Student Party Places in Melbourne – List of 2017


Headed to Melbourne to start a brand new student life?! We are guessing you must have done a thorough research for everything about and around Melbourne already. So we decided to tell you how exactly to have a great time in when in Melbourne. The city has a very laid-back attitude and getting settled down here is easy breezy. Now once you have settled down the next thing you need to know is how to have a good time here. Since Melbourne has so much to offer we do not want you to miss out on anything. Melbourne’s nightlife is vibrant and fun filled, so let’s get ready to enjoy some awesomeness. So check out our list of Student Party Places in Melbourne especially curated for you!


Monday- Maddawg Monday at Boney



You will find Boney’s resident DJ T-Rek rocking the stage with his mix of kraut, blues, rob, dubstep and old school rock. The drinks here are good and affordable and the food is being served until midnight. Now Monday’s will never be dull again.


Wednesday- RUM-ble in the Jungle




You will find the celebrated vinyl collector Joey Elbows here spinning out blues, rockabilly, rock-n-roll and R&B. Since it’s is the Ye Olde Rum Club which is good news since due to this get Rum at half the price.

Thursday- Dance Technique at New Guernica




Thursday night’s at New Guernica start early at 9 pm and you can groove here till the break of dawn. You will find an ever-changing selection of Melbourne DJ’ here. Dance to the chart toppers and groove the funky beat. Best mid-week stress buster, take it from us. The entry is free. Great right?



Weekends- Friday NightClubs in Melbourne

Ding Dong Lounge


ding dong


The party is not over when the bands pack up, soon after you will witness an indie party brewing up on stage. The party is never strictly EDM but it’s is strictly uh-mazing. There will also be rock classics to groove to.

Laundry Bar


Laundry Bar


Without a doubt, Laundry Bar is taken as the most popular or hottest Hip-Hip club that Melbourne has. You will be hustling your way on a Friday or Saturday through a dark den and dance away to the rap music that the DJ’s play all night long. Friday is mostly old-school Hip-Hop and Saturday’s you will find a mix of everything up till the day’s chart toppers.

Loop Project Space & Bar


Loop Project Space & Bar


Looking for immersive dance music, well then you can head to Loop. This place plays host to parties like Tuned In where in you will be able to hear techno artists with technical skills and that is not all you will have visual artists to providing you with live visuals to accompany the tunes. It is a real treat. Even if not a fan of the genre, must go for an experience.

Go Go Bar


Go Go bar


Are you few of those who do not live by the philosophy of dancing like no one’s watching? Find it hard to bust a move, well then this is the place for you. Their ambient and minimal lighting, all black painted walls and tea light scattered here and there will put you right in ease. Now grab yourself a drink and a dance the night away to Hip- Hop and Disco tunes.

From Monday to Saturday we have given you a spot to party, no matter what day of the week you if you are looking to have a good time and break away from the books then Melbourne has got you covered.

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