Haigh Court

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Haigh Court is a chic student accommodation located on South Hunter Street in Liverpool. It is only a 5 minute walk from Liverpool John Moores University and University of Liverpool. It is at a short walking distance from Liverpool Hope University. It offers good amenities like Personal Flatscreen TV, Liverpool Skyline View, Parking Space and Wi-Fi. It offers En-Suite rooms and Studios.

Live the student life by opting for an En-Suite room in a shared apartment. One will have their own fully furnished En-Suite room with a private bathroom and study area. However, you will have to share the living area and kitchen area with other flatmates. The best part about living in a shared apartment is that you will have a Flatscreen TV in the living room along with leather sofas for seating purposes. You can watch ‘The Terminator’ series while being seated in the comfortable leather sofa’s with your flatmates. If you want to live carefree and on your terms then Haigh Court Liverpool provides Self-contained Studios wherein you will have your private fully furnished bedroom, bathroom, study area, living area and kitchenette all for personal use. So, you can practice playing the flute or try balancing your body on your hands as the apartment is all yours. Haigh Court Liverpool student accommodation provides you with Flatscreen TV’s only if you are put up in a shared apartment with others. If you are lucky enough, you might get a Liverpool Skyline view from your own room, so you don’t need to travel anywhere to get a perfect view and one can utilize the on-site parking space to keep their precious bike or car. Haigh Court Liverpool provides you with Wi-Fi on-site so that you can watch ‘Lord of the Rings’ back to back series or play Chess online. You don’t need to feel scared at all as Haigh Court Liverpool student accommodation provides CCTV to ensure your surroundings are safe and secure.

International students in Liverpool can visit the Beatles Story which is a short walk from Albert Dock where you can revisit the lives of the Fab Four from the early beginning to the peak of their careers. Liverpool is also UNESCO’s World Heritage Site so those of you who are History buffs will have lots of Galleries and Museums to visit in the city. Football Fans must visit The Liverpool Football Club. Others can head to the famous Liverpool City Center.

One can visit many popular student hangouts near Haigh Court Liverpool. Try out the famous coffee place, 92 Degrees Coffee with your friends and classmates. For those who want to get high on Alcohol, can head to Fly in the Loaf with their friends over the weekend.

Haigh Court Liverpool student accommodation is perfect for students who love to drink, read, travel and make new friends.


Booking Deposit of £250 is paid to secure the room.

The booking confirmation deposit is converted into a refundable security deposit at the beginning of the tenancy agreement.


Rent Payments

Pay in Full, due on 1 August 2017

Pay in 3 installments, due on 1 September 2017; 1 January 2018 and 1 April 2018

Pay in 10 installments, due on 1st of every month starting September 2017 until June 2018


Mode of Payment

Pay using a debit card or a credit card online, over the phone or at the reception.

Or pay via easy bank transfer.

You can book with Zero Deposit. If you cancel, a £75 cancellation fee still applies and will need to be paid directly at site.

You get 7-day cool off period (Free cancellation period) to cancel your booking after you sign the tenancy agreement. If you cancel within the 7-days period, your security deposit is refunded.


If you are outside the 7-days cool off period, but would like to cancel before the 31st July 2017, you may do so. You will be charged a cancellation fee of £75, which is deducted from your deposit.


If you are outside the 7-days cool off period and would like to cancel on or after the 31st July 2017, you may do so, but you will be required to find a replacement tenant. Until a suitable replacement is found, you may not be released from the tenancy agreement and are liable to pay the rent. Any deposit or rent paid is refunded when the replacement is found. A £75 cancellation fee is charged.


Cool Off period ends, once you move in the accommodation. If you wish to cancel after moving in, the will be required to find a replacement tenant. Until a replacement is found, you remain liable to pay any dues.

Can I book a room without a viewing?

Yes, however, on arrival should you wish to change your room, this would be subject to an additional administration cost and availability.


How do I make a booking?

You can reserve your room today simply by selecting the “book now” button. This will then take you into our on-line booking system and a few short easy steps will enable you to reserve your room.


Can I live with my friends?

Yes you can, however this is subject to availability.


What is the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit is payable as part of our process to reserve a room. Once this fee is paid, no one else can book that room, provided that you sign and return your documentation within the required timescales. Failure to do this may result in your chosen room being released for re-sale. It is also security against any damage to the accommodation or unpaid rent. The amount paid is returned to you at the end of the tenancy subject to any outstanding rent or damage charges.


I am a part-time student – can I live here?

Unfortunately, we can only accept full-time students. An indicator we use is whether the course you are studying makes you exempt from paying Council Tax. We strongly recommend that you check your position with your University or College before you make a booking.


Can I move in before the start date?

This may be possible but you should speak to the Hospitality Team in the first instance to discuss you requirements.


Can I extend my contract length?

This may be possible but you should speak to the Hospitality Team in the first instance to discuss you requirements.


Can I shorten my contract length or pull out of my contract?

No, unless you are able to find a replacement tenant, as defined in the Terms and Conditions of your Offer.


What happens to my contract if I leave University for any reason?

You must notify us immediately if your student status changes or you leave University. You will still be responsible for the rent until you or we find a replacement tenant for your Accommodation. We shall be entitled assist you in this once all our other Accommodation is taken.


What is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who is willing to pay your rent, if you are unable to do so.


Who can be a Guarantor?

A guarantor must be a UK resident, over the age of 25 and financially independent. They can be a family member, other relative or friend provided that they meet the above qualifying criteria.


What does a Guarantor need to do?

A guarantor will be required to sign a copy of your Offer and understand their liabilities in this regard. If you have chosen to use a guarantor, your booking with us will not be complete until they have signed the necessary documentation and we have confirmed that your booking with us is complete.


Can visitors park on site?

Yes. Visitors can park on site if your accommodation has a car park and subject to availability. This should be arranged in advance with your Hospitality Team.


What about safety and security?

The property operates secure key or fob access systems, to gain entry into the building, flats and bedrooms. All properties are equipped with CCTV monitoring equipment and some proper-ties have gated grounds and car parks.


Can I smoke?

Only at the designated smoking areas.


Do I need a TV License?

The property provides a TV license where they have also provided a TV in the shared area of the accommodation. This does not cover any IPTV enabled laptop or computer or any additional TV a student brings with them to the accommodation. If you bring a TV with you, you will also require a licence.


Do I need to pay Council Tax?

If you are a full-time student studying on a qualifying course, then you are likely to be council tax exempt for the length of your stay with us. However, we strongly recommend that you check with your University and/or local council as to the exact requirements.


Where do I do my washing?

We provide either a washer/dryer in your flat or coin operated laundry facilities within your building.


What about Insurance – do I need any?

The property does not provide insurance for a student’s personal possessions. You should make your own arrangements to ensure that you have adequate cover for your stay as a student at our accommodation. Please don’t forget to insure high-price items such as laptops, iPads and bicycles.


Do I need to move out over the Christmas and Easter Holidays?

No. Over the holidays, you will have complete access to your room.


Can I personalize my room?

You are responsible for ensuring that you leave your room and flat in the same condition that it was given to you. You will be asked to fill in and return a ‘Check In Inspection Record’, to record the condition of your room within 48 hours of moving in and you must ensure that any personalisation of your room does not result in any damages or you may incur repair charges.

The Hospitality Team will carry out flat and room inspections throughout the year and at the end of your contract and we would advise you to make an appointment for inspection well in advance.


Can I keep a fridge in my room?

Fridges are not permitted in bedrooms. Arrangements are provided in the kitchen to store chilled foods. If you have a medical condition which requires you to have a fridge in your room, evidence of this must be provided for the Hospitality Manager.


Who is responsible for cleaning my flat?

It is a student’s own responsibility to clean their room and they are jointly responsible for cleaning their flat. The stairs and hallways outside the flats (communal areas) are cleaned on a regular basis by company cleaners. Some residences can offer an additional cleaning service for an agreed fee. At the end of the tenancy, flats must be returned in good condition or additional charges may be levied.


Are there spare rooms for visitors to stay in?



Where can I collect my post?

Your post will be delivered either directly to your flat or to your nominated post box.


Can I bring a pet?

Pets of any description are not permitted


Can I move in without paying my first rent installment?

No. All rent and any other payments due on or before your check in date, must be paid. The only time this will not apply is if you have requested and received confirmation that your request has been approved, to defer your rent payment date.


What do I need to bring with me on arrival?

Please ensure that all documentation requested by us has been fully signed and returned to us. Ensure that all payments due have been made and that you have provided a copy of your student loan schedule where applicable.

Failure to complete and return the necessary documents or payments will inevitably cause you and others delay at Check in.


Can I move rooms?

Should you wish to move rooms you must contact the Hospitality Team. They will, wherever possible try and accommodate your requirements. If you have signed your tenancy agreement, a charge of £75.00 will apply and must be paid prior to moving rooms. Please bear in mind that not all requests can be granted.


Can we have a party?

Yes, but we ask that you keep the noise to a minimum and be considerate to your neighbours.


Can I have guests to stay?

We do have restrictions and you should refer to your accommodation contact and terms and conditions.


Is bedding supplied?

Bedding is not supplied.

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100% Free Service

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Personalised Service

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