Leicester Studio Flats Perfect for Students

Legend has it that when you see five fried chicken shops on one block, you know you’ve arrived in the historic city of Leicester. It is also rumoured to have more traffic lights than any other city in the UK. This means you’re better off exploring it on foot than on wheels. And finally, you can’t go twenty yards in this lovely town without being within spitting distance of a Leicester student accommodation. This last one is neither rumour nor legend – it’s absolutely true! Unilodgers has over 40 student houses in Leicester, with Leicester studio flats being high in demand and plentiful in supply! 

Students who enrol at Leicester College, the University of Leicester, De Montfort University or any of the city’s other, sought-after colleges have plenty of choices available to them. However, student studios in Leicester are the most popular. Studio flats are cosy, private, and great for living your best student life. There are many that you can choose from, but here’s our take on the best Leicester studio accommodation.

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1. Ben Russell Court

Ben Russell Court student accommodation Leicester

  • Starting at: £97 per week
  • Amenities you’ll love: Fast WiFi, study lounge
  • Neighbourhood quirks: Cocktail bars, trendy cafes

If Ben Russell Court were any closer to De Montfort University, you’d be waking up in the classroom. This modern building offers some great shared apartments in addition to its stylish Leicester studio flats, and everything about it just screams student-friendly. For starters, there’s high-speed internet throughout the building. If you have a bicycle or a car, you can park it safely in the parking space. And the benefits don’t end with the building – it’s across the road from the famous Leicester Steakhouse, so when you fancy a nice meal, you don’t even have to go too far to find it. 

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2. iQ Grosvenor House

iq grosvenor house student accommodation Leicester

  • Starting at: £141 per week
  • Amenities you’ll love: Onsite management, common spaces
  • Neighbourhood quirks: Close to essential and retail stores

Staying in a studio apartment doesn’t always mean that you’re flying solo. And that’s where iQ Grosvenor House has a major advantage! Not only does it feature stylish modern decor, free WiFi, and a generous amount of storage space, these Leicester studio flats allow single and double occupancy. So if you’re going to school in the same city as bae, this property has the perfect love nest for you. What’s more, the local Pizza Express is really close, so even if you’re single, a romantic evening with a 12” pizza is always, always a possibility. Love the sound of it?

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3. Edge Apartments Leicester

student accommodation Leicester

  • Starting at: £165 per week
  • Amenities you’ll love: Onsite management, common spaces
  • Neighbourhood quirks: Complimentary content insurance, City Centre location

There’s a reason this newly-built building is called “Edge” – they really do have an edge over all the others. This is an all-studio flats building, so you’re guaranteed your privacy. Each studio apartment is fitted with a compact, modern kitchen, a TV, and high-speed WiFi. One of the greatest advantages of living at Edge Apartments is that you’ll never have to worry about maintenance hassles. The building management is extremely responsive, and handles everything from a creaky floorboard to a squeaky hinge without as much as a raised eyebrow – which is especially useful when you want to spend your time studying instead of chasing a repairman! On weekends, you can walk over to Duffy’s Bar for a pint (or ten) and when Monday dawns, you can camouflage your hangover with a steaming cup of coffee from Cafe Nero, which is around the corner. 

Edge Apartments Leicester


Yoho student accommodation Leicester

  • Starting at: £170 per week
  • Amenities you’ll love: Outdoor courtyard, laundry facilities
  • Neighbourhood quirks: Close to famous pubs and  restaurants

This brand-new building is like, student living luxe. Each flat has a snazzy kitchenette with the works – a kettle, a microwave, an oven, a hob, and every student’s best friend – a refrigerator. What’s really great about YOHO is its location – it’s a short walk from the campuses of the University of Leicester and De Montfort University, and even closer to the Leicester railway station (weekend jaunts, hellooooo.) The neighbourhood is filled with trendy bars and restaurants, so even if you’re not using the fancy kitchen, good food is easy to find. Book YOHO, coz, like YOLO.

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5. Austin St. James Road

Austin st james student accommodation Leicester

  • Starting at: £140 per week
  • Amenities you’ll love: Vending machine, onsite events
  • Neighbourhood quirks: Shopping spots and restaurants

For students who like a little peace and quiet, Austin St. James Road is the perfect choice of student studio accommodation in Leicester. It’s located in a quiet residential neighbourhood that is close enough to the city centre as well as the campus. The building offers a choice of private rooms and studio apartments. Moreover, there’s a laundry room and a sunny garden that’s open to all residents, and the building management frequently plans meet-ups and events where you can make friends. Sounds pretty sweet, eh? 

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That’s it, fellas! Hope you’re all pumped up to begin this new phase of life in Leicester. To sum it up, the perfect student accommodation Leicester will surely make the transition easier. Rest assured, you’re in for a wild ride. Make the most of your time in Leicester! 😃

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