Australia day barbeque

Ideas for Australia Day Celebrations for Students

New to the land down under? We’re sure you absolutely love it here! Famous for its natural wonders, beaches, the Outback and the Bush. What’s there not to love about Australia? Every year on 26th January, the people of Australia take Australia Day celebrations to the next level! The students too don’t hold back their celebratory spirit either. Gear up and rejoice while you toast to the Australian lifestyle, democracy, freedom and most importantly the people. 

For students who have never been a part of Australia Day celebrations or even they have, keep reading to find out the coolest things to do on Australia Day and places to be on the day!

What is Australia Day?

Historical Connotations:

26th January marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson in New South Wales and raising the flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Philip. Raising of the Union Jack, representing the British settlement, denoted the beginning of the colony. As of today, 4 out of 5 Australians see Australia Day more than just a day off. 

Australia Day celebrations are not just about the historical aspects of the day. It celebrates not just native Aussies but also the 16,000 people who officially start calling Australia their home. More than 5 million people have become citizens since Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949, which is why Australia National Day signifies cultural diversity too! Students moving to Australia play a major role in adding to the global culture of the country. Not just that, you will also observe that they also are the most excited set of people to celebrate Australia Day 2020.

Now the fun part! We’ve listed down the coolest Australia Day traditions that you can plan with your friends from college. 

1. Host an Aussie Grill

The best way to celebrate Australia Day with your buddies is to have a barbie night at your student home. If you are living in one of the cooler student accommodations in Australia that come with a swimming pool, a pool party can take the celebration to a whole new level! If not, you can just watch movies with them. Barbeque food is an Aussie staple. So, get your friends together for some yummy sausage sizzles. Nothing beats an Aussie bbq

Australia day barbeque

2. Wear Australian Gear

Nobody will judge you for pulling the Aussie-est outfits on this day. Wrap yourself around green or gold or even clothes with the Australian flag to show off your true Australian spirit. People are seen wearing all kinds of stuff ranging from clothing to temporary tattoos and even flip flops (or as the Aussies call it- thongs). 

3. Attend a City Celebration

Every 26 January Australia comes together to celebrate everything the country stands for. City celebrations are one of the coolest and most famous Australia Day activities, especially for students. If you are an international student celebrating Australia Day for the first time, you are in for a ride!

A few of the coolest music concerts across the country on Australia Day 2020 are listed below. You can thank us later! 

  • Australia Day Parade, Concert and Fireworks in the University of Adelaide from 6 PM to 10 PM.
  • Celebrate the day at Darling Harbour, Sydney with your friends from college. There’s going to be unlimited entertainment, multicultural events and bands playing! 
  • Australia Day in the Capital is the place to be if you are in Canberra. Enjoy flag raising, citizenship ceremonies and more at Commonwealth Park. Fireworks will be missing at this event, owing to the increasing bushfires in the country. Cheers to that initiative! 
  • In Queensland, head to Jezzine Barracks for the ultimate Foundation Day celebration to celebrate the multicultural community that the Land Down Under is! 

Australia day celebrations

4. Head to the Beach

Oz is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And spending the day at the beach is the Aussie-est way to spend Australia Day. Find a comfortable spot, set up a little picnic and play beach cricket for a fun Aussie Day. End the day with your favourite ice cream flavour from a local shop for the perfect end to the perfect day! 

Australia Day on the beach

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Australia Day. Just enjoy being in true Australian spirit with your friends. Welcome the new citizens with open arms because they make Australia what it actually is. If it weren’t for all the immigrants, Australia would not have been a great country.

Australian Bushfires

On a more serious note, spreading awareness about Australian bushfires is mandatory. More than a billion have been lost in these bushfires. Let’s all pledge to contribute in any way we can to save the planet before it’s too late! Happy Australia Day, everybody!

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