How To Wake Up Early in The Morning

You snooze, you lose! Don’t you just envy morning people? But only from a distance, you don’t exactly dislike them, but you just wonder how they do it. How do they wake up on time and still look like they have enough energy and cheer to take part in a Disney musical? While you look like an extra from a zombie movie with a huge coffee cup in your hand. Dressed in whatever was lying closest to the bed and dragging yourself into class at the last minute. You could pay your roommate to wake you up in the morning for your early class by dousing you with a glass of cold water, but how do you know he or she won’t sleep through their alarm as well! Plus, if you had the extra cash, you’d just buy more coffee, right. So we’ve got a few tips to wake up early that could maybe help you get to class bright and early (and hopefully help kick the coffee addiction!)

  • APParently obvious

You’re always on your phone right (at least that’s what your mom keeps complaining about) so take some time out from the browsing, scrolling, watching and invest a few minutes downloading. If there’s an idea, there’s an app for it. There are many unique alarm apps out there that really help you wake up early or at least on time! There are some that make you do calculations before you can shut down that annoying alarm, there are some that shout at you, some that play really loud music ranging from cute to irritating and some that need you to slap, flip and shake the phone! Try out a few like the Alarmy, Carrot and Wake apps.

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  • Let there be light

Another way to make sure you jump out of bed when that alarm blares is to open up those curtains by your bed right before you go to sleep. How will that help, you ask? Well, in the morning when the alarm rings and you blearily open your eyes half an inch to hit snooze, you’ll be hit by a bright ray of happy sunshine. That’s definitely going to open your eyes all the way as you jump out of bed to close the curtains. Hey, you might wake up grumpy but at least you’re up! However, it doesn’t exactly work on overcast days (obviously), so you might have to resort to putting 10 different alarms and hoping for the best.

  • Why aren’t you picking up?

Have you ever just looked down at your phone casually during a party and had a near heart attack? Because there are 6 missed calls from your mom (or dad, depending on who’s scarier). Yeah, that’s something you don’t want happening, ever! Which is why if you know your mom is going to call, you are definitely going to pick it up. So, another great failsafe way to make sure you wake up on time for those hated early morning classes is to have your mother call you. Pre-arrange with your mom to call you at a particular time, to wake you up. This is a great tip to wake up early. You know your mother is persistent if nothing else, she’ll keep calling until you don’t wake up and answer her. She remembers what a task it was to wake you for school, after all.

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  • Drink up

College is the time when you realize that drinking is good for you. We mean water, not beer (though that might help as well!). Studies say the average human should be drinking almost half a gallon of water every day. You could regulate how much you drink through the day and leave the last glass or two for night, right before you go to bed. Now, you don’t need us to tell you how this is going to work. You might even wake up a few minutes before your alarm clock goes off, to make a run for the bathroom!

Image Credits: CollegeHumor

So there you have it, 4 amazing tips to waking up early and becoming a morning person. Also, remember to pass along these how to wake up early in the morning tips to your roommate!

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