International Students – Things To Do Before Heading To The Airport

Travelling first time to an overseas country?

Leaving home to pursue your higher studies and fulfill your academic dreams?

All the best! But this journey of moving away from your homeland comes with its own worries.

But you need not bother as we are here to help you have a comfortable journey.

We have listed a few points that you must do/remember before heading to the airport.

      1. Label your luggage

Standing at baggage carousel is a lot tiring task in itself. On the top of it finding your bag amongst thousands of similar bags can be a lot tiring. We recommend you to label your bags in a way that they are visible to you from a distance and also if they are lost, someone from the airlines department can reach out to you.

  1. Make a note of your Luggage(s)

Make a note of all your luggage(s) and their contents- bags, shoes, clothes everything. Yes, this might sound tedious but it may later prove to be very useful.

If your luggage gets stolen or lost in transit the airline might ask you about the contents of the bag. And if you have a note handy then you could easily tally the items and avoid loosing onto something valuable.

  1. Keep all your valuables in your Hand Luggage

Cameras, Jewellery, Phone, Laptop, medicines and documents(you might need anything at the airport).

Also, keep one set of clothes in your hand carry, just in case if your luggage gets delayed for a long time then you at least have something to change.

And there are a lot of other essentials too, which we have already updated you about which you should carry in your carry-on bag. 



  1. Check that you don’t have any contraband goods in your bag

Contraband are defined as goods that are against the law to trade, to be imported or exported, goods that are smuggled. An example of contraband are drugs being carried across country borders.

Many a times people unknowingly carry certain stuff which is illegal and end up being in trouble. And there have been a number of reported cases where some strangers drop in any prohibited article in a bag. So be very careful about that and never accept a bag from a stranger.

  1. Check your bag’s weightage

To avoid the fuss at the airport make sure your luggage doesn’t cross the weight limit. Even if it does it’s not a big deal, only that you will have to pay extra per kg. is the world’s leading platform to book student accommodation and serves over 1.1 million times to students from over 166 countries every year.


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