Importance of Summer Internships in College

An internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time, no they are not just an excuse for companies to get free work done! Here is a look into why internships can prove to be one of the most critical tools to succeed in a college student’s life.

When you take admission into universities that are considered to be the best in the country you are grouped into a classroom full of students with more or less the same or comparable academic caliber as you. It is super easy to stand out during school days since most of the focus is given to academics. But it is a completely different story when it comes to college!

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When you enter the realm of college education, you get a reality check in terms of your capabilities and how sustainable they are when you compare them to your friends. The social scenario completely changes and you soon realize that only focussing on academics (though, it is an extremely imperative priority) isn’t going to cut it. Companies nowadays are looking for and give preference to work experience. Recruiters from big corporations pay more attention to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) instead of your academic transcripts and ask more skill based practical questions instead of syllabus oriented or theoretical ones. Even higher educational institutions abroad that offer Master’s courses heavily weigh in your extracurricular activities when it comes to taking students into their universities.

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One of the most effective ways to catch the eye of your desired Master’s college and/or your dream company you have wanted to work for is through doing summer internships during your summer vacations while completing your bachelor’s degree. Summer holidays are one of the best times to be productive and positively add to your CV’s, rather than lounging around in your room’s binge-watching TV shows on Netflix!

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Summer internships are not only a great addition to the CV, but they allow you to gain hands-on experience and let you get your feet wet in a field you might be considering to pursue after your grad. Internships are a proven way to earn valuable knowledge and acquire the feel of working in an actual office, which most certainly cannot be taught in a classroom. Employers rely heavily on a good resume that displays a relevant work history. Partaking in an internship helps build a series of networks and connections in your desired field of work that might prove to be extremely beneficial for you in the future. Despite these benefits, doing summer internships can and does also lead to personal growth and development in terms of pushing yourself in an official and professional environment, chasing deadlines, and managing your time effectively.

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One way to get hired as an intern is to connect with companies and offices via email by sending your CV and expressing your interests to join their offices as an intern.

After all, it’s all about competition! 

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