The Advantages of Sharing A Student Accommodation With A Flatmate

If not everyone then at least a few students are perturbed at the thought of sharing a student accommodation with a complete stranger.


For international students especially it may be a daunting task to live with a stranger since you do not even know if they will share the same values or have the same interests. They may have a different taste of music or may not understand your passion for dogs. But if you believe us then the upside of having a roomie are more, if not less. Trust us it is always better than living alone.

More Friends= Bigger Social Network

Staying with more number of people is always a good idea when studying abroad. This way you will get new friends instantly and it will be easier settling down, and if they all are from outside as well then you will have a great time figuring out and discovering the new city together.


Plus your social network broadens marginally. Their friends will become your friends, yours will become theirs. If you think this only lasts until university life then think again. You will make friends for life and friends all around the world. Last time we checked that’s a smashing thing! Who knows you might both be from the same university as well, now it couldn’t get better than this.


Telly Partner

After living with your family when you decide to move away to go to University, the transition can be a little taxing. You will miss the company of your family on a game night, watching a movie together or favorite tv shows that you were a thing each Saturday.


This is where your roomie comes in. Who knows he might have the same interests as you or you both discover your love for GoT (Game of Thrones) together. Either way having a roommate to watch Television with will be fun. This will also help you bond and get to know each other better.

Get Help With Coursework

Now you might not both have the same major or both be studying the same subjects, but nonetheless, it does not mean that you can not help each other out.


If you are writing an essay or working on a paper your roommate can always help you with proofreading it for you or help you with titles or anything else that you require assistance with. Also sometimes two minds are better than one. Right?

Workout Buddy

Staying fit is a necessity and you need to have a healthy body to have a healthy mind. The active student lifestyle is time-consuming and it is difficult to make time for the gym as well.


But what if you have a housemate who is all about lunges and squats, well then it is great news as then you will have a readymade gym companion.  Working out with a partner everyone knows is better, as you have one person who will drag you and motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Save! Save! Save!

Staying together with other people helps you cut down on costs marginally each month. If you can come to an agreement then you will find that you can share on food, supplies for the house and so much more.


You can arrange to buy groceries for the house in turns, this way you will always have food and supplies and if you are ever unable to pick something up your flatmate can always do that for you. This way everything will be more affordable and you will have so much more to spend on yourself.

Job Perks

Beautiful afro american girl is smiling while buying book at the bookshop using a credit card

Now imagine your room-mate has a part-time job working at a High Street Store, your party shopping is sorted, get everything on employee discount and save some more thanks to having a flatmate and if he works at a restaurant then even better, you know what to do on the days you do not feel like cooking.

Always Have a Roomie To Share With

The hardest part of living away from family is not having someone to share things with. A moment of joy can be hard to rejoice about if you do not have anyone to share it with, likewise if you are feeling in the dumps about something it can get rather lonely.


A roomie will help here. Have a great news to share? or did not have a good day at university or just missing home, it will all become so much less painful if only you always have someone on your beck and call who will lend you a patient ear. is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.

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