Scape Wembley- Brand New And Fun Student Accommodation


Scape Wembley is the latest addition to the Scape student living and a good one at that. A brand new student accommodation, offering the best of student living in the city. The property has been recently constructed and is now one year old. The furnishings, decor and the layout of the property is specially done keeping the luxury experience for students in mind.


Rooms at this Wembley accommodation have been very carefully designed keeping the student lifestyle and comfort in mind. You will find three-quarter beds in each room with heat controls so that you have an excellent sleep at night.

Each room has a personal and dedicated study space with a large desk so that you can work on your university assignments and research. You can comfortably spread out your notes and books whilst studying for exams.


The ‘apartments’ at Scape Wembley have their personal kitchen as well students can cook. It is also great when you are looking to have your friends over for dinner. When not in the mood invite friends over so that you all can cook together whilst working on a group project. This not only is a time saver but also will ensure you are not compromising on your meals because of your studies. Not only this it is also a great way to show off your cooking skills to your friends.


Each room comes with its personal state-of-art shower. So no more queuing up for showers in the morning. If anything you will not be late for a lecture again because your flatmate decided he wanted to perfect his singing in the shower. The property has paid attention to detail to ensure that at every stage your convenience and comfort is personified. So that you can study and work on your projects with total peace of mind. Also, each room comes with great hidden storage, which we are sure you will all love.

Scape Living Wembley has the option of choosing from a variety of rooms. There are 3 to 6 Bed En-suite apartments for those who are planning to share a space with their friends. It is also a great idea for first year students as it will give you brilliant opportunity to socialise and get to know more people. Residents at Scape Wembley London will be sharing the common living space and kitchen area with their other flatmates. If you are looking for a more independent set up or are a mature student and would need more space to be able to focus on your research then the Studio apartments are the greatest bet. You can always have your friends over for a party whenever you are looking for company.


Scape Wembley has more additional features that set its student housing apart from the rest. The architecture of the building is modern and quite clean. Long and imposing windows allow a lot of natural sunlight into the building giving it a very clean and fresh vibe.

Scape student living London as in its other buildings has ensured that the facilities are of the highest standards and students have everything they need within or right at the doorstep of the students’ accommodation. Keeping up with the Scape student living tradition you will find an enormous Cinema Room on-site. You can watch your favourite movies with friends after a long day in lectures. It is not only a good way to unwind but you also get to socialise with the other residents. It is also where you can watch all the latest matches along with all the other fans. Getting the stadium experience right at home, how about that?!



There is a Communal Kitchen on-site where you can enjoy meals with other residents. It is a good place to have your Sunday brunches. You can enjoy cooking with friends. You can also have your pre-drinking sessions or parties here. Invite your friends for a food and drinks session, always a good mid-week plan.

There are designated Study Areas in the property where you can sit and work in peace on your assignments. You can also have your group study sessions here. At Scape Wembley you will not only enjoy great amenities but also great location too.


Students looking for accommodation near London College of Fashion (LCF) will find Scape Wembley conveniently located. This accommodation is also great and well located for KCL – Kings College London, CSM – Central Saint Martin, LBS – London Business School, QMUL – Queen Mary University of London just as it is for other universities in London.


The property is just a short walk away from the Wembley Park Tube Station, so getting anywhere in London is extremely convenient for the student as is to their university campuses. By living at Scape Wembley you will be at the doorsteps of the home of international football. Live adjacent to Wembley Stadium hots football, NFL matches, Champion League football, Boxing as well as concerts. Adele and The Rolling Stones have performed at this stadium before. Students will also have the Wembley’s Designer Outlet, great place for bargain shopping close by as well. There are pubs, restaurants, and supermarkets all within walking distance. So get ready to experience luxury at affordable cost with Scape Student Living London at Scape Wembley!


If you are heading to London to study and are interested in Scape Wembley then click here to find more about this property and book online! Or head to the London listing page on to choose from over 15,000 rooms in other similar student accommodations in London.


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