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Situated within easy walking distance of the University of Wolverhampton, as well as shopping areas and nightlife of the city centre, Victoria Hall Student Accommodation is ideally placed to provide students with the best university experience.



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Silver Room

Weeks 51
Per week £81
Total £ 4131

En-suite - Gold Room

Weeks 43
Per week £89
Total £ 3827

Silver Room

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
51 Week (01/Jan/70 - 01/Jan/70)
£81 per Week (£ 4131 total )

En-suite - Gold Room

Room Details

Select Tenancy to book:
43 Week (01/Jan/70 - 01/Jan/70)
£89 per Week (£ 3827 total )


Do I pay a deposit?

Union State does not take any deposits. The payment you will make on booking is taken off the amout of your yearly rental cost
What options are there for me to pay my rent by?

Your rent will usually be taken from the details you provided when booking your room. There are two payment options:
Pay up front in one go:

You can choose to pay your rent for the entirety of your tenancy in one payment. You can pay your rent by credit/debit card. It is also possible for payments to be made by cash or bank transfer but you will need to make arrangements with the management office.

Pay in two instalments:

Alternatively, you can choose to pay in 2 instalments. If you choose to pay this way you will need to provide a UK guarantor who is in full-time employment to support your application.

I do not live in the UK – how can I pay my rent?

If you do not live in the UK and do not have a UK guarantor, you will need to pay for your rent in full. You can arrange to do this either by credit/debit card, international cheque or bank transfer. Please be aware that if paying by cheque or bank transfer the bank will usually deduct charges from the amount you send us and you will need to pay the balance due before you can move in.

Do I need a guarantor?

All UK students can choose to pay in instalments as long as they can provide a UK guarantor. If you cannot provide a guarantor you will need to pay the full year rent upon booking your accommodation.

Can I pay my rent with my student loan?

We don’t wait for student loans to be paid to you. Payments to Union State need to be made on the due dates.

What should I do if I am having financial problems?

If you’re having financial difficulties, you should contact a member of the management immediately. Failure to do so could result in interest charges being added to your account if you fail to pay on the due date. It could also result in legal proceedings being started against you and where applicable, your guarantor. Management staff can usually advise you of where to go to get additional financial help.

What if I change my bank account or card details?

You can update your card information via the online portal – payments are not taken automatically.

Can I pay with foreign currency or travellers cheques?

Union State cannot accept foreign currency or travellers’ cheques as payment. The safest and simplest way for international students to make a payment is by Credit/Debit card or bank transfer.

How can I find out how much I owe?

Contact a member of the management team who will be able to advise you of payment amounts and dates due.

What if I don’t pay?

If you don’t pay your rent, daily interest may be added to the amount you owe us. Your guarantor will be contacted and will be asked to pay the amount that you owe. Union State will commence legal proceedings against any resident who fails to pay the rent due. These proceeding will also include action against the resident’s guarantor.

Do I need to pay council tax?

Provided you are a student in full-time education you will be exempt from council tax.

Do I have to pay any Utility bills?

Our rents are inclusive of electricity consumption up to the value of £300 per room. Statements are issued monthly and should your share of the charges incurred by the flat exceed this allowance you will be required to make additional payments for the additional electricity consumed. No charge is made for water consumption.

Is there a charge for the internet?

A 100Mb connection is provided to your room free of charge. If you need a faster connection, you should contact our internet provider.

Do I need to arrange contents insurance?

We provide basic insurance cover for each resident free of charge. Details of your cover is provided in your welcome pack on arrival. Should you wish to make an insurance claim you will need to contact the insurance company directly. You may also want to consider additional cover depending on the items you bring with you to univerisity.

What cooking equipment and bedding is provided in my flat?

All flats come with a cooker, hob, microwave, toaster and kettle provided. We also supply an extensive kitchen pack which includes cutlery, crockery and pans for you to use. Bedding is not supplied so you’ll have to bring your own sheets, duvet and pillows.

Is there a telephone in my flat?

All flats have a shared direct dial telephone that can make and receive outside calls and can also be used to contact other flats in the building and the management office. To make calls outside the halls residents are provided with an individual pin. Call credit is purchased in advance and calls are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Is there broadband?

A 100Mb broadband connection is provided to every room at Union State free of charge. Our provider also offers residents additional add-ons for TV, gaming and back-up storage.

Do I need to move out during the holidays?

Your tenancy contract is for a fixed length of time and you can stay at the hall throughout this entire period. That means that you don’t have to move your belongings out during the Christmas or Easter vacations. It is usually possible to book additional accommodation over the summer period, although we advise that you book early to ensure rooms are available.

Do you have staff at your halls?

All Union State halls have staff based on site to respond to the needs of our residents.
Our on-site management office is open Monday to Friday and the team is there to answer questions, respond to any issues and offer advice.
Many of our halls have caretakers who are available around the clock. They can resolve maintenance issues quickly and efficiently and ensure that the site remains a safe and secure environment for our residents. Security guards also supplement the caretaker team to ensure that most sites have a presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please check at your chosen Union State for further details as this service may not be available in your hall.
Our staff are not just there to upkeep the property, they want to make the experience of living at Union State to be enjoyable for all residents. Whilst the majority of students settle into university life and living away from home quickly, we understand that for some students, this can take a little longer. Our staff members have experience in dealing with a range of issues and can usually assist to help residents overcome those initial problems.

Is a TV provided?

TVs are provided in the lounges of each flat and each studio flat and offer a selection of Freeview and Sky channels.

Where can I store my bike?

An external bike storage area is located in the car park area and storage is at the owners’ risk. Bikes may not be stored within the flats.

Can I have guests to stay?

Occasional overnight guests are permitted provided your flatmates agree. All overnight guests must be signed in at reception for safety, security and so that staff know who is on site in the event of an emergency. You must accompany your guests at all times whilst they are on site and you are responsible for their behaviour.

Can visitors just walk in?

Our accommodation has gates at the entrances to ensure that only residents have access to the site. Visitors will need to contact reception or yourself to gain access. All visitors should be signed in at reception, and must be accompanied by residents at all times whilst on site.
Can I bring a pet?

No pets of any type are permitted at Union State.

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