9 Useful Apps for Students – We Bet You Didn’t Know!

We were looking for some useful apps for students so as to simplify your life. Student life is hard and there are tonnes of smartphone and tablet app that promise you to help you through university and make it a great experience. Now the question is which one does actually work? What if we tell you we did the hard work for you? An honours degree, partying or just being the most awesome housemate, hah! there’s an app for it all. No, we kid you not! 

Get. Set. Organize

Adulting by now you must know is hard and on top now you are in charge of everything. Doesn’t this make you feel someone was ripping you off when selling you the so-called ‘college dream’. It does not seem all fun now does it? It might not be all that rosy now but with a little help from us, you will get there, we promise! Try the university app Wunderlist, it is available for both Andriod and iOS. You will find here a to-do list and task manager, eager to help a clueless soul as yourself, organise. Now if it is a shopping list that you need your flatmate to help you with or a project you and your group are working on together. Just capture your list and tasks straight from your phone, tablet or even computer.

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We hope you know Dropbox or we worry you might be living under a rock *sigh*. It is available for both Android and iOS and a great way to save all your notes and coursework. We cannot emphasize enough to let you know how important it is to have the backup. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Back up everything and all the time. With Dropbox share and store in the cloud and access them from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

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Too many accounts and too many passwords. With university and getting responsible, you have so much valuable information that needs to be safely stored. Credit card details, passwords, and other virtual identities, save them all on Dashlane which is one of the best student apps. Nah! don’t worry they use James Bond level of advanced encryption. You will be able to log in into any of your synced accounts or make payments through one master password. Magic right?!

Snooze Fest aka Lectures

In the era of Flintstones people went to lectures with what was known as a pen and notebook. They practiced then the ancient art of scribbling. Now you can sit down, press record and everything your professor teaches will be with you forever.

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We mean of course until you accidentally delete it! So don’t! For all those who use iOS can download Notes and LectureRecordings which is one of the best educational apps for Android users. Oh and do politely ask your professor for his permission though.

Studying is a real phenomenon.

As much as you would like to deny. We understand you could have managed to make it through high school without engaging with this phenomenon. But we hate to break it to you. It exists and there is no escaping it in university.

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Chances are you will be required to read a good amount of books during your years in university. But well like everything else books are getting more expensive as well. Save paper and download them rather in Scribd which is one of the best learning apps for students.

Reference it!

Doing a research and writing an essay are easy we believe. But no essay is complete without the bibliography. Anyone else believes that it is a painstaking task to do and one that you’d rather do away with? Just download Cite This For Me or EasyBib homework app.

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We think they were the creation of another lazy student and a gift to the community. All you need is a picture of the barcode or just the title of the book. Voila! it’s done. You will have your reference for your bibliography instantly.

Save the moolah

Living on a student budget sometime can be a tad bit difficult, which is why we think no student should have a smartphone with Idealo in it. This app is brilliant! It will do the groundwork for you and is a great student planner app. Compare prices for over 3 million products from over 1000 of websites and help you make a smart decision.

You owe me money hun!

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Now isn’t that one conversation that is hard as it is. So why not have Acasa which is a comes in one of the best money saving apps for students, and bid adieu to the awkward encounters in the hallways. Divvy up bills and keep a track of who paid and for what. Phew! this will make life so much easier now.

It’s your turn to do the chore!

Dreading sharing a flat with other people. For managing who is going to be doing what chore, oh well that’s the biggest chore.

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Chored is a fantastic app for flatmates that will save you, split tasks with your flatmates. Its smart, it also tells you who is in and who is out. Hah! so now if xyz said they were out and that is why they couldn’t clean the kitchen, you’ll know!


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