Wondering What Should Be In Your Study Abroad Packing List?

If you are reading this article, it probably means you have accepted the offer from the University of your choice and are gearing up for the September intake as it draws near. Well in that case congratulations are in order! Now we can understand your exhilaration as well as the burden of packing for university; especially if this is your first year. All you need to do is, have your study abroad packing list ready and you can rest assured have a smooth university life from the get-go!


It is natural to want to take everything with you, but trust us, you want to travel light and save all the space you can for basic uni essentials, which, you will require as soon as you get to university. We have listed out what to take to uni in 6 broad categories:

Important Documentation

There are important documents that you need to carry along with you and you simply can’t do without! You need to keep handy your passport, university acceptance letter, accommodation contract, scholarship/bursary/loan documents, insurance documents, medical documents stating your vaccination history & chest x-ray, medical prescriptions, bank cards as well as a set of passport size photographs. We do recommend getting a few copies made for each of the documents and keeping them safely in your unipack at all times.

Gadgets and Electronic Devices

It is best to take along electronic devices and other useful gadgets so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Bring along a sturdy laptop with specs complying to your course needs, chargers and cables for all the devices you are getting along, USB sticks and/or an external hard drive, so that you have a backup at all times. Trust us when we say ‘back-up’ is going to be your saving grace all through university. Imagine the horrors you will avoid when your assignment disappears on submission day or your laptop crashes with all your notes right before exams.



Having a power extension is a good idea and comes in handy; with multiple devices in use simultaneously you will run out of wall sockets, take our word for it. Also, do not forget your headphones; they are brilliant in canceling out a noisy neighbour. Lastly, carry a cheap spare phone. You could break, lose or have yours stolen. With all your expenses an unexpected dent in your bank might not be what you need. So play smart and carry a spare in your university essentials so that your family is not worried sick!

Bedroom/Bathroom Supplies


To have a good night’s sleep on day 1 you need a pillow and duvet which you can buy once you get to university; you can, however, get your own bed sheet and pillowcase. Ensure that you carry a first aid kit as well as a sewing kit; trust us you do not want an unattended missing button or a knife cut.

Goes without saying; you will need a toothbrush, toothpaste and basic toiletries, towels, bathroom slippers and a bathrobe. It’s best not to forget any of these basic student essentials. Although, arguably these are the easiest to forget.

Don’t forget to carry basic kitchen items along with you.

Most student accommodation offer basic kitchen packs to help you get started, few of them also have the option where you can buy whatever you want before you even arrive and have it all set up in your room. So it is advised you ask ahead of your move-in date for the details. However, once you arrive at the student accommodation, you will be too busy unpacking and settling down; and you may not know about the places to eat around. So it would be best you carry easy and ready to eat food items!


Stduent-Kitchen-PackCarry with you – plates, bowls, cutlery, your favourite coffee mug, and a glass or two. A bottle opener is an absolute must and same goes for a can-opener; you don’t want to regret leaving these bad boys behind! If you can’t do without certain ingredients in your food like herbs and spices, bring them along in airtight containers. Get along some Instant noodles and ready-to-eat meals and just like that your first week is all taken care of.

Bring the staples, shop the rest!

Firstly, bringing just ‘what you need’ rather than ‘what you think you might need’ will save you a lot of space and expenses on your baggage from being overweight.


So what to get?

Comfortable seasonal clothing like jeans, track gear, jackets & jumpers, nightwear, formal and semi-formal clothes, swimwear and some party/lounge clothing because you want to be looking your best during Fresher’s Week! We know you are most excited about this. Coming to shoes; get only a pair of casual sneakers, running shoes, formal shoes, and flip-flops. Once you have settled into the new environment, you will know exactly what you need in terms of the weather as well as the current trends!

Do not forget Stationary!


Stationary can be very expensive especially for students, therefore its recommended you carry a few pens/pencils, highlighters, a stapler, paper clips, blue tac, board pins, post-its, scissors and a few books recommended in your reading list. In the miscellaneous items, an umbrella definitely tops the list! Get along a bunch of photographs, a little rug or memoirs from back home to spruce up your room and give it that touch of home!

We are certain that this study abroad packing list will pretty much make the start of university life a breeze for all of you! No matter whether you are going to be joining a university in the UK, Australia or any other part of the world; these list of things will definitely come in handy!


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