Things To Do In London As A Student- Part Two

London is so big and has so much to offer to student life that it will be unfair to select a few places and leave other awesome ones out. This is why we decided to do another feature on this awesome city and cover the rest of the places that we could not do  in our earlier blog. Here is a list of some more  fun activities and must visit places in London

ArcelorMittal Orbit

This is an Olympic Park and when we say it is not a site to be missed we mean it. It has become one of the most visited places in London. It has an intriguing structure and you get the amazing view of London from here.


If you are wondering about ‘what to do during summer in London’? Then this is your place. You will be able to grab a drink here in their pop-up bar and watch the sun set on the beautiful city skyline. There is something for the adrenaline junkies as well here, they have a slide that you can enjoy here. Not for the faint hearted though, as you will free fall from the top of the installation to the ground however enjoying the beautiful view whilst at it.

Tower of London

It is not just a historic place of interest. Pitted against the River Thames and the most beautiful Tower Bridge you will find this quite interesting. You will be able to  see the brilliant architecture.


There is a museum too where in you will be able to see the Koh-i-Noor on display along with other royal jewels, crowns and war artefacts. Once you have finished your tour you can just exit out to enjoy the beautiful London with friends.  Take a walk at the river side, sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee whilst you see the boats pass you by.



Greenwich has so much to offer and the best way to travel we believe is to take a ferry from Tower of London. You can use your Day-Travel Card on the ferry. Once in Greenwich there is the Royal Observatory that is definitely a must visit place in London.


This London museum is also home to the Prime Meridian Line that makes for some interesting and fun things to do. Clicks photos, stand with a foot in each hemisphere, if this does not interest you then UK’s largest refracting telescope will.

Greenwich is also home to Cutty Sark, another museum that houses the last of surviving tea clipper built, these were used to bring Tea from China to England.


You can explore this giant sea vessel to see what life was exactly aboard this 19th Century ship.

If you thought historic places was all that Greenwich was about then think again. Greenwich also houses the O2 where all action happens.

The O2 dome venue by night, North Greenwich, London, UK
The O2 dome venue by night, North Greenwich, London, UK

With the biggest names in music and sports all here at one point or the other, this is the place where London comes to celebrate what they love.


Who has not heard of this great name in literature. Even if you are not a fan of literature, Shakespeare is a significant milestone in history.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is along London’s Bankside and is the reconstruction of the original building that housed Shakespeare’s theatre that was an open-air playhouse.  Plays and dramas round the year make this place an important attraction for students, specially the literature lovers.

London Zoo

Do not be thrown off just yet, we are not sending you on a guided boring trip to look a the lovely animals lazying around in the sun.


Nope! We have a mystery brewing here for you, book yourself a room at the Gir Lion Lodge and spend the night at the zoo, next to the big cats. You can go on a night tour of the zoo in torch light and explore the zoo and all its wildlife in the dead of the night under the star lit sky. Now how is that for some adventure.

Dennis Severs House- The Need To Go Back in Time

Step back in time and feel the sense of walking into an old painting. Let the ‘still life drama’ engulf you and take you back to Huguenot period.


You will go back in the history of London and see the evidences of 18th century all around you, feel like you walked in on a normal day of the silk weaver’s family and witness the un-made bed, half eaten dinner, the fire going out and the pot that needs to be emptied. But alas! you will not meet a soul sadly. Walk around in silence as the whole theatrics take you to way back in time.

Now with all the basics covered there is more that London hides and international student’s life here is full of surprises.

Balls, Pizza and UV Lights

Now there do not get the wrong ideas. Bounce Shoreditch is a place you will end up loving for its serious dedication to table tennis.

image (2)

The music here is loud and the pizza will satisfy your taste buds. With balls flying everywhere around the tables, get ready for some serious fun.

Get Your Bike Repaired Whilst Sipping Coffee

Many students living in London love to travel on bikes and for them this place is a retreat. Gone are the days when dirty over alls and greasy hands were all that a bike store would have.


With ‘Look Mum No Hands’ you can enjoy a salad, hot dishes, cakes, coffee or even work on your university assignment whilst your bike is getting serviced. Now how cool is that.

There is so much more to London that is waiting to be explored, get out on the streets and let the adventure take you over.

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Picture Courtesy- Google Images.