How to plan the perfect Murder Mystery party!


What do you think about inviting some friends over for a murder mystery dinner party and then making it a *spooky background sound and heavy voice* A MURDER mystery party? Sounds like fun, right? Let’s welcome our esteemed guest of honour – Mr Frankenstein, who will run you through the show. He has been in the “scene” since 1931 after all. Looking fresh and haven’t aged a bit. Over to you Frankenstein.

Well, what do you know? “I am alive”. So, the guests are on their way and all we need is a few tips and tricks to get all our guests involved and celebrate the best time of the year.

murder mystery game night


Once the invites are out, the first thing to do is to select a murder mystery theme. You can have a decade related theme (My favourite-30s), wild west theme or maybe a costume party theme or just stick with the old manor dinner party theme if you want to go traditional. 

“Voodoo mama juju explain your involvement with that cowboy hat”


Story is the most important thing just like in the OG Frankenstein movie. You can find drafted stories on the internet and If you’re feeling rather creative then you can always write your own story. You can script a story and give it to your guests or create a general outline for them to follow and let them have the creative take on their character. The best stories are intertwined and entangled in a certain way that everything is related and becomes an estuary in the end. 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

murder mystery invitations

You did have to play em like that

You’re the host and the mitochondria of the party. To make sure everyone stays in their character, you should always be in your element to encourage others. Follow the script and pass confidential information at the right time to pass the spooky vibe check.

Costume, props, makeup

Nothing can be as OG as my costume but you guys can surely try. For starters, make a list of all the characters and give them a personality. Add a few props here and there, mix a few accessories and Voila! You’ve got your own “Jigsaw”, ready to ride and slide. Make a basket full of mischief for each guest which will have the costume and script of the character they are going to play.



To amp up the setting, we got to spook it up a notch. This is where you can go wild with your thoughts. Your selected theme will help you find the right decor. If you choose SAW as your theme then a cycle, some masks, axe, rods and chains would augment the life of your party. 

“The house looked grey and gloomy and suddenly it felt like there was another presence among us” 


What’s cookin’ spooky lookin’?

We can’t have a party without food and drinks, of course. For a SAW themed party, bloody mary and tomato-based cocktails will be a great add on. Tomato crostini, apple berry shrub, shrimp saganaki, plump and mascarpone pie and oh! the icing on the top- Red velvet cake. 

Frankenstein, why is everything so red? 

“My hair got stuck in the mixer, lifting my scalp off my head. Now you can call me nearly headless Nick”