Thanksgiving 2019 Ideas For Students

The global culture is not divided by geographical boundaries anymore and global students don’t miss out on their chance to celebrate festivals from around the world. One of the major reasons for this to have happened is education being globalized. Students have migrated all around the world for better educational opportunities.

Thanksgiving is one such festival that although originated in the US, hasn’t failed to reach different countries. Friends and families all around the globe celebrate Thanksgiving and are grateful for each other’s existence and students aren’t an exception.

If you are missing out on spending Thanksgiving 2019 with your family, you can totally celebrate Thanksgiving day on your own! Create your own new traditions and recreate the ones that you have back home. After all, this festival is the perfect blend of historical and modern traditions.

We’ve listed some fun and thoughtful things for you to spend the perfect Thanksgiving away from home. Worry not, friend, you can make Thanksgiving equally fun at your student home! 


1. Thanksgiving Gift Ideas 

Being an international student, missing out on the family fun can be hard but there are still ways that you can send them love from miles away. Send something thoughtful to your loved ones, so they know that you miss them and are grateful even when you are not around. It is the perfect way to thank your parents for all the times they covered for you during the weeks you were broke. Jokes apart, let us also help you with some Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

A cozy sweater or hoodie makes for a great gift, considering the weather nowadays. Do you have a favorite coffee place in the city you’re studying in? Send coffee beans from that place to give them a taste of your life here. Send a handwritten thanksgiving message to friends back home to let them know you haven’t forgotten them.

A customized wine label is also the perfect gift for Thanksgiving, especially if you have wine lovers back home! 

Funny Thanksgiivng Wine Labels

2. Cook for Yourself 

We know you are used to eating your Mom’s special turkey recipe every Thanksgiving, but why not give it a try yourself this year? Get the recipe from here and FaceTime her while you work on it. This is also a great idea for some mother-child QT. You Mom will be proud to see you trying to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving menu all by yourself, that too in your student room. If you are too scared to cook a turkey by yourself, get a friend to help or choose any one of the easy Thanksgiving side dishes she cooks. Invite a few of your friends who are also not flying back home this year to get into the TG-spirit right here. When it comes to good Thanksgiving recipes, Food Network Thanksgiving never disappoints. They have a lot more than turkey recipes. You will find easy Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes and many more thanksgiving dinner ideas right here. Pick an easy one and put the chef hat on! 

DIY Food recipes for Thanksgiving

3. Vegan Thanksgiving

Non-vegetarian food might have taken over Thanksgiving for decades. But now that more and more students are adopting veganism, we need to talk about vegan thanksgiving. Try Tofurky this season. Yes, you heard that right! Tofurky replaces meat with tofu and makes for the perfect vegan recipe for thanksgiving. The Tofurky recipe isn’t too hard to master either. You can also use it the next morning to work on some leftover turkey recipes because you can never have too much of it! If you have or are planning to turn vegan, kudos to you! Turkeys around the world thank you. 

Tofurkey for thanksgiving


4. Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is not complete without some traditional thanksgiving decorations, right? Even if you are not big on celebrating Thanksgiving, you can surely put up some thanksgiving decorations in your student room to get into the holiday spirit. Set up a horn of plenty, also known as the cornucopia. It is a symbol of abundance and bounty during the harvest season. 



5. Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

When it comes to binge-watching, nobody does it better than students. So, why not have a thanksgiving movie marathon? There are several thanksgiving movies that you can watch and have a blast during Thanksgiving weekend. It is the perfect way to have a little solo celebration or with some of your closest friends. Some of our top thanksgiving classic movie picks are:

  • A Family Thanksgiving (2010)
  • Home for the Holidays (1995)
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)
  • Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
  • Grumpy Old Men (1993)
  • You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Movie marathon

Spending holidays away from home can be emotionally overwhelming for a student but it can feel less sad if you have a home-like place to stay. Find the ideal home away from with Unilodgers, so you never feel too homesick. Hope you now have a couple of things to do on Thanksgiving.

Have a happy Thanksgiving y’all! 

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