World’s Best YouTubers for College Students

Youtube has become every student’s guilty pleasure. And why not? After all, there is so much going around it that it has become one of the most successful revenue-generating platforms. From the  James Charles youtube controversy to the annual Y1outube Rewind, the platform is watched by millions. Let’s admit, we’re hooked on the 2-minute recipes on the go and everyday DIY’s. From college fashion to study tips, food, beauty, and educational Youtube channels, there is always something on youtube that has a strong influence on students. Check out our list of world’s best YouTubers for college students that ought to be on your watch list.

Be it world’s best YouTubers with great content, youtube influencers, or budding YouTubers, you’ll find it all here!

1. Thomas Frank

What is better than taking guidance from a college info geek? Whether you are in high school, college or university, you ought to have Thomas Frank on your watchlist. Among the finest educational youtube channels, this channel prepares you for exams with study hacks and tactics. Not just that, you will get to know how to ace your dream job while you learn how to manage paying off your student loan. This guy can tell you ‘How to Stop Being TIRED All the Time’ and help you out with simple 5 methods on ‘How to Take Notes in Class’. He covers every single aspect of a student’s college life which lands him first place in our world’s best YouTubers for college students list.

2. Rachspeed

The stress of having your fashion game on point in University is real! Every student is in dire need of fashion inspiration in their university life and what’s better than getting your inspo from a relatable girl next door?? Rachel is the youtube influencer who is going to transform your uni style for good. She is a pro when it comes to advice related to fashion and lifestyle. Her vibe is young, vibrant and preppy. You can’t simply scroll through her channel without liking her ‘Kylie Jenner Looks for Less’ and her ‘Back to School Hauls’. Every student can easily pull off one of her styles. So get ready to take some notes, people! Rachspeed is a must on your watchlist if you are finding the perfect affordable prom dress. Need we say more?

3. Laura in the Kitchen

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you because this channel will have you drooling! Laura, with over a thousand recipes on her channel, is one of the world’s best YouTubers for college students when it comes to cooking. With her delicious recipes, you ought to delight your taste-buds. From creamy bakes to pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes, learn all about the amazing mouth-watering recipes. Make overnight dinner rolls for friends in your student room or make Spaghetti Pie on a night-out. Let the Portable Pasta be your weekday breakfast on-the-go to make sure that you don’t run out of energy during your lectures. Being among the best youtube cooking and food channels, Laura in the Kitchen has recipes for all occasions. Out of her most popular video, Nutella Popsicle Recipe is what you should definitely watch and try for yourself. Perfect to have on your house party menu when having friends over at your student room to chill. 

4. Bright Side

Like the name, the channel brings you to the bright side of everything. Among the world’s best Youtube channels, Bright Side is a popular choice of those with curious minds that look for inspiration, creativity, and wonders about scientific discoveries, space exploration, thought-provoking mysteries and more. Bright Side leaves no room for any kind of disappointment as it has something for everyone. It tells shocking true stories, health and fitness, relationships, gadgets, and even your day-to-day routine. A daily dose of answers to questions like what if, why and how? Get ready to fill your brain with new facts daily!
Here is one of the most popular videos from Bright Side to test how smart you are. 

5. 5 Minute crafts

5 Minute Crafts is among the most subscribed Youtube channels in the world, for a reason. With some simple tricks, hacks, and ideas that can get you through little things in life, this youtube channel will be your bestie! Know, ‘35 mind-blowing life hacks with drinking water’ to easy yet beautiful nail designs. The channel covers it all from small to big. Simple crafts that you can use to add life to even the most mundane object is what this channel is about. With DIY soaps and school supply ideas, you can elevate your everyday experience. Also, they have videos on room decor that will help a lot of students in brightening up their student accommodation during any occasion. University life already costs a fortune but with these brilliant DIY and genius ideas that won’t cost you a penny and save you a pool of money! It is definitely the best DIY-style YouTube channel for every student’s creative needs.
This Youtube video will have you hooked for the latest lifehacks and DIYs forever!

6. James Charles

From becoming the first male ambassador for CoverGirl back in 2016 to being a leading beauty YouTuber and make-up artist with 16.3M subscribers today! It is only fair to call him one of the world’s best fashion YouTubers. His journey to land up a place among the best makeup YouTubers has been a treat to the eyes as we saw his makeup game grow with each passing day. James Charles is a youtube star who is all set to strengthen your makeup obsession with his makeup and beauty tutorials. In 2018, he had the youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie-frikkin-Jenner in one of his videos. This Halloween makeup video easily became one of his most viewed posts. Today, he is undoubtedly a sensation among youngsters and college students making it to the most famous makeup and beauty YouTubers list back to back.

7. Vagabrothers

Who doesn’t love traveling? But on a student budget, we have to think twice before even going out on a one day trip, let alone a vacation to a foreign land. However, Alex and Marko’s journey to some of the most interesting places in the world is definitely one that you need to watch before planning your next trip. What makes this channel stand aside is the budget-friendly destination ideas that these guys have along with tricks and tips to ace your travel experience. As a college student burdened with student loans and limited pocket money, you are certain to find this channel really useful for planning your next trip. 

Students, this is what you’ve been waiting for; 31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW.

8. Blogilates

Among the best youtube workout channels for a reason. Let’s just declare Blogilates, the best youtube workout channel with 4.75M subscribers who are all motivated to get and stay fit. Staying fit and sticking to a regular workout routine in college is a big ask from a busy student. But you gotta do what you gotta do! Who would have thought that pop music and pilates can go hand in hand until Cassey Ho decided it should. Want to know something even more crazy about this Youtube channel? Well, every video is made of equipment-free with just a yoga mat in the frame. ‘POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout’ is a video that we would highly recommend. With over 12M views this video is definitely not going to disappoint.

9. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is also among the most subscribed Youtube channels in the world and 2nd most subscribed sports channel on YouTube, Dude Perfect is a channel about 5 best buds mingling with sports and comedy. Have you heard of a better combination? We think not! Known for their trick shots and stunts cut together with upbeat music mixed in their video, the Dude Perfect Youtube channel is one that is known by all. However, the lesser-known yet interesting fact remains their story of origin. Who could have imagined that a bet over sandwich would open their door to stardom. 2 days after their first video, Backyard Edition was shot, their sensational trick shot video was aired on Good Morning America which marked the beginning of the new trickshot era.

10. TED-Ed

One of TED’s youth and education initiatives is one of the world’s best educational Youtube channels with 10.2M subscribers. For students, teachers and everyone who seek great ideas and is willing to explore answers to how what and why this channel is perfect. Carefully curated educational videos and lessons are the essence of this channel. Ted Ed Youtube is quite famous among students. There are so many cool things that college students can learn from TED-Ed and with so much information, you will feel that you’ve been productive all day gaining all this knowledge.
Here is a video from Ted-Ed’s Youtube channel that you are going to watch even without us saying,

Questions No One Knows the Answers to:-

Making to our list of world’s best YouTubers for college students, these youtube influencers and channels should definitely occupy a space in your watchlist. We highly recommend them as they offer the most relatable content, solutions, ideas and tips to help you get through your Uni life with ease.

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