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Things to do on Valentine’s day – Student Edition


If your head is going back and forth thinking about things to do on Valentine’s day, then you are at the right place. We all know how desperately we have waited for this day so we can do all the foolish things in the name of love and not be judged. After all, cliches are cliches for a reason. Just to make this day even more special, we have jotted down a list of things to do on Valentine’s day, perfect to suit every student’s pocket.
Don’t worry we won’t be talking about secret love potions but instead covering the best things to lure your beloved.

1. Recreate Your First Date

Need we say why? Valentine’s day is all about planning that perfect date to impress your partner. Despite this, a lot of us have our fair share of inabilities to put a finger on what would our better half want. Well, how about dancing the night away? Or maybe a bonfire under a sky full of stars! or a long drive? There are unlimited possibilities that necessarily do not involve much money.
Best would be recreating your first date, nothing will ever beat that.

2. Make Them a Present

Valentine’s day gifts are readily available in the market but nothing compares to some easy homemade valentine crafts. Plus on a student budget, this one comes quite handy. Make your lover see La Vie en Rose, like for real! Because that is what life is with them. Make them the perfect heart-shaped rose-coloured glasses. If your partner loves Instagramming everything, they will definitely want to show it off to the world! Also, a jar of light never goes out of style! Gift them one with a message inside stating, ‘Baby, you light up my world like nobody else’.

3. Watch Romantic Movies Online or Outside

Next up on our list of things to do on Valentine’s day involves a themed dinner night with romantic movies online or outside. We would like to back you up with some of the best valentines movies in history that can never go old. To begin with, there is the all-time classic; Pride & Prejudice (2005) then La La Land (2016), The Notebook and Before Sunrise. If you are a rom-com person then rather watch Valentine’s Day (2010) or Crazy, Stupid, Love.
A bowl of popcorn with a nice wine is a delight with your partner all cuddled up in your arms. As a student, you don’t have to exceed your budget with this one because all it takes is a rented projector. Backyard Cinema is like a cherry on the top, just better!

Even better would be calling a movie marathon at your student apartment on Valentine’s day. But make it a little fancy beforehand. For help, check out – Easy DIY Decor Tips for your Student Apartment

4. Hand-written Notes and Heartfelt Messages

As they say, love is all about gestures if you show them right! Handprint Valentine crafts and little self-written notes make up an ideal Valentine day gift. Gift them their favourite cupcake topped with a small note on a toothpick that reads, ‘ You are sweeter than this cupcake’ or to make it even more quirky, a miniature globe that reads, ‘You are my world’. To make this more fun yet adorable, you can add a loaf of bread wrapped in a paper that says; I loaf you. Or, you can add some fortune cookies with sugary love messages inside along with other cute things stuffed in a jar and parcel it to your partner at midnight.

5. DIY Gift Basket for Your Valentine

This one is a must on our list of things to do on valentine’s day. DIY gift baskets are a great way to express love! A basket, full of packets and small boxes that have exactly what your partner adores. Simply pack their favourite items and label them with numbers. Put in their favourite books, chocolates, cologne, scented candles, a picture book and a token of love in this valentines basket. Top these with flowers, marshmallows and candy canes to make the basket look even prettier. Not the most budget-friendly option mate, but won’t cost you a fortune either.

A DIY gift basket with a twist would be one stuffed with miniature drinks. This makes up one of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for him.

valentines day gift ideas

6. Bake It Off!

As they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. You don’t have to be a great cook to impress your loved one, just your efforts can make them feel loved. This Valentine’s day the best thing to do will indeed be baking dessert with your partner. The joy of togetherness is just ecstatic. Maybe make it a bit more interesting, challenge them for a bake-off (a baking face-off).  To make it interesting, keep a challenge! The best heart-shaped edible will be declared the star of the night. 

7. Make It Fancy!

It’s Valentine’s day and you have every right to go a tad fancier even if it means spending a major chunk of money. Planning a fine dine date is perfection if you seek to have a good time with your partner at a place with great ambience and food. You can definitely book the fanciest restaurant you’ve always imagined to impress your partner. The best in our opinion would be one that is a perfect blend of soothing music and mouth-watering food.
You can definitely book a lavish car to make it extra special!

8. Hosting a Hollywood Game Night Party

This is the last one on our list of things to do on Valentine’s day. We understand how this day could be a little heart wrenching for all the single people out there. But, we feel ya bud! We have the perfect plan for you. No need to sit back home and cry in a corner when you can host a game night. Yes, you read that right! Hosting a Hollywood game night party is definitely a great idea to start with. Get a chance to socialize and have some real fun as you open your doors to people. And, who knows what this magical night holds. You might just end up finding your lover over a game. 

For game night ideas, check out – Hosting The Perfect Night-in At Your New Student Accommodation

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