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Group booking

Book the same property in a group of 4 or more, and avail Amazon UK shopping voucher worth £100 in addition to each person getting the individual offers listed along with property. Fill your details below and hear from us within 48 hours.

  1. Four or more students booking the same property together shall qualify for a group booking offer.
  2. For every such group booking, a voucher of £100 for shall be paid to the group and the same shall be in addition to the individual booking offer.
  3. The group voucher will be available to the students only in the month of March after they pay their full fee or after a month from the date they pay their last installment towards the accommodation rent.
  4. This offer is available on a first come first serve basis until Unilodgers confirms that the offer no longer exists.
  5. To be eligible for this offer, students must book through the Unilodgers website by filling the group booking form or by contacting us for the said group bookings. Students shall be eligible only after all the individual booking’s of all members of the groups have been completed and their initial cancellation period has lapsed.
  6. To be eligible, students shall mention the Offer at the time of booking before the booking process is initiated. Students who book as a group with any other university, agents, or third parties shall not be eligible for this offer.
  7. Unilodgers shall contact each member of the group to discuss availability, options, and requirements and take all the necessary details. Each Members booking then shall be processed individually and individual tenancy documents shall be sent to each member and the members shall sign the same and return to Unilodgers within one week.
  8. Only one group booking can be claimed by one member/student. Group Bookings offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer other than ‘individual booking offer.’
  9. This offer is available to existing or new customers. However, any existing customer whose arrears of rent is pending or who is in breach of the current or previous agreement shall not be eligible.
  10. The voucher shall be sent email by March.
  11. If the booking is amended, the student might loose their right on the offer if the said amendment breaches any terms of this offer.
  12. Unilodgers reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Promotional Offers at any time.

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