Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for University Students.

Now that Christmas is almost around the corner and being a student we understand is demanding. Just in case if you forgot or did not have the time to buy the Christmas gifts for your loved ones at university or accommodation, well then here we are at your rescue. Now Christmas needn’t break your bank, so try some of our ideas and spread the holiday cheer.


Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas.

Candy Land

Now you can re-purpose a mason jar however you like. Take a mason jar and fill it up with the candies of your choice and decorate with ribbons and gift tags to give it a personalised look.


Candles Can Be Fun. 

You can also get a little creative but getting wax, colouring and mixing the two together whilst melting the wax. Once the wax is melted just pour it in the mason jar with the wick hanging out. Let it cool and voila!

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Hot Chocolate With A Grown Up Twist.

Now imagine hot chocolate with a twist. Fill a mason jar with hot chocolate pre-mix and some marshmallows and on the outside tie a miniature bottle of Baileys. Trust us your friends will love your gift idea.


Season of Cheers!

Lets cheers with vodka, whiskey and rum. All you need is mason jars, a can of coke and a miniature of the drink you would like to go with it. Put the can of coke inside the mason jar and seal it with a lid with a ribbon tie a miniature bottle of the drink that you prefer and a candy cane straw. Voila! Lets cheers to the holidays!

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Oh! That Delish Smell!

This one is probably the easiest get some brown sugar for the colour and essence oil of your choice and mix together with coconut oil. Put them together in a mason jar and give away.


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Picture Courtesy- Pinterest.