Team Unilodgers Kickstarts 2019 With A Bang

Team Unilodgers Kickstarts 2019 With A Bang!

2019 is upon us and how! At Unilodgers Inc HQ, January 7th was phenomenal. At the Levi’s Stadium witnessing the battle of Alabama and Clemson for the Title was supreme.

We at Unilodgers pride ourselves in knowing the pulse of our global students. There could be no better way we feel to kick-off 2019 than taking the stands & cheering for the two greatest college football teams with our student community.

Entering 2019 with our adrenaline pumping is setting the perfect tone for us at Unilodgers HQ for the rest of the year. The game was monumental with the Tigers graciously beating Bamas and in return becoming the first team in modern College Football history to finish the season 15 – 0! The last time something like this happened was in 1897! Now that’s the way to kick-start a year we say. Although Bamas were a force to reckon with, putting up a brilliant defense! So cheers to the team!

We have had a tremendous year at Unilodgers in 2018 thanks to the love of our students, their trust & allowing us to continue doing what we love. However, we wanted to share this moment with our Student Housing Providing folks too and thus we decided to sponsor them to witness the game ‘Live’ with us. Just as for the Tigers, it was monumental for Team Unilodgers to take the stands with our friends and cheer on the teams together. #timetogiveback

Feeling the pulsating anticipation of the each student in the stand, taking in on his or her favourite teams playing, it was an intense and yet magical experience. There is just so much one learns from the spirit of a game. It teaches you discipline and also teaches you the importance of hard work. When most of the student community was rooting for the Bamas to take the title home for the 4th year in a row, Tigers swooped it right out of their clasp and marked a moment in history!
We would like to congratulate the Clemson Tigers and commend Alabama Crimson Tide for their gracious performance. Both teams played well throughout the season.

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Also, stay tuned for more exciting events throughout the year!

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