Valentines Day Ideas For Students – How To Plan A Perfect Day

Although we feel this should not be confined to one day. Yet we will help you with a few ideas how you can make this day special and better than the ordinary. Do not worry we understand being a student can mean somewhat of a tight pocket. Our valentines day ideas given below will not urge you to break the bank. We promise.

How about we start with a few Valentines Day Date Ideas.

You can have a perfectly brilliant date without having to spend big bucks. Its the gesture and sometime the more thought you put in something, the more it counts. So breakaway from the beaten path and try something different this Valentines day.

How does a murder mystery dinner date sound? You could look around on Groupon or just google and have you and your partner booked for the same. It is always fun even if you end up not solving the case. better yet what if you can have a whole mystery planned for your partner to solve right at home. Cook a good dinner, get some wine and get the crime solving begin.

There are so many affordable Valentines Day decoration ideas that you can put to use to make your student accommodation look a little more romantic for your partner. You do not have to go all out. A little bit goes a long way.

Try these ideas below.


As pretty as it is. It is just as easy to create. All you would need is some crafts paper (colour of your choice) ribbon or you can use yarn wool and a sketch pen. Pen down few of your thoughts and happy memories and just hang it around for your partner to discover. This will not even spoil your student room’s walls so don’t worry. ec5d2414cd4b99fc6abe1b100e4a5b8fOr you can hang this around your room. It is absolutely easy for students, and even boys can do it. Get crafts paper, cut it roughly in a heart shape (accuracy is not important) and make a fan out of it. Collect it in the end and stick to the thread. Make a pretty bunting out of the same and voila!


You can also make a wreath and pin it on the door of your partner to give them a little hint of what is coming up during the day for them.


You could simply also just decorate your beds headboard. Again crafts paper and thread it all you need. Oh and scissors. If you do not know how to draw a perfect heart print it out and trace the rest. Simple and you are done!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him


Get a miniature of his favourite drinks and make a basket out of it and use “Every minute that is spent without you is a minute that is WASTED”. We are sure he is going to love it. What is there to go wrong here.


Buy a box for donuts. His favourite ones and make a gift out of it. Gifts needn’t be expensive. He will love it as they all will be his favourites. 5ee99f54f92902733a42066cf376594c

You can also plan a picnic and bring all the food. As a student this might be the most fun and pocket friendly idea. Let him/her open the basket and find a tag with every food time. Watch the smile grow bigger as the items in the basket keep reducing.




Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her


Buy her favourite brand of soda and pop around a cute message. She will definitely smile when she sees it. Best yet you can buy one for the university cafeteria.


Girls love it when you express. Make her a box filled with your favourite memories with her. She will absolutely cherish it and we take the guarantee.




Make her a bouquet of lottery tickets. And tie around a happy caption for her. She will love the idea and just in case she won anything in the lottery she will be happy for days to come.

Valentine Cake Recipes

  1. Simplest way to not go wrong is buy a pre-mix cake mix. Flavour of your choice. Divide the batter into two halves.
  2. Take a square container put on half of the batter in the same and bake another one in a round container.
  3. Once done. Slice the round cake in half and place around the edges of the square cake. In order to make a heart, be sure the square cake is facing you like a diamond.
  4. Then frost the cake in your choice and colour of frosting. Tip: You get pre made frosting mixes in the market as well.
  5. Decorate with chocolate shaving and you are done.

Valentines Day Cake Unilodgers

We hope you have a great Valentines Day and in case if you do not have a date then get your friends and make a night out for yourself. No one said you cannot do all this with your friends. This will still be just as fun.


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