Pack for University

Pack for University like a Pro

Its time for University days!!! Feeling the excitement already? Happy as you might be, the moment when it comes to packing for a foreign university, it gets scary.

Now, we do understand that you would actually like to pack your entire house and take it with you, but alas! you cannot. When moving to study abroad less is more and we mean it. LESS IS MORE. You shall build up on your wardrobe during the length of your stay abroad and we suggest making room for them in your baggage now.

Its always advised that you pack smartly. Carry with you things only that you simply will not survive without.


Bring something along from home that will help you in settling down a whole lot quicker. As much as you would like to bring your pet along, most student accommodations will not allows pets. This is why we suggest you bring your favourite pillow, stuff toy or even photos (make a photo montage next to your bed) to help you adjust to the new environment with something familiar. The idea is to make the space your own.

Pack for University like a Pro

Always check the weather and pack for it. Pack according to the weather. Bring one of each article, like one pair of sneakers, smart shoes and casual shoes etc. Now do not bother bring each of your dressy shirts, trousers, pants, scarves and jackets that you own. Pack more things with neutral colours that work well together. This way you shall be able to recycle pieces without repeating your outfits. Plus you’re coming to a overseas university not a jungle. With your student card as your aid to get student discounts nearly everywhere you shall be adding so much new to your wardrobe, we promise.


Do not pack toiletries for more than a week and waste your space there. Buy once you arrive at your University. Do however remember to pack your prescription drugs if any.

Now about your bedding. Some student accommodations do provide one set to begin with. It will be ideal to call ahead and check. Or simply carry just one set and pick the rest once you reach there. Trust us its cheaper.



Weight is crucial. Always weigh your bags after you have packed. Or you will be required to pay extra at check in or asked to remove a few articles. Scenario 1 will be inconvenient and scenario 2 embarrassing. So check ahead for the weight limits and make sure you stick to it. Also invest your time and research, as a lot of airlines offer student discounts and extra baggage allowance. Now if you cannot at all leave a few things behind then this might just be the thing for you.

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Do take a carry on for your laptops, iPads, powerbanks and all your other valuables. Also do remember to carry all your university & other related documents and cash as well in your carry-on. One more thing that we suggest is you carry in your carry-on is a change of clothes and your toiletries. Not that we say it will happen to you but airlines do at times lose your luggage.

Carry a convertor, the same pin you use at home might not work in the new country.

With these Uni essentials you will be ready to begin your new year at University. We wish you the very best. is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.

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