here you will be able to indulge in good food, coffee and fresh produce so be done with your grocery shopping at the same time. Living here you will be spoilt for choice for everything. There is Mc Donalds and Subway within walking distance too, for days when you are in a rush. Reserve The Drunken Poet for the weekends. The perfect place to unwind with your friends over the weekend with drinks and good music.

There is plenty to do in Melbourne for international students but first you must try the coffee here. Melbourne claims to offers the world’s best coffee, it is said that not one cafe will you find in the city that serves bad coffee. So if you fancy yourself to be a connoisseur of coffee we are sure you will agree. Melbourne also hosts coffee expo which you can attend or you can always head to the hidden secret tours in Melbourne to find one of the best cafes in the city. There is incredible street art for on display for everyone here as well. The city is also known as one of the street art capitals of the world. If you want there are plenty of curated tours that you can take to see all of the designated graffiti spots and also know more about the artists who have worked on them. If you are looking to clear your head & a walk is what you need then The Botanical Garden is your place to be.

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Rooms from
AU$195 Per week
Payment Info


Rent is to be paid as per the Tenancy agreement, and must always be in advance.
All rental payments are due by the 1st day of each month. If you have any difficulties
paying your rent on time, we encourage you speak with a UniLodge customer service
staff member or Manager immediately.

There are a number of simple and easy ways to pay your rent at UniLodge on Cobden
using the DEFT system. You will require an Australian bank account to access the DEFT

If you wish to make payment via Credit Card or BPay:

• Complete your details at the top of the application and tick the credit card / BPay
box. Return the DEFT form to reception and you will receive a reference number
and instructions on how to make payment. (A BPay payment is made through
your internet or telephone banking from your Australian Bank Account). A
surcharge applies for credit card payments.

If you wish to make payment via Direct Debit from your Australian Bank Account:

• All personal banking details on the form must be clearly completed and returned
to reception. DEFT will not be able to recognise your payment if all details are not

• The security code is a 6 digit number that you will have to make up and
remember. It is used for security purposes only when making your payment. Do
not use the PIN number you use for making normal transactions on your bank

• This form will take approximately 5 to 7 working days to be fully processed or you
can register yourself on the website (www.deft.com.au) once you have received
your DEFT reference number and instructions from reception.

Payment of Rent must be received on or before the due date, which is every 1st day
of each month.

Booking Info

Updates to Policy

  • For all off-shore applications made to UniLodge, the property will be waitlisting these applications until such time as an announcement that the borders are opening. 

  • So effectively, the property will not be offering contract leases, requesting security deposits or bonds or any advanced rent. 

  • Property will be filing all applications in date order and when it's announced that international travel will begin again, the property will proactively  reach out to all applicants and progress their applications to bookings.

Regular Policy

Breaking the Tenancy Agreement

The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document, which if broken may continue
to attract costs for the tenant. Where a Resident believes that they cannot stay in the
unit or continue to pay the rent, they must notify UniLodge management in writing as
soon as possible.

There is no set amount of notice a Resident can give if they wish to break the Tenancy
Agreement early for exceptional reasons. However, it is in the Resident’s best interest
to give as much notice as possible and, as a guide, two weeks’ notice should be the
minimum time.

When considering prematurely terminating your Tenancy Agreement, it is your
responsibility to do one of the following:

• Continue to pay rent as per the agreement until the unit is re-let. We will
refund any monies owed to you if and when the unit is re-let.
• Find another suitable person to take over your unit so there is a continuation
of payments to the unit owner.
• In all cases the unit must still be returned to the same standard that it was in
at the commencement of the lease. 

Bond and Advanced Rent

No Refund

• In the event of a Resident being evicted, the Resident will not be eligible for
refund of any Rent paid until another resident is found.
• At the end of a Tenancy Agreement, where damage has been caused to
UniLodge property and the bond is not enough to cover the cost of rectification,
the bond will be claimed and the Resident will remain liable for any additional
• Where a Resident breaks a Tenancy Agreement without cause, the Resident is
not eligible for any refund of advanced rent until another resident is found.

Partial Refund

• In the case where a Resident wishes to withdraw from their application, who
after accepting the offer of accommodation and has paid a holding and / or
bond and/or rent, must give at least 28 days written notice prior to either the
commencement date of their Tenancy Agreement or the UniLodge Semester
start date, whichever is the earliest.
• Where the appropriate notice is given, then a portion of the bond may be
refunded at the discretion of UniLodge management, dependent on the
subsequent re-letting of the apartment to another party.

Total Refund

• In the event that an Applicant has fulfilled all obligations as defined by UniLodge
but the offer of accommodation at UniLodge is withdrawn more than 28 days
from commencement of the lease, or if UniLodge management is unable to
provide accommodation in accordance with our obligations, all bond payments
and advance rent instalments will be fully refunded.
• However, whilst UniLodge representatives will try to offer applicants the rooms
or units of their choice, this may not always be possible.
• If applicants are offered similar alternative accommodation within the same
UniLodge facility before commencement of their Tenancy Agreement, or upon
their arrival to take up residency but wish to decline this offer, a cancellation fee
will apply.
• A bond is refundable at the end of a Tenancy Agreement, which is not renewed.
The conditions for this are: rent is paid in full, all furniture and equipment is
accounted for, there is no damage to any UniLodge property for which the
Resident is liable and expenses such as cleaning, electricity etc. are fully paid.
• Any costs related to damage, rubbish removal, or excessive cleaning costs will be
deducted from the bond, as is the departure cleaning fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who pays for the water and internet connection?

The water connection is included in rent – no need to pay bills at the end of each month, enjoy the high-speed 100GB Wi-Fi internet (monthly allowance), as part of the room rent.

Q. What electricity cost am I responsible for?

Each tenant pays for their energy as it is separately metered.

Q. Will there be car park spaces available?

There will be a limited number of car park spaces available at an additional charge.

Q. Are pets allowed at this property?

Unfortunately, pets are not accepted at this property.

Q. What kind of contracts are offered?

Full Year and Half Year leases are being offered. For requirements are outside of these terms, leave a query.

Q. What fees are payable to reserve my booking?

To secure your booking an advance deposit, which is an amount equal to two (2) weeks’ rent (inclusive of GST).

Q. When will the advanced booking amount be charged?

The advanced booking deposit will be requested for payment once the booking inquiry has been approved.

Q. What kind of contracts does this property offer?

Currently accepting the following leases are available:

  • 4 – 12 Weeks
  • 13 – 24 Weeks
  • 25 – 36 Weeks
  • 37 – 44 Weeks
  • 45 – 52 Weeks
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