Packing List

The Ultimate Packing List before moving to your College in UK

The move-in days to your favorite UK Universities are near, but your bags are not yet packed and you haven’t yet bought all the necessary things? There’s still a lot of confusion about what to pack and what not, nothing is sorted, life is in a mess quite literally- SOUNDS YOU?

We can understand the pain & pressure of moving from School to a Uni and from Homeland to an unknown City in UK. Right now many of you would be puzzled with a lot many things going on, and we feel you!

Though the Student Rooms that you book through UniLodgers are fully furnished, and comes with all possible facilities but there are always things that we all are closely attached to, or have a hang of it. If you also have certain things in your list then YOU MUST carry them with you to your place of stay in UK.  

We have listed below a few essentials that you may want to bring to your student accommodation:

kitchen essentials


room essentials


desk supplies-2



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