Part Time Job Ideas For College Students

College is undoubtedly the best time in everybody’s life. But for international students, it is even more special. Going to a new country comes with a plethora of new experiences, adventures, and opportunities. But a fun-filled college life comes with a price tag. No matter which university you are in, you can never have too much money in your bank account. But that’s the beauty of student life, it can stay on track even with bare-minimum cash. There are multiple part time Jobs For College Students. Many of these jobs can even be taken up online, so you don’t even need to step out of your student room if you don’t wish to! 

Many students choose to work part-time. Not only does it get you some extra cash in the pocket but the experience can be life-changing. Part-time jobs for college students or part time paid internships are the perfect way to amp up your resumes for life after college.

Some of the things that you might want to consider before taking up a part-time job for yourself are the location and working hours. Choose for a job that doesn’t require you to travel a lot back and forth because every college student deserves some time to rest and spending multiple hours in the subway can get exhausting and overwhelming. Also, make sure that the job you are planning to take up is relevant to your career. Some added experience during college time can do wonders for your resume. 

Here’s a list of real and online part time jobs for college students, which are easy to juggle with your university:

1. Office Assistant at Your University

This is the perfect job for people who don’t want to step out of their campus to work part-time. Almost all departments in your university are loaded with mountains of pending paperwork. Why don’t you step in and be the hero? Ask one of the department heads if they are looking for an office assistant. All you need to do is answer calls, schedule appointments and organize the paperwork. Working alongside a professor also comes with an opportunity to learn a lot of cool facts and gives a key to some university insights. It is also one of the most flexible part time jobs for students, as it is right here on campus and your (potential) boss will understand that you need to keep your academics on track while working simultaneously.

Office assistant part time

2. Freelance Writing

Live your Carrie Bradshaw dream by becoming a freelance writer. You obviously need good writing skills for this. This is one of the best paying part time jobs for college students. Freelancing means that your student home is your office and you don’t need to step out of it. Check out Upwork and Pro Blogger for some job opportunities and get ready for the money to roll in! 

Freelance writer student

3. Academic Tutoring

Getting good grades in your majors? Put your abilities in service and help some of your college juniors and friends and get some extra pocket money in return. Along with the monetary factor, you will gain a lot more confidence in your skills. It is the perfect part-time job for accounting students or any other mathematical major. Practice will surely make you perfect!

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Another side of this part time job for college students is to tutor younger kids, especially school kids around you. 21st-century parents are willing to pay big bucks to help their kids straight A’s. You can totally benefit from their obsession with good grades. But keep in mind that you need to be super patient with young kids. 

Part time academic tutor

4. Babysitting or Childminding

As we said, the 21st-century parents are always on-the-go and need an extra pair of hands to help them with their kids every so often. Childminding is one of the best part time jobs for students with no experience. All you need to do is be good with the kids and extremely patient. If you are an international student living in a foreign country or even a different city, it will be a great experience to spend time with families and their kids. A great way to deal with homesickness, eh?

Part time babysitting jobs

5. Dog Walking

This might just be the most adorable part time job for college students. Getting to spend time with multiple dogs and being paid for it too? It is a win-win for all. For the dogs’ parents, you and obviously the adorable four-legged friends. Keep in mind that dog-walking can get a little tiring, especially if you take up too many together. Ideally, you shouldn’t have more than two dogs at once. Once you get used to handling more, it wouldn’t feel hard at all. 

Part time dog walking

6. Waiting Tables = Big Tips

Being a waiter or waitress might sound like a boring job. But trust us when we say that it is one of the best paying part time jobs for college students. You get to interact with so many people in a few hours. It will definitely enhance your confidence in social scenarios. Check out some restaurants or cafeteria to see if they have any vacancies. The big tips are not the only major advantage here. If you’re lucky, you can get some free meals while waiting for some restaurants. It is also a flexible part time job for students. 

Part time restaurant waiter

7. Fitness Instructors

Are you a fitness freak? Why don’t you get fitter while making people around you fit and active too? You don’t need to be a certified instructor for this job. This is one of the best casual jobs for students. If you love working out and have a way of motivating others as well, that’s pretty much all you need! 

There are many more online part time jobs for students that you can explore based on your needs. But make sure to not exhaust yourself too much and get a good night’s sleep every day. Getting your eight hours are a lot more important than getting some extra cash. 

Fitness and health instructor

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