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Why should I book through Unilodgers?

We at Unilodgers strive to make the process easier for students by allowing them to compare the properties and facilities of different accommodation providers in a single place. To top it off, we also provide students with the most competitive prices and offers.

Do I get any offers?

We give offers to our students on each booking. Please refer to our individual property pages for details of the offers available on each property. Besides the offers on properties we have additional offers on Refer a Friend and Group bookings.

What are the charges of Unilodgers?

You do not pay anything to Unilodgers. All payments should be made directly to the Accommodation provider/ landlord of the property you book.

How are these accommodations different from the University hostels?

These accommodations are modernly built and provide more up-to-date infrastructure. They compete in an open market so in most cases they offer better facilities, prices and security. These accommodations also allow greater flexibility due to which we can assist you with selecting your flatmates or booking with your friends and accommodate your other specific preferences if any.

Will there be students from my University in these Accommodations?

Some of the accommodations are available to students from a particular University only. Whereas the ones that allows students from different Universities in the same City, there will be students from all Universities including yours.

How far is it from the University? How far is it from the City Centre?

The distance of each property from the University and the City Centre is available on the individual property pages.

How can I search properties on your website?

You can search properties/suitable accommodation either by the city, University or the name of the property. Once you have the listings, you can also refine your search on the basis of distance from the University, distance from the City Centre or price.

How can I find more details on the available properties or the provider?

Our individual property pages provide all the details of that particular property. If there is anything is particular that you’d like to enquire about, our friendly staff is always happy to help you.

Can I visit or view the property in person before booking?

If you are visiting UK before starting your course in September, we encourage you to visit the property you have shortlisted. In most cases, we can arrange a viewing tour for you before booking, if you allow us sufficient time.

How should I proceed with my booking when I am ready to book a room?

You should click on Book Now button given for each room type and fill up quick application forms.

How does the booking application system work?

You will be asked to fill in two forms – the first one registers you with Unilodgers and the next one provides us information to reserve the room under your name. You will then hear back from us within 24 hours with information on next steps - how to accept the offer, terms & conditions, cancellation policy, deposit & rent payment process, and tenancy agreement. You will also be allocated an account manager who will be happy to guide on each step of booking, payments and any other form of pre or post sale support you may require.

Who are these account managers?

We have a great team of account managers, each of them handling accommodation for their dedicated UK or Australian University. They are here to help you choose best suited accommodation stricly based on your requirements and to handle the booking process. The services of account manager will not end once you have booked with us, rather it stays till the time you stay at your chosen accommodation, i.e. throughout your tenancy period.

Is there any additional fees for the services of account manager ?

No, this is an absolutely free service as a part of our commitment to offer best customer service experience.

Will I have to pay a deposit? How much is it?

Once your application is submitted and the provider approves it providing you with a tenancy contract and you will be required to pay a deposit to your provider. Deposits differ from provider to provider and ranged from GBP 200 to GBP 500. With most of the providers this deposit is refundable at the time of check-out.

Can I book a room with my friends?

Yes, you can book a room with your friends. If you let us know at the time of making a booking that your friend would like to book a room with you, we can block a room for them along with you. Also, if you are a group of 4 or more friends who want to book together, you can also avail the benefits of group bookings. Click here to know more.

Do I need to be a student to live in student accommodation?

YES. You need to be a Full Time student to live in these accommodations. You will be required to provide a proof of enrollment/admission at the time of check and before that in some cases.

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent by Bank transfer or by Credit Card on Phone or Online. This payment is done directly to the provider/ landlord and we will be able to assist you with the entire process.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellations are possible, whereas the cancellation policy varies from property to property. Please refer to the individual property pages or your tenancy agreements for the cancellation policy. Alternatively, you can be in touch with one of our team members for any assistance.

Do I need a UK guarantor?

For some of the accommodations, you would need to provide a UK guarantor if you’d like to pay your rent in installments. If you choose to pay the rent in full, then you do not need a UK guarantor.

What does the rent include? Do I need to pay anything extra for utilities/bills?

Your rent includes all utilities bills such as electricity, broadband, use of facilities, etc. Whereas, in some properties there will be an additional charge for use of facilities like gym, pool, etc.

What is the support I get from Unilodgers at the time of booking?

At the time of booking, Unilodgers will provide you with full support in selecting the best accommodation option suiting your requirements, assisting you with your paperwork and then payment of the booking deposit and rent to your provider/ landlord.

Will Unilodgers also support me once I have completed my booking?

Our team at Unilodgers will support you till the end of your tenancy with the provider. You can contact our team for any support.

Can I refer my friends?

YES you can refer your friends to book with Unilodgers. When you refer your friend, you can also avail the one of our offers available under this.

Is there a minimum age for booking the accommodation?

In a number of cases, minimum age of booking will be 18 yrs, but if you are 17 yrs, some of the providers will require you to get a consent form from your guardian. Our team can guide you about this where required.

Won’t I pay less, if I book directly through the accommodation provider?

We provide the same price as the accommodation provider, and in some cases even less than that provided by the providers themselves. In addition, you also get to avail our additional offers.

Can I book from anywhere in the world?

YES, you can book from anywhere in the world. Our easy online booking system allows you to submit your application from anywhere in the world and our friendly team is available to assist you with the process at all times.

Can your people understand any other language?

We have multi-lingual and multi-cultural staff members all across the globe, so there is a strong likelihood that one of our staff member can understand your language.
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