Moving to a UK University- Packing Hacks For Students

Student life is all about having fun and visiting places. But we are too lazy about few simple things like PACKING.

But don’t worry, we have got a few brilliant packing hacks to make your travel easier.

  • Use shower caps to cover your shoes.


  • Use a soap disk to keep your Digital camera safe.


  • Use Lens container to store liquid foundation or any liquid make up.  


  • Organize your jewelry using Pill box container.

jewellery pill box

  • Put cotton in your compact or makeup boxes to prevent them from breaking.


  • Use straws to store skincare products.


  • Wash and fill an eye dropper with toothpaste or another skincare product.


  • Use your old shades cover to keep your headphones or charger.


  • Use a pot holder to keep your hair tools.


  • M&M containers to keep coins.


Now you can say that ‘Packing has become my piece of cake!’ Can’t you? 😉

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