Student Hacks: How To Get Up Early

Are you slacking in the get up early brigade? Student Hacks: How To Get Up Early this will help!

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Don’t worry all students are, to get out of our comfy little beds is undoubtedly the saddest thing on earth.

We understand that majority of students living in student halls are not ‘a morning person’, but tbh it’s not that difficult either.

Follow these easy steps and there you go!

  • Plan an exciting breakfast

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We are all foodies. A day before, plan a delicious meal for yourself and it get’s really easy to get out of bed. 😀

  • Sleep in dark

Often we don’t realise, but some of us need absolute darkness to get a good sleep. Yes, you read that right. Try it tonight!

  • Choose your favorite blanket

No lovers? Nevermind, the closest thing to you is your blanket. Have one of your choice. We are quite sure that majority of you already have your own favourite blankets and pillows. And that’s cute! (Nobody is to judge us on that)

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  • Turn off your phone

We don’t think we need to explain this. 😉

  • Put your alarm at a distance

Keeping your alarm next to you always ends up on snooze mode. Keep it at a distance so that  to turn it off you have to get out of your bed.

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  • Drink water before going to bed

Drinking water before going to bed is very relaxing and rejuvenating.  


Were these helpful? Tell us in comments below.

All you need to do is GET UP, GET GOING & BE SUCCESSFUL!


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