UCAS Clearing – Myth v/s Reality

A-level results can be stressful. It is important to have a clear understanding of UCAS clearing in order to get into your dream university. Below we bust some myths about Clearing Day and give you the facts.

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1. Myth: Clearing is only for students with lower grades. 

FALSE. Clearing can be extremely useful for students with lower grades but it is not meant only for them. You can be a part of Clearing if you have changed your mind about your firm choice. You can also decline admission to a university and respectfully ask them to send you back into the tracker to be a part of Clearing. But be sure of making an informed decision after consulting with your family or teachers.

2. Myth: You cannot re-apply to the Universities that rejected you.

FALSE: Students often withdraw their admissions from universities during Clearing Week. So your preferred university might open up additional seats. You can go back to applying to a Uni that may have rejected you before. Who knows? You might get into the college you’ve wanted to be in from the start. If you meet the requirements, you can apply and test your luck!

3. Popular subjects are not available in Clearing. 

FALSE. Some of the most popular subjects are also available during Clearing Week. Over the years this process has started to benefit not only people who could not get admissions before clearing, but also the people who want to change their subject or University preferences. Subjects allied to Medicine, Social Science, Business and Administration Studies, etc. are some of the most common courses that could be chosen during Clearing. 

4. No confirmation letter means no admission. So, you should apply for Clearing.

FALSE. Some Universities send out confirmation letters before others. In fact, some might not send any at all. Do not panic if your friends have received their letters and you haven’t because there is no blanket rule when it comes to confirmation letters. Just check your Track on Result Day at 8 a.m. to know for sure if you got in or not. If not, then it is Clearing Day to the rescue! 


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