The Haymarket

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Set in the vibrant West End of Edinburgh, The Haymarket  is a brand new purpose built student accommodation for September 2014. Great location, within minutes walking distance from Edinburgh's city centre, and it's a stone's throw from bars, shops and cafes. Named the Haymarket due to its proximity to Haymarket Station, which is less than 5 minutes walk away. The  mixture of cluster flats and studios makes The Haymarket ideal for  sharing with friends whilst the studios are ideal for couples, postgraduates or just a student looking for a bit of space and privacy. This fantastic student accommodation offers great living spaces combined with spacious communal areas to relax with friends and provide the ultimate student living experience. 


  • Who cleans the room and communal area?

The students are responsible for their own rooms and communal kitchen within the flat. All other rooms and communal areas are cleaned by the site cleaner. 

  • Which room types are suitable for double occupancy?

Some studios are suitable for double occupancy. Please check with the scheme to confirm prior to booking. If you are taking a double occupancy, then both of you must be full-time students in a UK educational Institution.

  • How much is the booking fee and what happens to it?

For schemes in England, we charge a booking fee from £150 to £250 which will turn into your deposit once you’ve moved in.


For schemes in Scotland, on making your booking with CRM Students you will be asked to pay a £250 non-refundable deposit. Once your tenancy commences, this deposit becomes your refundable damage deposit.

  • Can I choose who to live with?

We take booking preferences very seriously and take great pride in being able to accommodate these in most cases. There is a preference box on the booking form which allows the student to put any preferences they might have, for example friends they wish to live with, location of room within the building, same sex cluster flats. We always do our best to accommodate these preferences, if for whatever reason we can’t fulfil them we will always try to achieve one or two and notify the student if they aren’t possible.

  • Can I book a flat with my friends?

Yes you can book a flat with your friends and specific schemes do sometimes run group booking promotion throughout the year. Please check with the site for more information.

  • Am I allowed to have guests?

Yes. It is your home so you are allowed to have guests visiting you. Generally speaking, we offer a maximum stay of 3 days with no additional charge. Extensive stay is not allowed.

  • Do you provide female only accommodation?

We do provide female only accommodation in some of our schemes but not always possible to accommodation. Please speak to the site team to find out more information.

  • What shall I bring with me?

We’ve come up with a handy list of things for you take to University, click here for more information.

  • What’s provided in the bedroom? Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Facilities and features can vary from scheme to scheme. Typically you are provided with a bed, a study with a desk and a chair, book shelves, wardrobe and plenty of storage. Bedding is not provided with each room as most of our students prefer to bring their own, however you can order bedding and kitchen utensils from our friends UniKitOut to be delivered to your room prior to your move in.

  • Can I bring my own electrical, i.e. rice cooker?

We do not advise our students to bring your own cooking electrical for health and safety reasons. 

  • Can you arrange airport pick up service?

We are more than happy to arrange airport pick up service for you. All you need to let us know is your name, arrival date and time, flight number and we arrange the transport for you. Please ensure you have enough UK Sterling to pay the taxi fare.

  • What time can I arrive?

This depends on the scheme you will be living in. Please contact the accommodation team via the online contact form or email the site directly.

  • I have booked a room but failed to obtain a visa, can I cancel my booking?

Yes you are entitled to cancel your booking but we will need you to provide proof for this.

  • What are the payment options for international students?

For schemes in England, you can choose to pay the full amount or alternatively you can also pay in instalments. For the latter, you will need to provide a UK guarantor or use our guarantor service provided by our friend HousingHand.


For schemes in Scotland, the maximum required payment in advance is 6 months payment. Please speak to the site team if you wish to pay the full amount.

  • Which type of accommodation suits me?

At CRM Students we offer a variety of accommodations for our international students. For more information on the options, please click here.

  • What are my options if I don’t get on with other flatmates?

If you don’t get on with your flatmates, we can help you to sort things out and try to get you to see each other’s point of view.

  • How secure is the accommodation?

At CRM Students, we want you to feel safe and secure at all times. We understand how important safety and security means to students when it comes to choose a place to live. That's why we've taken our most effort to ensure that we provide the best services so that our students can thoroughly enjoy living with us. We have 24 Hour CCTV Cameras installed in all of our buildings, internally and externally. Secure Key Fob Door Entry & Bedroom Door Locks. There are also locks on all private bedrooms. Our community ambassadors & Out-of-hour security are there to support the community if you have any security concerns; they are there to ensure your security and safety. For more information on security, please click here.

  • Are there social events organised for the residents?

We want our community to suit you. We don’t force you to come to parties but we welcome you to come to our events over the year and if you have suggestions for us - even better!

  • Can I move in before my contract starts?

It is possible but it depends on each scheme. We would advise you to check with the accommodation team before you make any arrangement.

  • Can I stay over the summer?

Most of our sites offer summer stays. Please check with the accommodation team for further information.

  • Can I smoke in the accommodation?

Smoking is prohibited within the accommodation however there is a designated smoking area outside the building.

  • Is there always a member of staff available?

Our office hours are between 9:00am – 6:00pm and out-of-office hours are supported by our community ambassadors.


Why Book The Haymarket With Unilodgers

100% Free Service

100% Free Service

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Personalised Service

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Instant Booking

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Verified Properties

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Secure Booking

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