Live At Scape Abercrombie In The Very Heart Of The Student Hub Of Sydney

Scape Abercrombie is a boutique student accommodation located on Abercrombie Street in Darlington, with Darlington being the popular student hub that it is, there will be plenty to do around the property. Imagine having the best of Sydney right at your doorstep. Not only this, you will have great transport links around the property as well. The other most important thing, University! Your university campus will be within walking distance, so making it to lectures in the morning will not be an Olympian task! University of Sydney, UTS Sydney, Charles Darwin University and other university campuses are well located as well.

This student accommodation Sydney allows you to live on your own terms so opt for a self-contained studio or live with your friends in a two bedroom apartment. A shared apartment allows you to enjoy your own private room with your own bed and study station. The flat will have a communal kitchen and living area, both perfect one to cook other to unwind with your flatmates.

The kitchen comes fully equipped so that you enjoy prepping your meals. The lounge is brilliant for if you are looking to throw a party, enjoy a movie marathon or even just simply sit down with your friends and enjoy some time unwinding together.

A studio at Scape Abercrombie is all the same, just with one little difference, the kitchen. You will have your very own personal kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and space in the apartment. Live without having to share anything with anyone and best yet imagine not having surprise visitors. It is safe to say your study hours are safe. There is plenty to enjoy at the property outside your room. If you are not studying then head over to the lounge and socialise with other residents or you can also have a cook-off with your friends in the communal kitchen and enjoy the meal together too!


You will find a communal study space at Scape Abercrombie Sydney as well, where you and your friends can sit down to study. If you are working with a group on an assignment then no better place than the spacious, all-equipped study room!

There is plenty to do around the property as well, so if you decide to wander out you will find yourself being spoilt for choice. Walk down to Buon Gusto Restaurant to enjoy some authentic Italian dishes. This also means saying goodbye to chores. For those days when you feel like letting your hair down there is The Eveliegh Hotel, this busy pub has live music with a bistro!


A great student life is guaranteed at this Scape Abercrombie student accommodation since you will be able to enjoy the best of location and world class facilities. You will not need to step outside your house unless you really want to.

If you are heading to Sydney to study and are interested in Scape Abercrombie then click here to find more about this property and book online! Or head to the Sydney listing page on to choose from over 15,000 rooms in other similar student accommodations in Sydney. is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.

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