Find Ideal Student Accommodation In The UK During Clearing Week

Congratulations on getting into your ideal university through UCAS this Clearing Day! This new beginning is exciting but finding a suitable student accommodation can be a complex task. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about finding student accommodation during Clearing Week!

1. Be certain about the kind of accommodation you need

Have a clear vision about what you expect from your new home before beginning to look for it. Each university provides Halls of Residence which are specifically allotted to first years. But you should consider other options because they get sold out quickly, and living on campus can lack privacy and comfort.

One practical option for accommodation is off-campus housing. Having a flatmate or two will decrease your monthly rent. You also get more privacy, quiet and independence if you’re living away from the chaos of campus dorms.

Budget Student Accommodation in UK

2. Budget

Your budget is a prime factor while looking for a house. Luckily, student accommodations are very flexible with all kinds of budget. Flat sharing is a common option which saves you from burning a huge hole in the pocket. You need to have a conversation with your parents and fix a monthly allowance. Many students work part-time for extra pocket money which makes them more financially independent. The good news is that there are student accommodation options available in every budget. You can find different options on directly. In case you cannot find accommodation in your budget, then it might be necessary to set a more realistic budget and revise it up. 

Student Accommodation in UK

3. Find student accommodation from the comfort of your home

Looking for accommodation can become a longer process if there are brokers involved. Unilodgers aims to provide a range of student room options to help you find the ideal accommodation. We guarantee hassle-free accommodation for students. You can instantly book online right after finding a suitable option on our website and pay directly to the property. We don’t charge students for our services! Free cancellation is available as well, in case you change your mind a few days down the line. 

Student Accommodation & Housing in UK
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3. Consider living a few miles away from university

It is a great idea to save some rent-money by living a little away from your campus. It will make you feel like a part of the local community. Every university has options nearby where you can easily walk to classes and get some exercise on your way. You will also not miss home too much since you can decorate your accommodation to your preferences. If you live in a student housing community, you will make friends outside your classes which can be a welcome break when things are too hectic at uni. 

University of Sussex Student Accommodation
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4. Keep in mind the amenities provided

Comfort is definitely a priority while looking for your future home. You might not be able to balance your assignments and chores very efficiently, especially when you are living alone for the first time. Keeping this in mind, several student accommodations offer amenities that make chores easily. These properties ensure comfort and easy-living through various amenities like in-house laundry, free Wifi, gyms, study lounges, game rooms, etc. On the Unilodgers website, you can filter for the amenities that are important for you and find the perfect fit for all your needs. 

Best Student Accommodations in UK
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We believe that moving out should be a smooth process for every student. We guarantee perfect accommodations for students on a walking distance to their Universities with endless facilities that ensure comfort and luxury.  Beat your Clearing Day blues by availing exciting discounts on booking your student accommodation with Unilodgers today!

Student Accommodation in UK

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